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1 Maddie Ziegler Madison Nicole Ziegler is an American dancer, actress, author and model. She was initially known for appearing in Lifetime's reality show Dance Moms from 2011 until 2016.

Maddie is a strong and passionate dancer and I would really want to choreograph one of her dances. Her facials are so good and she is the only one on dance moms to tell a story and she never shows she gets upset when the mothers and what cruel things they say about her. I want to watch her dance all day and I hope and pray she stays in dance.

Maddie is born to be a performer. There's always someone out there who has better techniques but it's hard to find a dancer who can tell a story. She's a sweet, humble and kind girl. She not a spoilt brat, the show edited it to make her seem like one to make controversies and views. She deserves everything. She has a God given talent. She is much more successful after leaving the show and aldc, she made the right decision to leave. I don't understand why the moms never give her any credit. She's very hardworking and has a great passion in dancing. She after all the time and effort she puts on dancing she totally deserves to be on top.

Maddie is the BEST dancer on Dance Moms. People always complain about how Maddie is the favorite and Maddie gets all the attention and the solos, well, she's the best dancer! Abby wants to win, and Maddie wins. Maddie has a great personality with how humble she is, and she has great facial expressions and great emotions, unlike the other girls. She also invests more time into dancing and her solos, and gets more lessons because dancing is her passion, and she wants to be the best she can be. Maddie has made the Dance Moms legacy, and no one can ever replace her.

WOW she is my FAVORITE! Everyone says she does not deserve it or she is not that talented but boy you are wrong she is the BEST to ever be on dance moms and she deserves everything she get

2 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4. She then came back to Dance Moms in Season 7.

I think Chloe has amazing talent. She improved in season 2 and won the Joffrey Ballet Scholarship, and won many first place awards as well is winning nationals. Then came season 4. Abby destroyed her passion, and she regressed. But overall I think she is an amazing dancer and her choreography didn't reflect to what she could do. I think her comparison to Maddie is wrong and that shouldn't have happened. Her turns, her leaps, her kindness. Is anyone gonna talk about her emotional execution? That's something that never changed through dance moms. Solos she won: Baby Mine, Dream on a Star, Born to Sing, Don't Catch Me, Red Queen, Silence, Black Heart, You Can, I Know It's Too Late, Wreck It, Lucky Star. So talented!

Chloe is underrated. She is better than Kendall and she is better than Kalani. I know you guys see the Kalani with the great lines but her face is really boring, to be honest. Chloe at least try to tell a story.

I feel as if Chloe is just as good as Maddie, although even I can see that Maddie is a brilliant dancer, and I will never try to deny that even if I prefer Chloe. Abby favours Maddie, and due to that she gives her more time, more difficult choreography, and doesn't make her feel terrible about her dancing. Chloe's downfall is her choreography and her confidence. When Chloe is feeling confident, she is noticeably better. Overall, both Maddie and Chloe are amazing dancers, but I feel that Chloe is better.

I think that Chloe is an AMAZING dancer. I feel that she is just as amazing as Maddie, but she is so used to being in her shadow, that she can't pull herself out of it. If Abby had given Chloe more opportunities, chances are that Chloe would be even more famous than Maddie (that's not to say that Maddie isn't really great, too, I just think that Chloe is just as good at her, she got the Ballet School Scholarship AND a National Title that Maddie didn't exactly get). Chloe's confidence is what has set her back, and if Abby had given her as much time and as much attention, with more difficult choreography, she would be thriving now. I think that Chloe feels that she can't push out of Maddie's shadow, it almost feels as if she wants to stay there, so as not to create controversy. I think the Maddie-Chloe rivalry is very fake, and that they were very great friends, the editors made it look like they were fighting for the top spot. In the first series, they say to each other:
Maddie: "I ...more

3 Kalani Hilliker

She desrves to be on the top, don't get me wrong I love all the girls and they are really talented. But Kalani honestly has everything, she can do any kind of style and win, looks great on the stage, she is beautiful, she has a real dancer body. I wish Abby put her against Maddie. I think it would show us more that Maddie is not the only perfect girl who has been on dance moms. I think every girl on dance moms is really special and talented. I hope they will stay in the dance industry cause they are amazing!

Way better than everyone. She is the only dancer who ever won nationals and the dance awards. Kalani is the only person who would win at a real competition apart from Jojo, Asia and Sophia (not sure if she's on her) Her flexibility, control, feet and lines are amazing. And she conveys the best emotion. Dance isn't about faces, it's about movement and none else on dance moms can move like a dancer apart from Sophia

K is much better than M. Extensions holds spinning everything is better. Nasty Abby hides K in the back because she knows K is better than M. It will always be that way. K is utterly amazing. I wish the cameras would focus more on K. I'm tired of seeing M do the same old stuff. M bores me. Move out of the way. KALANI YOU'RE AMAZING!

