Top 10 Best Cities in Iran

Imagine strolling through bustling bazaars filled with vibrant colors and scents, walking beside impressive architecture that tells tales of a rich history, or simply enjoying the hospitality of the local people, known for their warmth and generosity. From the modern vibes of Tehran to the poetic atmosphere of Shiraz, and from the historical elegance of Isfahan to the unique regional cultures found throughout the country, each city in Iran offers its own unique flavor and charm.

Iran's cities are more than just dots on a map; they are living, breathing entities that encapsulate the essence of Iranian culture. Whether it's the contemporary art scene, the time-honored traditions, or the breathtaking landscapes that surround them, these cities are places where the old meets the new in a harmonious blend. They've been shaped by millennia of history, yet they continue to evolve, reflecting a nation that's both rooted in tradition and looking toward the future.
The Top Ten
1 Tabriz

A modern, beautiful city with an advanced culture and the most progressive attitude. Tabriz has the most noble and sincere citizens.

Absolutely the best city in Iran with many amazing people. Tabriz has great landscapes and historical places to visit, and its weather is great.

The jewel and the spiritual capital of greater Azerbaijan, Tabriz is a city with 4500 years of history. It has had its ups and downs but never falls.

2 Tehran Tehran is the capital of Iran and is located in the northern part of the country at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. It serves as Iran's political, economic, and cultural center. Known for its modern architecture juxtaposed with historical sites, Tehran is home to landmarks like the Golestan Palace... read more
3 Mashhad

A combination of modern and traditional culture, best hotels and foods, and novel ice creams!

4 Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the best cities in Iran. Every city has its own aspects. The people of Isfahan are very cool and interesting. Sometimes it is hard to understand them, but once you get to know them, you will love their special culture.

The place where you realize what Persian architecture is all about: gardens, bridges, rivers, modern and ancient buildings side by side, and home to Christian Iranians!

One of the best architectural masterpieces in the world, especially the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square.

5 Shiraz

Shiraz is beautiful, Shiraz is love, Shiraz is history. Shiraz has lovely people, Shiraz is wonderful. This is the best city in the world for happy people. Shiraz is the city of flowers, so COME TO SHIRAZ if you want to be happy.

I love all of the cities in my country and their people, but Shiraz is very special to me. I'm proud of this city, and I like that tourists go there and enjoy it.

City of love, poetry, and wine with a very easygoing atmosphere and lifestyle. Original Shirazi people are very kind, friendly, and well-known for being very hospitable.

6 Karaj
7 Ahwaz

My grandma lived there for 5 years and said it was awesome.

Ahvaz is definitely the most important city in Iran, as it is economically the richest province in Iran. More than 70% of Iran's oil is produced in Ahvaz.

Ahvaz has very friendly, lovely people!

8 Qom
9 Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of the great cities in Iran. It's very beautiful.

10 Urmia

Its exquisite nature, multi-racial people, and perfect weather will leave you breathless. It is a great city to spend your post-retirement years! The people are perfectly hospitable neighbors and friends, but horrible drivers!

Excellent, beautiful city with cool weather!

The Contenders
11 Resht

Rasht is a great city with pure nature and clean air. If someone wants to relax, they can come to Rasht and have some fun. If you pay much attention to your food, I recommend you try Rashti cuisine and enjoy it. Rasht has a great number of the most delicious dishes in the world and many antique restaurants.

Also, some people believe that the residents of this city are more open-minded than those in other cities of Iran.

12 Hamadan
13 Ramsar

It's awesome because it has every component of beautiful nature.

14 Khorramabad
15 Qazvin

Historical state with delicious sweets. The best wine in the world can be tasted in Takestan, a small city in Qazvin.

16 Zanjan
17 Kerman
18 Yazd
19 Arak
20 Bojnord

Beautiful city with kind people and good weather.

21 Tafresh
22 Kish
23 Khorramshahr
24 Bushehr
25 Borujerd

A beautiful city that used to be the capital of Khuzestan and Lorestan provinces. It was an individual state until it was made part of the Lorestan province by Reza Shah.

Borujerd is famous for its mountainous areas, vast fields of grass, wide and open landscapes, and modern amenities. Today it has produced some of the most successful people in the world, including Ayatollah Borujerdi and Mahvash, the very first female Iranian singer in all of Iran's history.

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