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1 Nikki Maxwell

Nikki is amazing! It's annoying when she try's to be like Mackenzie in the first book. I still like her character and she is so funny ecspacially in drama queen

Here are some things that Nikki (the main character) does that is just plain wrong:

1. She talks about how she wants to burn all of her clothes because they are "not fabulous" even though some of her clothes were gifts from relatives and how she doesn't mention that some of them don't feel right.

2. She takes the money given to her to buy a father's day gift for her dad and spends most of it on herself and her sister and spends the rest on a cheap gift for her dad

3. She finds her neighbor's hearing aid on the ground, but instead of returning it to her, she turns it into a fake Bluetooth so that she can look cool (She does return it, but that's only because it gave her ear a rash)

4. When her sister annoys her while she's raking leaves, Nikki puts her sister in a trash bag

5. This one is just wrong: Her father is exterminating bugs at someone's house and she and her sister are using the bathroom at said house. Nikki finds out that her arch rival ...more

I think Nikki Maxwell is the best, so as the other characters from Dork Diaries. I AM like Nikki Maxwell, weird, crazy, sometimes bratty but also dorky and sometimes kind. But at least she's kind and dorky! So even if Nikki copied Greg, that doesn't mean that she's a copycat! Maybe Rachel Renee Russell is just inspired by the author of Diary of A Wimpy Kid! Actually, copying isn't negative, but maybe the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid WANTS everyone to get inspired, that's why he created SUPERgood n' interesting books! What if he/she is also a fan/ friend of Rachel and maybe she asked permission from him/her? Or not by now I think Dork Diaries will be CANCELLED! I mean, I LOVE Dork Diaries more than Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but maybe if you hate Nikki, you may like someone else in Dork Diaries! And although the award goes to Nikki, you STILL can pretend that the award DOESN'T goes to her and your FAVE character! Come on, guys! Think logically, if Rachel copyrighted the author of Diary of ...more

She is ridiculously stupid. She acts worse than her sister Brianna. P.s. the author of Dork Diaries made Mackenzie a blonde with blue eyes and rich because it's a stereotype. I'm not blonde, or have blue eyes but that's just stupid.

2 Violet Baker

She is AMAZING. Probably the BEST character out of these series. She isn't boring or stereotypical, she's fun and creative. Pure awesomeness, and the best character Rachel has created.

Love my cheerful, spunky wheelchair gal who always lets you know what she's thinking

3 Zoeysha Ebony Franklin

So smart, I'd love to be her best friend, even though she acts a little dumb sometimes, she's still really cool in my opinion, and a great friend!

She is Dr. Phil with high heels and hoop earrings!

She's so amazing and smart.

Zoey is a cool character she was my first favorite character when I read dork diaries

4 Sensei Hawkins
5 Brandon Roberts

What! He made fun of Mackenzie with braces in year 6. It's no wonder she's so mean. People must've bullied her when she was little, and now she's out for revenge!

Meh, he's fine. But he took a picture of Nikki with his camera when Jessica tripped her at lunch, remember?

I mean, there all pretty terrible...

He's the best boy character!

6 Chloe Christina Garcia

Chloe is my favourite character tied with Daisy. I feel sorry for her when MacKenzie sent her that mean letter when she wrote to Miss Know It All to give advice for her braces. She is the best and I will love if she had a puppy.

She's so sweet and pretty! I feel like she's way underrated. Chloe's willing to do anything for her friends! I would love to have this girl as my BFF.

Chloe is a fun, and bubbly friend to be around. When Chloe tries to cheer you up, you're cheered up! Except Nikki, when sometimes she just gets more sad... She always forgives her BFF's, she's my favourite character!

I love Chloe! But why is she below Brandon he does nothing but be a crush. At least Chloe has a personality.

7 Brianna Maxwell

Brianna is a spoiled brat! I feel so sorry for her friend, Amanda. If I was her big sister I would be so annoyed at her every single second. She is selfish and she doesn't know anything

She's not even as bad as Nikki. She's a literal 5-year old.

NO! Brianna is a spoiled little brat!

She's my favorite character. Go Brianna!

8 MacKenzie Hollister

At least she has character development. She formerly was a bland stereotypical girly girly mean bully lady, rich and snobby. But ever since book nine, she actually is very similar to Nikki. She even gets bullied later on, making her realize all she did to Nikki. They become frenemies. Of course, all of that development rots when she becomes obsessed with social media in book 14.

I have a theory:
MacKenzie is the nice girl, while Nikki is the spoiled brat. Nikki just acts like the nice girl because she wants to be seen as lovable by anyone who reads her diary. She's the bully, not MK. And in Drama Queen, Nikki pretended to be MK so she could get MK in trouble.

She is the best! She is a mean person and a bully but she isn't mean or rude to her parents and sis unlike Niki.

Mackenzie isn't perfect neither is Nikki. Nikki isn't a spoiled brat. Mackenzie is likely a bully for a reason. Because most bullies are bullies for a reason. Like some bullies are {or were} bullied them selves.

9 Marcus Johnson

Johnson? Okay, I've read every single book and there is no proof behind his last name... right?

10 Theodore L. Swagmire III
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11 Daisy

Daisy is so adorable! I really want a puppy and it would be so fun if she was my pet.

Best character in the whole book, because the others all suck.

Yes she is so cute!

12 Marcy
13 Amanda Hollister
14 Max Crumbly

I know that Max Crumbly really only appears in the tenth book, but I'm also reading the Misadventures of Max Crumbly, and he's a really great character. I love how he's kinda dorky and shy, but he's also funny, cute, and, unlike Nikki, he actually cares about other people.

Max is actually nice unlike Niki!

15 Miss Penelope
16 Oliver (Briana's crush)
17 Andre

I love this French hottie!

18 Jessica Hunter
19 Mrs. Hollister
20 Victoria Steel
21 Mr. Maxwell
22 Jordyn
23 Bald Winston

Hate me if you want

24 Mrs. Maxwell
25 Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
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