10 Reasons Why Country Is the Worst Music Genre

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1 It's boring

ALL country songs talk about the same stuff: tractors, girls, and alcohol. Plus, the bad accents and the horrible droning, drawling quality just make it even more boring.

Yes it is. It's the same subject, same voice, same tone, etc.

It's on a par with gospel.

No it's not stupid.

2 It's pretty much the same song over and over

If you want to listen to good country, listen to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, etc. Skip Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

Name a country song not involving beer, tractors, and women that wasn't sung by Johnny Cash. I dare you.

3 The drawl
4 It's overrated

I can't believe "SEXY girl WANNA SEX ON MAH TRUCK BY LE RIVER" gets so much recognition.

5 The lyrics don't really mean anything special

No it's not stupid. They do mean something too others, maybe not to you but they do. How about Alan Jackson's Where were you when the world stopped turning. It's talking about 911. Maybe you weren't alive when that happened but still, maybe you should do research and find out about ut. It's a great song.

6 It is really annoying
7 Today's country artists suck

In my mind, todays country artist are the best to ever exist! LUKE BRYAN!

8 It is always on the radio
9 Old country artists suck

Get that out of here. At least old country songs had meaning.

10 It's overplayed
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11 Today's country is not as good as classic country
12 Everybody likes it
13 People think it is better than any other music
14 Country singers have annoying voices

Their voice are all shaky and it doesn't sound right.

15 Country fans are annoying
16 People always listen to it in their car
17 It is not fun to dance to

If you want music to dance to, listern to Taylor Swift or the Chainsmokers.

18 Talks about the same thing
19 Annoying fake accents
20 It has been around for years
21 Today's country artists are fake


22 Bad taste in fashion
23 It's more popular than Metal
24 Most songs are about tractors and ladies
25 Almost always about love
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