Kalani is better than everyone before her. Her flexibility, control, feet and lines are perfect. She is more vesatial than Maddie and Chloe, she is the best with or without dance moms. You can't really compare Maddie to Kalani. Kalani is a very technical dancer and she has great facial expressions.

4 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

She earned a lot of credit and gained fame cause of her cute face! Her teqnique was sloppy sometimes and was compared to her sister. Abby even said "I'm even more shocked that Mackenzie didn't place!" This episode (the one where mackenzie and Maddie go head to head). This showed her disrepsect towards her. Yes some teqnical thing need to be fixed but other than that her facials are nice and is overall a good dancer.

She is such a cute wonderful dancer that definitely didn't deserve the cruel berating and intense pressure that she received from
Abby. I think that was such a beautiful dancer that was forced to be exactly like Maddie. Even Mackenzie's mother shows favouritism towards Maddie.

I love Chloe, Maddie, Kendall, Kalani, and all the other girls. They are all incredible dancers, but I feel Kenzie is the one who pushes it. Kenzie might not be up to the other girls' level, but she's younger. Always being compared to Maddie, Mackenzie always fights through it. Her solos are all amazing, and she does what she does, she pushes everything to the next level. I love her so much!

Mackenzie is a great singer and dancer. She really puts the feel into dancing. She still gets through even though everyone compares her to Maddie and tell her to be like Maddie. I think that she has a true potential and she is a different person to Maddie and is much better than her (although Maddie is amazing)

5 Kendall Vertes

Kendall is totally the best dancer on Dance Moms! Maddie was only good because Abby was biased and she only paid attention to Maddie! Kendall is so good and she could totally have beaten Maddie if she got the same attention. She should be second, if not first! She is so much better than Chloe and Kalani and HELLO? Mackenzie's dances were immature and totally EASY compared to Kendalls! Kendalls A La Secondes were so GOOD! She could do a lot more turns than Maddie, Chloe, and all the girls! Kalani could barely DO A La Secondes! Mackenzie's were weak, and the technique was bad. Also, Kendall is so much prettier than all the other girls. Maddie was pretty, but not now. Kendall is totally the #1 dancer EVER. You GO, Kendall!

Kendall is an incredible dancer. she is so pretty and she should at least be number 3 or 4. She rocks her turns and when she had good choreography she nailed her solos! Team Kendall all the way.

Kendall deserves to be #4 or higher! her turns are AMAZING and she is a very strong dancer and has an awesome voice. I hate how a lot of people don't like her she is an Incredible dancer!

She was a AWESOME dancer I wish abby would have gave her more time And I think VooDoo doll should have beat maddies solo Most of the time maddie can dance circles around Kendall but that day she was THE BEST!

6 Brooke Hyland

Brooke is the best dancer, that's why she was always in the front row. Her back flexibility is insane! Kelly even said the originally Brooke was Abby's favourite, she even admitted that Brooke has a god given ability! She really does, and Brooke always places in the top 5 consistently! She has so much talent I'm sad too see her give it up. I don't understand when people compare he really to Mackenzie or Kalani. Mackenzie is really more of an tumbler and Kalani has great leg flexibility, but overall Brooke is better at acro she can perform with her back as well as legs! She's so underrated.

I think that Brooke was the sixth best dancer on dance moms. Maddie being first, Kalani being second, Brynn being third, Chloe being fourth, and Kenzie being fifth. Brooke looked really pretty when dancing, well I mean her smile was kind of cheesy but other than that, she looked good dancing on stage. She was also very flexible.

I was really sad when she left the show. There was always something special about her and she didn't deserve to be treated badly.

Brooke said on an interview that she actually laughed and smiled as much as the other girls, but it wasn't shown much on T.V..

7 Nia Frazier

Nia is edgy and cool. She tries all tasks assigned even if she doesn't get the best outcome, and she doesn't get mad or sad if she loses. But her flexibility is so good. She puts in her best effort and is one of the best dancers on the show. She is really one of the best, but she is compared to others that may be better then her. But I think she has kept pushing to be ahead and while the other girls are out doing things, she is in the dance room working on her feet and legs, SO she can go out and explore the world for herself like the others. But like Abby says: "There is always someone out there that is better" (may not be the actual words) She is going to have a bright and beautiful future. She will do all the things she wants to do, just in her own time. YOU GO GIRL!

Poor little NiNi never gets her chance to shine. Though what a talented dancer she is. She has a strong body for a young girl and she is spectacularly flexible. Watch her flexibility dances and they will blow your mind... She is more flexible than Maddie. What she lacks in technique she makes up for in her happy, cheerful spirit and charming personality. She is never sour or never a sore loser. She makes the best out of wherever she places and knows winning isn't everything. If only Abby gave Nia a chance she could be a superstar and dancing for celebrities just like Maddie. I love this girl so much and knows she will have a wonderful future

I feel Nia wasn't given the exposure she deserved. If Abby had worked with her more, she would have been awesome. (After all she is "suppose" to be a dance instructor, right! ") She wasn't given a fair chance. I commend her mother for defending her daughter. Some of you may not have recognized it but, Abby has "color issues" whether you want to admit it or not!

