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121 Manafest

An excellent blend of intense rock with amazing rap. His newest album is more rock, while his older ones are more rap. This music is so awesome, and the guy is Christian too!

Love Manafest. Lecrae is obviously the best, but I'm voting him up because he deserves to be top 5 because he is a legend to rap-rock in my eyes

This guy is the best rapper I've ever heard and he raps for God. He changes styles all the time. He is also killer live. - virtuosoinchrist

This man is the reason I am a christian.

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122 Thousand Foot Krutch Thousand Foot Krutch

The later TFK has hip-hop influences but leaves lots of it after set it off - virtuosoinchrist

How come Manafest is above Thousand Foot Krutch? This needs to change. If it wasn't for Trevor McNevan Manafest would not be as good at all.

123 Family Force 5 Family Force 5

These guys are too fresh to be no 8 with chainsaw even non believers would enjoy and tap into the spirit behind the music

These guys shouldn't be on the list, just because they aren't rappers.

FF5 has been one of my favorite artists all my life, but honestly, they don't have enough rap to be you know.. top ten

These guys are the most unique group I've ever heard but they do rap so I'm couting them in. - virtuosoinchrist

124 P.O.D P.O.D Payable on Death is an American Christian metal band formed in 1992. The band's line-up consists of vocalist Sonny Sandoval, drummer Wuv Bernardo, guitarist Marcos Curiel, and bassist Traa Daniels.

I like these guys. The lyrics are amazing and meaningful and the love they have for the Lord is shown clearly in their video clips. Awesome band.

I recently bought their most work. Its awesome I've worn a grove in it and its about Jesus!

These guys are not really rap, more of hard rock, metal core.

125 Pillar

Early Pillar was heavily rap influenced. Now they are more hard rock. - virtuosoinchrist

126 T-Bone

T Bone is from the street! T Bone grew up a thug! Listen to his lyrics, he IS HARD CORE! He is hard core for Jesus! But his Lyrics are hard core. From his lyrics, it seems he even walked with 2 Pac at one time! T-Bone is tied at number 1 in my book, with DC Talk! But T Bone lyrics tell it for real how hard it is growing up in the hood, and how Jesus still brought him salvation!

Should at least be in the top ten! T bone goes in!

I just really enjoy T-bones music the most

Bony bone is the Godfather of Christian rap! How is he not in the top ten?

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127 The Nujus

Most definitely beastly on live. Made it to one of the spoken word hits. Follow them

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128 TeeJay

New up coming artist, but definitely has some good lyrics! (Did songs with the Truth and T dot)

129 K-Lee Veals
130 Shai Linne

Shai Linne has just got his music and Theology sorted. Thanks for Biblical based music! Who new you could have expository bible teaching in a Song! Whoop!

"If you come to Jesus for money then he's not your God, MONEY IS!

As far as Christian artists go Shai is the GOAT. I would put him up there lyrically with any rapper ever, not just Christians. Reminds me of Blackstar (Talib Kweli/Mos Def) but with a great message. Strong theological message!

"Soli Deo Gloria" basically embodies what it means to be a Christian Rapper

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131 Young Joshua
132 Justin Harris

Awesome rapper and loves God puts the word in his lyrics and has a dope rap style but can relate to many people

133 Nick Foulks
134 Jac Rip

This guy is up and coming, he his really working hard to make a name for himself. The best part about what he does is that he not only raps it he stands on the word of God and is walking in his glory... he is worth a look-up trust me *God blessed*

This guys is walking by faith... awesome man if God!

135 G Rod

Gutter Gospel, everyone else is great but this guy is off the Chain.

136 Lyrycyst

No one has heard of him but look up deny him by lyrycyst. He is beast

Wow, I looked up deny him, why did it take me this long to hear about him?

137 Dreptul la Cuvant

Christian Rap from Romania... dope..

138 Playdough

Whats playdough doing way down here?

139 Lojique
140 Demon Slayer

This is a awesome artist, I love the album

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