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21 Gigli
22 Ratatoing
23 Fifty Shades of Grey
24 Human Centipede
25 The Witches of Oz
26 Jurassic Park III

As horrid as every movie above it on this list.

27 Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

"You get nothing! You lose! " *Willy Wonka makes nightmare-inducing smile eating your soul* - ModernSpongeBobSucks

28 Twilight
29 The Lion King

The Lion King Hater That Spams Everywhere On This Site Definitely Added This - JPK

Yep, that's me. The good ol' TLK hater. The only reason I do that is because I want everyone to know (with good reasons) that TLK is a bad film that doesn't deserve praise, not a good film who deserves to be immortal like everyone else claims. Honestly, man. TLK is not the best movie. There are better movies out there.

It isn't the best movie ever (one of the best), but that doesn't give you the right to constantly spam over every single list mentioning one tiny positive thing about The Lion King. You're probably a great person in real life but just stop doing this, we get it, you hate The Lion King, you're not gonna force others to hate it, you hate it, we all accept that so please stop. - PeeledBanana

TLK deserves to be hated, especially because of it's characters and how it overshadows everything else.

I know you want me to stop, but come on. I wish TLK was never made. It is a bad depiction of African wildlife and people should not see the animals that way. I rather let people watch a documentary than this movie if they want to know about animals.

TLK portrayed spotted hyenas as an evil comic relief trio, which the trope doesn't fit the species. Not only that, but the whole species or population of hyenas are portrayed as all henchmen to the main villain. It was so bad that Disney got sued by a hyena activist because of this. Sorry but I cannot accept those characters and the film they come from. The characters and movie deserve to die.

It's true that lions and spotted hyenas are enemies in real-life, but it is still possible to make a lion-centric story without demonizing an entire species of hyena. Look at most other stories about lions. (such as other ...more

30 Rough Night
31 Bridesmaids
32 Baywatch

Cringy like all the other R-rated comedies that came out this year!

33 Teeth
34 Alien: Resurrection
35 Tentacolino
36 Glitter
37 The Mummy Returns
38 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
39 Ghostbusters (2016)
40 Iron Man 2
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