Top Ten Worst Goosebumps Books

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1 Chicken, Chicken

Pff hahaa oh my god look at this cover!

We have a giant boy with feathers and literal chicken legs and a weird red thing I forgot the name of on top who is running through I don't even know where!

This book is dumb. It's not scary. The cover isn't scary, it's funny. These is my least favorite out of all Goosebumps Books ever written.

This was like reading a parody of a goosebumps story and not a good parody at all.

This is the most stupidest book cover ever I am not reading this book

2 Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter

What the guest what I think there coming out with a new book of the sequel of this book its called having no brain

This book sounds and looks stupid aka it is stupid

I think it would actually be jelly.

Looks unbelievably scary

3 Monster Blood IV

Everyone hated this book but I thought it was okay.

That's not monster blood Its slugs!

That blob doe

4 Dr. Maniac Will See You Know

It is actually nice but it mustn't be in the Most wanted Series.

This was a terrible book

Dumb but good

5 Go Eat Worms!

The episode was just wrong. Tell me about the book

(shudder) worms creep me out... NEVER

Didn't mind the episode

6 Say Cheese And Die--Again!

Who says it is WORST. If a reader of goosebumps has written thin, he's not a fan of goosebumps. Very, no very very excellent book.

At first it seemed scary like nail thing...but after when Shari and Greg both take a picture of each other it's just bland.

It totally ruined the Say cheese and die series so on a scale of 1-10 I'd make it 2 which is really bad.

7 Egg Monsters from Mars

This one is over hated. It's actually a decent book. The ending is a bit too silly though.

Eggs really what a dumb book but really good lol

What's wrong with it?

Wow what a great book

8 Return to Horrorland

I love lizzy she is my soulmate

Looks awesome

9 Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz

This one is really good. I kept reading it in class against my assistant teachers orders (every class had two teachers and the primary teacher was I think out somewhere so we were left with the assistant)and she had to take it away from me just so I could do my work.

I think I was around 9.

10 Night of the Living Dummy II

Yes he is also my favorite monster and by the way I don't really get scared about dolls I just like his personality

WHY IS THIS NUMBER 9! IT IS THE BEST NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMMY BOOK! AND MY FAVORITE! Can't say the same for the third one though...

Number 1 was the best because dolls coming to life is one of my worst fears EVER. The other

I liked 1 and 3, but I didn't really care for 2.

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11 Return to Ghost Camp

Can't wait to read tell me what's its like

This was a bad one folks

12 My Best Friend Is Invisible

If someone says this is a good book I would have the same emotion of that cat on the cover.

Stupid, boring, lame ending. One of the worst easy!

Science fiction cough

This book was boring

13 Phantom of the Auditorium

Scariest of this childish series

This one was one of my favorites

I don't know not a big fan

It was kind of boring

14 Monster Blood

It's horrible. Really don't like it. I'm disappointed

Well it's not that but still pretty bad

I don't see why people hate this book

15 Ghost Beach

This is the best goosebumps book (other than night of the living dummy books).when ever I finished my work in 4th grade would always pick this book up and read it (even though I never finished it I watch the ghost beach episode on Netflix).PUT THIS AS #2 BEST GOOSEBUMPS BOOK EVER!

I did like the book but its just confusing most of the time.

Get this off this list and put in top 5 greatest!

It got scary but the boring

16 Attack of the Mutant

This is about a comic how is that scary worst goosebumps book

Its not scary but a good book

This one sucks

17 I Live In Your Basement

This book was awesome. ;-; It does not deserve to be here on this list.

R L Stine was REALLy runing out of ideas by this book.

It's a bit confusing, but definitely a favorite!

18 Deep Trouble

I think this is my favorite, but it might just be because I love the ocean and anything to do with it

While we have zombies, monsters, clowns, dolls, and much more we have a book about a mermaid. Huraaayyy

This book failed to be what a Goosebumps should be: Scary.

Shocking episode

19 Weirdo Halloween

This was a boring book with little excitement 3/100

This was not a good one

You call this scary

20 The Blob That Ate Everyone

This book was good but most of the book was filler and the ending though.

It is the scariest goosebumps book. even scarier then the blob that is rated r and the episode is rated tvy, which is g

21 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

I hated this scooby doo book. Wait this is goosebumps?

I liked it but the least favorite book I read

22 Night of the Living Dummy

The most overrated Goosebumps book ever. The two main characters are so anoying in this one and the dummy isn't that scary in it or the in the sequals books.

This was a great book, I'd say it certainly did its job. I had nightmares as a kid.

You should take this off this list. This is my 2nd favorite goosebumps book.

Wha? On the worst list? Honestly, there's something wrong with u people

23 The Scream of the Haunted Mask
24 Stay Out of the Basement

The only goosebumps I've ever read that actually kinda freaked me out

Loved it so much. Get it off your list!

Couldn't finish this one, bored me

25 You Can't Scare Me

This book was sooo boring, nothing happened. Twist ending bad

The plot feels so incomplete. I also had a hard time liking any of the characters.

This one was scary

It was ok, a bit boring though...

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