Top 10 Chocolate Bars


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1 Kit Kat

The best candy bar on earth! When devouring this magnificent creation, you get two delicious candy bars in one; the fine wafer is just like Crunch candy bar, while you also munch on the marvelous Hershey Chocolate. The best pleasure in life.

It has so many flavors, so why not? - ndrnads20

Like it so crunchy and so yummy

YUM! When I was little, I would take a bag full of kitkats and eat it! It is my favorite chocolate bar, but cookies and cream Hershey's is a close second.

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2 Toblerone

It is best, the chewy nuts melt in your mouth and it is lovely and crunchy

I tried my first toblerone last year... How could I have survived so long without it

Taste of nuts and melting chocolate - 123j

Come on it's the best. A swiss choclate with nots that's insane. It also has 3 flavous the white, the bromn and the black for adults which taste like coffee

3 Mars

What I mean Mars was the very first chocolate bar and is the very best chocolate bar

Mars is the best

4 Twix

Twix is like an explosion of happiness and rainbows inside of my in my mouth

I love galaxy cookie crumble but twix is next!

So Twix is the best candy bar, but not the best chocolate bar. ?

I love twix and eat it everyday

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5 Snickers

5 words sum this chocolate bar up: A meal in a bar!

6 Milka
7 Brejk

The incredible taste of over 5 kinds of chocolate and crunchy - 123j

8 Hershey

I am love with this chocolate and I have 1000 bars in my home

Hershey has a delicious creamy taste and is just the best! It is also a very traditional chocolate it was fist founded in 1889. Overall it is just the best!

Mouth watering chocolate that tastes even better with nuts.

A good bar, but almonds make this thing horrible.

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9 Geisha

The chocolate that will make drool to death and wanna have more more and more - 123j

10 Marabou Digestive

Crunchy as sand but better - 123j

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11 Pigall

50 % crunchy 50 % sweet sugar = 100 % swet! - 123j

12 Kinder Bueno

Kinder Buenos are HEAVENLY

Awesome. Creamy. Crunchy. Chocolately.
It melts in your mouth and it tastes so good that you can finish it in 30 seconds!

13 3 Musketeers
14 Butterfinger


15 Toppris
16 Oh Henry!

Good! '!

17 Daim
18 Kinder Cereali
19 Motta MiniRì
20 Galaxy
21 Baby Ruth
22 Yorkie Yorkie The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills.

Why do these lists keep showing the Yorkie dog. Its also a chocolate bar. Many of the bars on here I have never even heard of. Do you remember Cadbury Fuse bar the original? Milk chocolate with raisins, peanuts, crispy cereal and fudge pieces.

Yummy plain chocolate hard chunks

23 Cadbury Flake
24 Galaxy Caramel
25 Flake
26 Japp

Best chocolate to chew on - 123j

I sounds like a slur.

27 Wispa
28 Double Decker
29 Milky Way
30 Mr. Big

Wonderful chocolate bar! I had my first one a few days ago and it made my day!

31 X-5

Light and crispy peanut chocolate bar

32 Moser Roth
33 Milky Bar
34 Aero
35 Boost


36 Boost Bar
37 Twirl
38 Cadbury Dairy Milk
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