Top 10 Coolest Looking Video Game Consoles

What in your opinion is the coolest looking video game console? Why do you like how it looks?

The Top Ten Coolest Looking Video Game Consoles

1 Nintendo GameCube

This thing is near indestructible. The design is not only great on the outside, but also on the inside.

That does look cool. - funnyuser

I played this growing up

It's got a handle. A HANDLE! - PeterG99

2 Nintendo 64

No doubt, man. Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros. for this console are the best video games of all time, and it all looks very cool.

3 Sega Genesis

Come on guys, it's the GENESIS! It was the ORIGINAL cool looking console. - Lasvegasxavier

The model 1 Genesis is my favorite looking console.

4 Original Xbox

I like that the Original Xbox had that edgy tank-ish design to it. I prefer it over the soft and futuristic looking design the 360 and XB1 have. - TheDelBel

5 Sony PlayStation 2
6 Sega Dreamcast
7 Atari 2600 (Wood Model)
8 Super Famicom
9 Sega Saturn

It looks awesome, and is awesome. controller is really comfortable too. Also, BEST NAME TO ANY CONSOLE BY A MILE

10 Nintendo Entertainment System

The Contenders

11 PlayStation 3 Super Slim
12 Xbox 360

My love. - CedreticFomento

13 Playstation 4
14 Playstation PSOne
15 Sony PlayStation
16 PC Engine Duo R
17 PC-FX
18 SEGA Dreamcast Sports Model
19 PC Engine Duo RX
20 Virtual Boy
21 Atari XEGS
22 Xbox One S

It's one of the 2 xbox consoles to be white. the other is the Xbox 360 white version - Wobblygaming7

23 SuperGrafx
24 PC Engine
25 Super Nintendo
26 Nintendo DS
27 Sega Wondermega
28 Nintendo Famicom
29 Sega Master System

It looks really cool, the design of this thing looks unique and so awesome that it makes you want to make a ripoff of this thing. But don't.

30 Nintendo DSi

The outer camera makes it really pop! - Luigi64900

31 Sega Mark III
32 Nintendo Wii
33 Nintendo Switch

The Switch looks awesome! - TheDelBel

34 Wii U
35 New Nintendo 3DS XL

This handheld looks cool! That's why I asked for it on Christmas of 2019! - ScrewDarkNovaIo

36 Playstation 3

Just beautiful

37 CD-i
38 Xbox One
39 Spongebob Joy Stick
40 Victor Wondermega
41 Nintendo DS Lite
42 Xbox One X
43 Nintendo Gameboy
44 Nintendo Game Boy Micro
45 Sega CDX
46 Turbografx-16
47 Neo Geo Pocket Color
48 Apple Pippin
49 FM Towns Marty
50 Sega Game Gear
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