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1 Maddie Ziegler Maddie Ziegler

Maddie is the BEST dancer on Dance Moms. People always complain about how Maddie is the favorite and Maddie gets all the attention and the solos, well, she's the best dancer! Abby wants to win, and Maddie wins. Maddie has a great personality with how humble she is, and she has great facial expressions and great emotions, unlike the other girls. She also invests more time into dancing and her solos, and gets more lessons because dancing is her passion, and she wants to be the best she can be. Maddie has made the Dance Moms legacy, and no one can ever replace her.

Maddie is born to be a performer. There's always someone out there who has better techniques but it's hard to find a dancer who can tell a story. She's a sweet, humble and kind girl. She not a spoilt brat, the show edited it to make her seem like one to make controversies and views. She deserves everything. She has a God given talent. She is much more successful after leaving the show and aldc, she made the right decision to leave. I don't understand why the moms never give her any credit. She's very hardworking and has a great passion in dancing. She after all the time and effort she puts on dancing she totally deserves to be on top.

Maddie is awesome she's gorgeous and a excellent dancer. Maddie is also a very flexible person she should do gymnastics.

Maddie is the best dancer because she puts in so much work and wants to be number one and is willing to work for it

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2 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

I feel as if Chloe is just as good as Maddie, although even I can see that Maddie is a brilliant dancer, and I will never try to deny that even if I prefer Chloe. Abby favours Maddie, and due to that she gives her more time, more difficult choreography, and doesn't make her feel terrible about her dancing. Chloe's downfall is her choreography and her confidence. When Chloe is feeling confident, she is noticeably better. Overall, both Maddie and Chloe are amazing dancers, but I feel that Chloe is better.

A while ago I voted Maddie but I'm switching to Chloe. Chloe really does have the best technique, she has more technique than Maddie. The difference between Maddie and Chloe is that Maddie has a really high entertainment level while Chloe has a high technique level. Maddie can put on a show, and that's why she's considered the best. But Chloe has more technique and actually has a fairly serious ballet background and training.

For me chloe is the best dancer her technique is incredible and the only reason maddie is number one is because she gets better routines the other girls aren't given advanced dance routines but if they were they would be so much better than maddie I'm not a maddie hater I just think the girls aren't treated equally

Chloe sucks! She is so lazy, ugly and boring to watch. I HATE her! Maddie is so much better then Chloe - Sandez

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3 Mackenzie Zieglar

Mackenzie is a great singer and dancer. She really puts the feel into dancing. She still gets through even though everyone compares her to Maddie and tell her to be like Maddie. I think that she has a true potential and she is a different person to Maddie and is much better than her (although Maddie is amazing)

Mackenzie is a really talented little dancer she is always trying get better and she is so cause she is always compared to Maddie or Asia. I love Mackenzie so much.SHE IS NUMBER ONE.

Mackenzie is so cute and so talented and pretty I think she is way better then Asia

If I were in kenzies place I would shout and scream because everyone compares her to maddie and even when her own mother thought maddie was better she stayed came and didn't cry or scream if that was me I would of put Melissa in her place that's why I respect kenzie and also why she's my favorite

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4 Kalani Hilliker

Way better than everyone. She is the only dancer who ever won nationals and the dance awards. Kalani is the only person who would win at a real competition apart from Jojo, Asia and Sophia (not sure if she's on her) Her flexibility, control, feet and lines are amazing. And she conveys the best emotion. Dance isn't about faces, it's about movement and none else on dance moms can move like a dancer apart from Sophia

She desrves to be on the top, don't get me wrong I love all the girls and they are really talented. But Kalani honestly has everything, she can do any kind of style and win, looks great on the stage, she is beautiful, she has a real dancer body. I wish Abby put her against Maddie. I think it would show us more that Maddie is not the only perfect girl who has been on dance moms. I think every girl on dance moms is really special and talented. I hope they will stay in the dance industry cause they are amazing!

Super happy that maddie left the team. I feel Kalani is the best dancer on the team. Maddie was okay but was just given more opportunities and had expressions. Kalani has expressions and even more, Abby should give Kalani more opportunities!

Kalani is perfect. She can do anything. She is so stunning and perfect to watch. Ahhh she should be number one - heiglsbabe

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5 Kendall Vertes

Kendall is amazing some people just don't like her which is awful some people say mackenzie is the singer in the group but I think Kendall is the best singer and I love mackenzie as well but listening to the music videos Kendall is better

Kendall is a good dancer but not phenomenal you know. She doesn't have something special like Maddie or Brooke. She's just doing the choreographies fine, but nothing more.

Kendall has the same surprise facial expression on all her dances. For some reason, she won't go all the way... Plastic.

Kendall is laziest and worst dancer ever. - Sandez

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6 Nia Frazier

Nia is edgy and cool. She tries all tasks assigned even if she doesn't get the best outcome, and she doesn't get mad or sad if she loses. But her flexibility is so good. She puts in her best effort and is one of the best dancers on the show. She is really one of the best, but she is compared to others that may be better then her. But I think she has kept pushing to be ahead and while the other girls are out doing things, she is in the dance room working on her feet and legs, SO she can go out and explore the world for herself like the others. But like Abby says: "There is always someone out there that is better" (may not be the actual words) She is going to have a bright and beautiful future. She will do all the things she wants to do, just in her own time. YOU GO GIRL!

