Best Units In Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

These are the strongest, the best and also the fan-favorite units from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. NO UPRISING UNITS and NO BUILDINGS/DEFENSES.

The Top Ten

1 Yuriko Omega

She is just a ruthless, unstoppable killing machine who holds monstrous powers that brings bases down in matter of seconds...

A matchless dead sexy, who can bring down bases in matter of seconds..

This infantry unit can be small, but deadly. It can destroy even Apocalypse Tanks.

She can lift overcliffs, leviatate submarines while they are underwater, and tear apart every unit and building in 1.5 seconds when upgraded, not counting air units which die like flies within Yuriko's range. If you do not have anti-infantry horde in your base Yuriko devours it within a minute.

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2 Shogun Battleship

If you can build naval units, this battleship could wreck bases from a long distance. Just back it up with anti-air units.

Close range, long range, doesn't really matter.

3 Apocalypse Tank

The classic Apocalypse tank is back, now with stronger armaments but without the anti-air turret.

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4 Kirov Airship

Unlimited ammo for bombing bases from the sky. Just be patient with its speed, though.

Kirov Airship mass attack, is just awesome base destruction

5 Spy

Can bribe even the strongest units of the game. You can save 3000 credits just by bribing an enemy Shogun Battleship instead of making one.

6 Akula Submarine

The best underwater unit to destroy even the best ships.

7 Century Bomber

Another strong and fast bomber, but always go back to the airfield for more ammo.

8 Harbinger Gunship

'enough said

9 Assault Destroyer

A great and heavy unit when on land. Also great against bases.

10 Bullfrog

The best anti-aircraft unit, can go on both land and water.

The Contenders

11 Aircraft Carrier

A more practical way to destroy bases from afar. Also pretty much faster than the Shogun Battleship

12 Hydrofoil

The strongest anti air unit in the game with the ability.

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