Top 10 Coolest Looking Video Game Consoles

What in your opinion is the coolest looking video game console? Why do you like how it looks?

The Top Ten

1 Nintendo 64

No doubt, man. Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros. for this console are the best video games of all time, and it all looks very cool.

2 Sega Genesis

Come on guys, it's the GENESIS! It was the ORIGINAL cool looking console. - Lasvegasxavier

3 Nintendo GameCube

It's got a handle. A HANDLE! - PeterG99

That does look cool. - funnyuser

I played this growing up

It's very different and was amazing! It was a huge change from the N64 but also opened the way for the Nintendo Wii

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4 Original Xbox
5 Sega Dreamcast
6 Atari 2600 (Wood Model)
7 Sega Saturn

It looks awesome, and is awesome. controller is really comfortable too. Also, BEST NAME TO ANY CONSOLE BY A MILE

8 Super Famicom
9 Sony PlayStation 2
10 Nintendo Entertainment System

The Newcomers

? Nintendo Gameboy
? Nintendo DS

The Contenders

11 PlayStation 3 Super Slim
12 Xbox 360
13 Sony PlayStation
14 Playstation PSOne
15 Playstation 4
16 SEGA Dreamcast Sports Model
17 Virtual Boy
18 Super Nintendo
19 Xbox One S

It's one of the 2 xbox consoles to be white. the other is the Xbox 360 white version - Wobblygaming7

20 Sega Master System

It looks really cool, the design of this thing looks unique and so awesome that it makes you want to make a ripoff of this thing. But don't.

21 Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi
22 Playstation 3

Just beautiful

23 CD-i
24 Xbox One
25 Spongebob Joy Stick
26 Wii U
27 Victor Wondermega
28 Nintendo Wii
29 New Nintendo 3DS XL
30 Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS Lite
31 Nintendo Switch
32 Xbox One X
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1. Nintendo 64
2. Super Famicom
3. Atari 2600 (Wood Model)
1. Nintendo GameCube
2. Atari 2600 (Wood Model)
3. Original Xbox
1. Nintendo 64
2. Sega Dreamcast
3. Sega Saturn

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