Cities That Need An NFL Team

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1 Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon

There is only one team in the NFL team in the northwest region

2 Los Angeles, California

Move Rams to Farmers Field and move Jaguars to new LA stadium. There! 2 teams for L.A.!

One of the most popular cities and needs an nfl team

What they already have 2. Chargers, and rams.

La doesn't need three nfl teams

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3 Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada

It doesn't matter that Nevada doesn't have any teams. Las Vegas would be a terrible city for any pro sport. Just think of how idiotic some NFL players are. They'd always be in the casinos

Let's keep in mind that Florida and California already have three teams to their name. Nevada has none. - Wopwop

Aren't the raiders moving here? - SpectralOwl

4 Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake deserves an NFL team because there is a lot of people that live around Salt Lake and great marketing.

5 San Antonio, Texas

The raiders may move to san antonio!

6 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

OKC only has the Thunder.

7 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Well, Milwaukee already has Bucks and Brewers and Green Bay only has Packers - FerrariDude64

8 Boston, Massachusetts

It already has a team, the New England Patriots. - creed99

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9 Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis needs MLB, NFL & NHL teams. Having a team in Memphis would develop a rivalry between the Tennessee Titans & A Memphis NFL Football team. The city needs to grow on sports. It already has the Memphis Grizzlies who have been pretty successful in making the NBA Playoffs. A possible team name could the Memphis Freedomleaders or BBQ's.

I think the Tenessee titans count - SpectralOwl

10 Tokyo, Japan

Who would host an NFL team in Japan?! - creed99

You are super dumb its in japan

Best idea ever

Lmao what - FerrariDude64

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11 Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario

The best place to put a nfl team in Canada would Saskatchewan they sellout every game and make the third most money for teams behind the Maple Leafs and Canadiens in Canada. The Toronto Argonauts in the CFL struggle to get 15,000 people at there game Toronto just is not a Football market

I could really buy into this idea.

NFL need a Canadian TEAM!

No. I'm Canadian and football isn't big here (I know because I play football). The CFL isn't big and I think a Canadian team would go broke

12 Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is not a 'Football" state if you know what I mean

Hawaii needs a team called The Sea Turtles

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13 Orlando, Florida

Just relocate the Jag's there and you got a brand new franchise

14 Albuquerque, New Mexico
15 Boise, Idaho
16 Norfolk, Virgina
17 Reno, Nevada
18 Anchorage, Alaska
19 Omaha, Nebraska
20 Charleston, South Carolina
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1. Portland, Oregon
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1. Las Vegas, Nevada
2. Portland, Oregon
3. Los Angeles, California
1. Las Vegas, Nevada
2. San Antonio, Texas
3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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