Top 10 Barbapapa Characters

This is a list I've been looking forwad to make. A list about the french-american children's book series known as Barbapapa. Barbapapa is a childhood book series of mine that is one of the things that has defined a lot of my later childhood because of how great it is. It's basically about a family of "barbapapas", an animal species in the form of blobs that have the power to shapeshift and they help people in need and stuff, basically what a lot of children shows are about. It has tons of morals and messages in the books as well and one thing that makes this one stand out so much compared to other children book series is how memorable and colourful it is. Each one of these "barbapapas" have their own colour to distinguish itself from others and their own unique personalities and traits that make them stand out from one and another. The colours really catches interests of kids and the different personalities can relate to different people and it really makes this one stand out.

In fact the book series has been made into a tv-show, and funny enough, it was the tv-show that got me hooked up in Barbapapa to begin with. The main tv-show centers around the books, but there is another barbapapa tv-show known as "Around the World" which have their own stories and center around the family travelling around the world learning about animals and this is my personal favourite of the two shows. It was actually the one that introduced me to Barbapapa to begin with and the animation is prettier and brighter.

You might ask yourself why I'm making this list just now? Well, search up Barbapapa on Wikipedia and go down to the "Legacy" paragraph. That's right, on May 19th of 2019, it is the 49th anniversary of Barbapapa, and it's just about a month until we are there. As I'm making this list, it's the 21st April of 2019 and we're barely less than a month until we are at May 19th of 2019 so to remind everyone, I'm making a list dedicated to one of my favourite book series of all time, the top ten barbapapa characters. With that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Barbabravo

Barbabravo may be the character I resemble the least of the main team. Despite this he is a fan-favourite of mine. Why? Well I find him to be generally funny and likeable. In a nutshell he's the comic-relief of the bunch although not much and is basically the sports and fitness guy of the bunch, and to an extent the detective guy. He has a beautiful red colour. A lot of episodes seem to center around him which has given him a lot of character and he's very relatable to me.

2 Barbabright

Personally for me, Barbabright has always been my favourite of the main characters, in the barbapapa family. His blue colour, which is my favourite colour looks very pretty overall, and his personality has always been a favourite of mine. While I certainly am not the "smart scientist" type, I love him a lot because of how smart he is. He is the smartest of the team and is known for creating tons of interesting inventions and cool things and I like it a lot. He's my personal favourite

3 Barbalib

Of the three females (excluding Barbamama) this one is my personal favourite. This orange female just resembles me so much. She's kinda like the female version of Barbabright but she's more like me. She's the nerd of the gang and is a book fanatic (heck her swedish name literally translates to "barbabook") and even wears glasses to show she's the nerdy character. She is the one that resembles me the most which is why she's generally high up on here.

My favourite orange girl genius! You are so amazing! She is my favourite Barbagirl!

4 Barbabeau

The painter of the family and the only one to be very hairy, in fact he has very thick fur. On the surface he has a black colour but that's just the fur. In an episode when his fur was accidently cutten off, it was revealed he's actually grey, and that was the only episode showing it. He even had fur when he was first born. His personality probably resembles me the second most after Barbalib, as he is the art type who loves drawing paintings and stuff. Also he's among the funniest characters.

5 Barbalala

Barbalala, as you might have guessed from the name, is the singing and music type of the family. She resembles me probably the third most, because while I'm more of a nerdy and art type, music is something I love. Video game music keeps me from being depressed and I want to be able to play music and yeah. Also her green colour is cool.

6 Barbazoo

This yellow male is probably the guy who resembles me the fourth most of the gang. As a character in the books he is the animal lover type who loves animals and has a strong love for them (not romantically). However he is also probably the character who annoys me the most. I know how in one of the swedish dubs for the "Around the World" series his voice was super irritating and loud and really bothered me and he was generally annoying as whole there as well. In the main series he isn't like that though, but compared to other characters he doesn't stand up as much but I still really like him.

7 Barbapapa

He's the star. The big pink daddy of the family. Without him the series would be nothing. Such a likeable character who helps people in need and is without a doubt the most iconic character of the bunch. He was after all the first character in the series. His one flaw along with Barbamama is that they don't really have any special character traits or unique personalities like their children so they stay generally low down on the list.

8 Barbamama

See my comment for Barbapapa. Same thing applies here, as she doesn't have much of a personality and only really serves as the mother of the family, but since she isn't nearly as iconic or memorable she's a bit lower than Barbapapa. She's still a great character overall and holds a special place in my heart as she was the first of the family that I got as a plushie toy.

9 Barbabelle

In my opinion Barbabelle is my least favourite "barbapapa". She is not a bad character by any means as I respect all of the characters enough but to be honest she is definitely the least good of the "barbapapas". Her girly and rather selfish personality personality can get very frustrating and annoying at times and it actually lead her to being a villain in one of the episodes (no joke) because of her selfishness. Still she's a charming character otherwise.

10 Lolita

This is pretty much the black sheep of the family. Even barbapapa fans usually don't know of their pet dog called "Lolita" (or in Sweden where she was known as "pricken", which literally translates to "The dot"), who kinda works as Barbabravo's sidekick. She doesn't appear much in the main books and series, but in the "Around the World" T.V. show she was a main character along the rest of the family. Due to the fact I find her incredibly annoying she is last on my list.

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