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1 I'm Cool Cat, and I love all kids!

Says the 6 foot tall man in an orange cat suit. - PackFan2005

Um, pedophile? - Catacorn

Nah, that's a completely normal thing to say. It's not saying that in public would make every parent within a five mile radius flee to their homes. - nerffan8000

Not a pedicat at all. - DapperPickle

2 I love babies!

Pedophilic - Lunala

3 They're painting on someone's wall, and it's not cool to... paint on someone's wall!

He forgot the script! And it's not cool to...forget the script! - RoseWeasley

He said something that makes no sense! And it’s not cool to..say something that makes no sense!

Oh well, I tried. - Limeyy

The script is so simple. How do you forget this? - PackFan2005

They're Making Lazy Writing, And it's not cool to... make Lazy Writing - SpectralOwl

4 Exquisite!

The policeman in the movie is played by a porn star! - DapperPickle

5 See what it SAAAAAAAAYS.

Okay, I’ll see what it SAAYS. - Limeyy

This movie. Makes no sense. At all. - RiverClanRocks

Advice from cool cat. - DapperPickle

6 Cool Cat loves to rock n roll, Cool Cat likes to love and sing!

Better than Bohemian Rhapsody - RoseWeasley

The best song since imagine. - DapperPickle

7 Cool Cat loves the BOOGIE WOOGIE!

Cool Cat x Boogie Woogie 4 Life - RoseWeasley

The BOOGIE WOOGIE is religion

Indeed he does. - DapperPickle

BOGIE BOOGIE - PeeledBanana

8 I'm down with that man!

Yeah sure lay it out man

He is indeed,down with that. - DapperPickle

What swag. - KingFab

9 There he is!

Greatest film quote ever - Superkevin21


He is there? - DapperPickle

I first heard it in a Little Mermaid YTP by YoshiManiac. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

10 That kid kicked sand in Cool Cat's face!

Hooray! - Limeyy

Yay! - RoseWeasley

At that moment Butch was more Savage than Derek himself - GlassweighanCountess

Well, the kid deserved to, anyway. - Swellow

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11 Help, help! Everywhere I go I'm being bullied! HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!


And by that, they only mean the bully's diner - SpectralOwl

12 Groovy!

Pfft - Limeyy

Are you sure this movie was made in 2015? - PackFan2005

13 Boy, I feel like picking on someone!
14 You fine looking kitty cat, you

Woah..woah..this got so much weirder than it already is. - Limeyy

15 I'm a bully and I'm going to get you to tomorrow, oh no!

A bully would never call himself/herself a bully. - PackFan2005

16 Bad guys have been stealing candy from babies

Wait what? - Limeyy

17 Oh, my momma's gonna whoop me!

I’ll shout it again, hooray! - Limeyy

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1. I'm Cool Cat, and I love all kids!
2. I love babies!
3. They're painting on someone's wall, and it's not cool to... paint on someone's wall!


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