Top Ten Coolest Looking Clone Troopers

The Top Ten
1 Blitz

He is so cool that he is my favorite clone I also wish he was the strongest clone.

Yellow ARC are awesome. I wish Blitz did more

2 Captain Rex Captain Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fictional character in the Star Wars science fiction universe created by George Lucas and a main character of the animated The Clone Wars 2008 film and the related television series of the same name.

Custom armour with jail eyes he's a boss

3 Commander Gree

He was awesome for a clone commander. He is the only clone commander with a green visor, now that is unique.

4 Appo

He looks even cooler than Rex. That is why he replaced Rex.

Can't beat the Appo

5 Doom

He wasn't in episode three. That was just a regular trooper who died by Yoda. Doom is only ion the Clone Wars.

The commander of all Kashyyk troopers. He was the trooper next to Gree when Yoda cuts them down.

6 Havoc

Looks just like Appo. I wish he did more

7 Fixer

I love this guy in delta and omega squad, should be higher

He is almost all green and looks awesome with his pack.

8 Clanky

His name is already awesome but he looks even better.

9 Sev

He is a clone commando with red handprints on his helmet and clone chest plate.

10 ARC Trooper Fives

Blue is the best color, and his ARC Trooper armor is awesome. Even his customized phase 1 armor, seen at the Battle of Kamino, is cool. Echo is equal to Fives, because their armors looked very similar.

He may not look awesome at his death but he sure is awesome in his arc trooper uniform

I like his standard but not armor.

The Contenders
11 Tyto

Should be lower, all black clones should be lower

The only black ARC trooper I know.

12 99

He is a true soldier

13 Gregor

Gregor was such a badass. If you don't believe me, look him up. His armour looks sick, he survived the Battle of Sarrish and a huge explosion and removed his chip, making him one of the last good clones.

14 Galle

Looks kind of like Blitz.

15 Commander Keller

A clone trooper with a Jedi robe, what more do you want.

His hood looks sick over his mask

Has an awesome jedi robe

16 Thorn

Commander Thorn was the Shock Commander, who gave up his life for the Grand Army of the Republic. He had Red and White armor like Commander Fox's, but with colors switched around. He also had wings on his helmet.

17 Clone Commander Wolffe

Wolf Pack or no pack

He looks awesome

Why is wollfe this low?

18 Zag

Only a comic book clone but he looks awesome.

19 Commander Trauma

He was the ARF Trooper Commander who was slain by Savage Opress in like 5 seconds. He looked awesome and he didn't even get a minute of screen time.

ARF Troopers are cool in general, when you make one look like Rex, perfect. Awesome design. Just wish he did more.

20 Commander Cody
21 Captain Fordo
22 Commander Bly

He should be in first

23 Boil

He looks cool but not ARC trooper cool but if you take off his helmet you see A... mustache.

24 Seventy One

An orange ARC trooper. He looks awesome.

25 Commander Colt
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