Top Ten Best Cities In Iran

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1 Tabriz

A modern beautiful city with advanced culture and most progressive attitude, and most noble & sincere citizenship.

Absolutely Best city in Iran with great and so many amazing people. apart from all that great landscapes and historical places to visit and its great weather...

The jewel and the Spiritual capital of greater Azerbaijan. a city with 4500 years of history with it's ups and down but never falls.

Old and great Tabriz with greatest bazaar and old "brick houses" with pleasant weather.

2 Tehran
3 Mashhad

A combination of modern and traditional culture, best hotels and foods, novel ice creams!

4 Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the best cities in Iran. Every city has its own aspects, by the way the people of Isfahan are very cool and interesting, sometimes hard to understand them but once you got into them you will love their special culture

The place where you realize what is Persian architecture all about. gardens, bridge, rivers, modern and ancients building side by side, and home for christian Iranians!

One of the best architectural masterpieces in the world, especially the Naghsh-e-Jahan square.

Isfahan is great and historical City but has awful people...

5 Shiraz

Shiraz is beautiful, Shiraz is love, Shiraz is history, Shiraz lovely's pepole, Shiraz is wonderful, This is the best city in the world for happy's people. Shiraz city of flowers, so COME ON TO SHIRAZ if you want to be happy.

I love all of the cities in my country with their people...but Shiraz is very special for me so proud of this city and I like the tourists go there and enjoy.

City of Love, Poem and Wine with a very easygoing atmosphere and lifestyle. Original shirazi people are very kind, Friendly and well known for being very hospitable.

She is one of the most historical cities of the world. You can see Perspolise there

6 Karaj

Peaceful and happy city.

7 Ahwaz

Grandma lived there for 5 years and said it was awesome.

One of the awful cities in iran with unkind people.

Ahvaz is definitely the most important city in Iran as it is econimically the richest province in Iran. More than 70% of Iran's oil is produced in Ahvaz.

Ahwaz has very friendly, lovely people!

8 Qom
9 Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of great cities in Iran.It's very beautiful and Great.

10 Urmia

Its exquisite nature, multi-raced people, and perfect weather will leave you breathless. A great city to spend your post-retirement years!
Its people are erfectly hospitable neighbors and friend, but hooorrible drivers!

Excellent beautiful city with cool weather!

Famous for its vineyards

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11 Resht

Rasht is a great city with pure nature and clean air if someone wants to relax he or she can come to Rasht and have some fun.if you pay much attention to your food I recommend you to eat Rashti food and enjoy it.Rasht has a great number of the most delicious dishes of the world and a lot of antique restaurants.
also some people believe that the people of this city are more open minded than all other cities of Iran.

12 Hamadan
13 Khorramabad
14 Zanjan
15 Kerman
16 Qazvin

Historical state with delicious sweats.
best wine of the world you can taste in Takestan, a small city of Qazvin.

17 Ramsar

It's awesome,cause it has every compartments of a beautiful nature.

18 Yazd
19 Arak

Very good city

20 Bushehr
21 Sanandaj
22 Ardabil
23 Tafresh
24 Kish
25 Neyshabur
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