Poor little NiNi never gets her chance to shine. Though what a talented dancer she is. She has a strong body for a young girl and she is spectacularly flexible. Watch her flexibility dances and they will blow your mind... She is more flexible than Maddie. What she lacks in technique she makes up for in her happy, cheerful spirit and charming personality. She is never sour or never a sore loser. She makes the best out of wherever she places and knows winning isn't everything. If only Abby gave Nia a chance she could be a superstar and dancing for celebrities just like Maddie. I love this girl so much and knows she will have a wonderful future

She is the only dancer on dance moms that actually lasted through all the seasons. While all of the other dancers may have learned faster, I think she always did try her best.

She is always positive tries to find the good side unfortunately because of the negative energy around her she lost her confidence but she gets through it with a smile

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7 Brooke Hyland

She's really flexible and has a great personality. - Ally-Dance17

Brooke is the best dancer, that's why she was always in the front row. Her back flexibility is insane! Kelly even said the originally Brooke was Abby's favourite, she even admitted that Brooke has a god given ability! She really does, and Brooke always places in the top 5 consistently! She has so much talent I'm sad too see her give it up. I don't understand when people compare he really to Mackenzie or Kalani. Mackenzie is really more of an tumbler and Kalani has great leg flexibility, but overall Brooke is better at acro she can perform with her back as well as legs! She's so underrated.

Well that is your opinion but I think that she is a 10/10

When she dances you get something on your body because of her acro tricks.

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8 JoJo Siwa JoJo Siwa

Jojo Siwa is the best girl on Dance Moms. She puts so much work into her dances. She is so pretty and flexible. She is loud and proud. Jojo is confident in her dances. She has so much spirit. Even though Abby Lee might thing that Jojo is loud, I think Jojo is perfect just the way she is. She is also the prettiest girl in the whole entire Abby Lee Dance Company.

I HATE this annoying little girl. She is a brat and she can't sing and her rap is horrible. My ears bleed at her songs and I get so angry even when I just look at her. She's spoiled and has fake bleached Barbie hair and her bows are hideous, yet she has so many fans! This kid is a joke and I have good reasons to hate her. I hate her fans too

I think Nickelodeon might do something similar to what Disney did to Miley Cyrus & Jake Paul. - Kid_ethinederland

I hate jojo siwa she's annoying and she always screams. She's weird in a bad way. She's babyish. Mackenzie is way better than you jojo. I hate you jojo. She is spoiled and bratty but always seams to get her own way. Her songs suck I hate jojo siwa, she is a demon!

I hate Jojo! - Sandez

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9 Paige Hyland

How is Paige like Vivi Anne, she's an amazing dancer who just isn't given enough opportunities, Vivi Anne is much worse than her

Paige is a great dancer with an awesome personality. Even though she is not favored by Abby she's still MY favorite.

Paige should be last


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10 Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn is better then the other people who are 19 and under get your facts right

Thanks but have you seen how amazing brynn is these dayz yes maddie and chloe and kendall at the moment are better than her but they have been dancing there foreva. Brynn should be number 4 at least on that ladder for sure otherwise it is a dumb thing

People seem to overlook the fact she is good because of her mum. She was known even before the sho

I think Brynn should be WAY higher in these rankings she has great feet,lines,and flexibility

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11 Sophia Lucia

Sophia Lucia is cute, talented, and a superstar. She is better than Maddie because she is younger, better and ALWAYS has a great attitude even if she doesn't win. She doesn't throw a fit like Maddie does. Sophia, you should be #1 or # 2 on this list.

I think Sophia has the best technique here. But I'm not so sure if she should be counted as a "dance moms dancer" because she was on the show for so short

Sophia was born a prodigy, a star. Maddie wasn't, but Maddie is extremely dedicated, and so is Sophia, and they both are super hardworking dancers

Elites 1: Maddie Zeigler, Sophia Lucia 2: Chloe Lukaziak, 3: Kalani Hillcker,Brynn Rumfallo 4: Kendall Vertes, Mackenzie zeigler 5 Nia Soiux 6:Measi Caise, Brooke Hyland 7:Paige Hyland, Asia Monet Ray (because we hardly saw her on the show ) 8: Ava Cota,Jojo Siwa

Mini's 1: Elliana Walmsey, Lilliana Ketchaman 2: Aria Lopez, Payton Evans 3: Kendyl Fay

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12 Elliana Walmsley

Elliana is a spectacular dancer but she can do a bit better in her dances. I think her mom is kind-of strict but... but she will always be better than me.

Elliana is adorable and awesome! shes so talented and pretty.

13 Lilly K

Wonderful flexible great dancer

She's better than most minis

She's the best mini dancer

To be honest, she has the same problem as Mackenzie. Neither of them dance, they do tricks. Now ELLIANA, can DANCE! (I’m not hating :))))) - Untildawn8

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14 Maesi Caes

She is so flexible and an amazing dancer and shes great at hip hop

She’s so original and just so down to earth! She’s such a great little HIP HOPPER and she’s pretty too

15 Payton Ackerman

You are not good

I don't really like Payton much

She might not be good but that is not just her its her mum but payton can be nice

Payton's a jerk

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16 Peyton Kaye
17 Alexus Oladi
18 Nicaya Wiley

I LOVE Nicaya but it's just her mom that lets her down

19 Areana Lopez
20 Asia Monet Ray

Asia is one of the best performers I have ever seen! She is so sassy and full of energy on stage! My favourite solo by her is The Robot, I never get tired of watching that dance!

What on earth!? Asia is at 16th and Vivi Anne is at 13th, what on earth is going on here.

Asia is a great dancer and she really should be on Dance Moms since Mackenzie left

The best

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