Top Ten Best Cities in Israel

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1 Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. "Salem" means peace. Israel is the chosen land that God has ordained before the world began and the Jews are his chosen people. He made an everlasting covenant with them over 4,000 years ago and it still reigns to this very day, May 2016. It is the most blessed tiny nation on earth and it is in the very center of the globe. Look it up and see the truth.

Genesis 12:3 says, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." All who curse Israel will be themselves cursed. She is the only country which has survived many, many attacks and still is standing to this day.

God's plan didn't stop for Israel in 70 AD when the Romans destroyed the city and most of the temple. On Friday, May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation once again and now it will and cannot be destroyed ever again. God is watching over Israel and will protect it from harm.

Our creator God YHVH came to earth to be born of a virgin, Mary, lived a sinless, perfect life and then died on the cross 2,000 years ago to save mankind from their sins and he rose three days later to defeat death, sin, and the grave. He is the only way for you to be saved and without Him was not anything made that was made.

2 Tel Aviv

I grew up there. So many wonderful memories.

3 Haifa

Haifa is the best city in Israel because it is the ultimate co-existence city in Israel. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Druzes, and many others live and work together, hang out together, and mixed couples are everywhere. It's a very fast-developing city.

The old city center is being rebuilt, and the downtown area is being renovated. There are two central bus stations, four train stops, malls, and huge movie theaters. There are also hiking zones and many different attractions.

The far right hates us because we coexist. The far left hates us because we do not share their views. Even Iran promised that Haifa will be one of the first cities to be hit. But we are citizens of a city of peace and understanding.

4 Ashdod
5 Rishon LeZion

I'm from Rishon LeZion. Lots of malls, beautiful clean sea, great air and weather. Very hot in summer, never snowed in winter, barely rains.

6 Petah Tikva
7 Beersheba

It's basically Israel's silicon valley in the middle of a desert.

8 Netanya

Grew up in the Ir Yamim/Ramat Poleg area. Wasn't large or beautiful when I was born, but as I grew up the sand was replaced by grass and the empty areas with skyscrapers. Beautiful city now in most places, nightlife is nothing like Tel Aviv but definitely nice. Primarily friendly, pretty much - if I were to sum it up, it gets a B+ in everything.

9 Holon

Holon is a really nice city. It is quiet and beautiful. Good access to cities like Tel Aviv, better than Tel Aviv because it doesn't have a smoking problem. Tel Aviv smells unpleasant, but Holon is beautiful. Underrated city.

10 Eilat

When I go to Eilat, I feel like I'm in Heaven. It's more beautiful than Tel Aviv and it's not as crowded. I also love the sea there, full of fish, and the hotels are awesome.

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11 Bnei Brak
12 Herzliya
13 Ra'anana
14 Yaffo

It's part of Tel Aviv, only more historic, more multicultural, and just more interesting.

15 Tiberias
16 Ramat Gan

Great city, I live here now and I don't even think about leaving.

17 Kfar Saba
18 Givatayim
19 Rehovot
20 Nahariya
21 Hadera
22 Ashkelon
23 Nazeret
24 Karnei Shomron
25 Migdal Ha'Emek
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