Just to share my opinion, I believe that Nia had the true potential to become an amazing dancer. Her performance is top-notch. I just believe she needs more attention, support and guidance from Abby Lee Miller, she could probably become one of the best dancers.

8 Brynn Rumfallo

Her facials are getting better and her technique is to the moon and back. She was mistreated on dance moms and deserves so much more than what she was given.

Brynn is sooo underrated, I mean she was known way before the show and was even on America's got talent for a while, she deserves to be up there with Kenzie and Maddie. Most of the dancers on the team were made famous by Abby, Brynn was well known way before the show. Like another person said she already had trained at another school and was great. The only thing is that because of Abby she lost most of her passion for dance and now does mainly cheer.

Brynn was a great dancer when she joined the show. She was trained at another school. She is cute, slender and has done more modeling than all the other girls. She tries to act so modest but for enough money she would show almost all her bare body and call it art
The girls were jealous because she was a better dancer, better body, more modeling jobs etc. She was so thin, cute. the other girls looked fat standing next to her.

She should have had more credit in my opinion and the moms didn't always recognise her. She was a really good all round dancer and is a great duet partner. Really flexible which was always seen when she danced.

9 Paige Hyland

Honestly I didn't think she was that good compared to the other girls no offense but she forgot multiple parts in dances and didn't seem to have the fire Maddie or Chloe had. However I feel awful for how she was treated by Abby and I definitely blame Abby for killing her passion and I think she did a good job for her age just not one of the best on the show

I think that Paige is the eighth best dancer on dance moms. She had a great personality. And she was good at acro, but she didn't have any energy, any facials, or any good turns. I think that she is a good dancer, just not that good.

Page is a great dancer the only reason she was considered one of the weakest is because Abby was not the right teacher for her with the right teacher I think she could have even beat Kendall.

In my opinion Paige is actually a really good dancer Abby just wasn't the right teacher for her! And she has done really well and won 1st place before, in her make some noise solo!

10 Sophia Lucia

I am shocked that Nia, Brynn, and Kendall are in front of her! Just because she wasnt on the show as much doesn't mean she wasnt talented! Abby liked her even more than Maddie. The only person I think even has a chnace of topping her is Maddie, but that's because of her stage emotion. Sophia Lucia is fantastic and rocks her turns!

Sophia won,National Junior Female Best Dancer 2014,Regional JUMP Teen Female VIP 2016,Regional Junior Miss Starpower 2014,Regional NYCDA Junior Female Outstanding Dancer 2014, Regional JUMP Junior Female VIP 2014, Regional Junior Miss Starpower 2013 any many more dance titles! She also holds a World Record for the most Pirouettes, Sophia has an outstanding technique and flexibility. She also can Show emotion through her body which is rare to find!

I love Sophia. She's is so talented and so pretty. Nowadays, Maddie is a total brat, according to Insider, and tries to be the boss of literally everything. Sophia is so humble with her fans, and even told everyone to have a Happy Earth Day! I mean, that is totally unherard of... Sophia is so kind and humble.

Sophia Lucia is cute, talented, and a superstar. She is better than Maddie because she is younger, better and ALWAYS has a great attitude even if she doesn't win. She doesn't throw a fit like Maddie does. Sophia, you should be #1 or # 2 on this list.

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11 Lilliana Ketchman

When I saw Lilly on Dance Moms S6 all she really did was acro. I was annoyed because in S8 we get to see that she can do so much more. She can do Contemporary, has done lots of ballet, can do Hip Hop, an amazing lyrical dancer - the list goes on and on. She is so all rounded and a really technical dancer.

Liliana is just... AMAZING! She is so flexible, incredible in every dance there is, and her straight jacket dance was definitely one of the best dances Dance Moms has ever performed. Although she is still young, she has accomplished so much, and there is still so much more for her to do. Not only is she a simply awesome dancer, she's really humble and a great friend. Way to go, Lilly!

She is meh... She is NOT the best dancer in America and to be completely honest I really dislike her in season 8! Like really dislike her! She talks back to all the moms and thinks since she thinks she is an original which she is not technically she is so much better then everyone else! She is also a big baby! Her dancing is meh and I will say timing got better, but overall just meh!

Constantly beats Elliana and is super sweet. Her straight jacket dance was incredible and easily one of the best in Dance Moms history. Easily deserves to be number 1 on this list! She is humble and perfect and deserves all of the love she has gotten!

12 Elliana Walmsley

In the "Who The Most pretty, they said she's better because she's on the the piper squad. But guess what? She plays a ugly character on Chicken Girls! And she's not on the Vibe Crew! Lilly k is!

A fantastic dancer (always reminded me of Maddie) very well rounded and I feel like you are really drawn to watching her. A lot of emotion as well when she dances. She is an amazing soloist, a fabulous duet partner and always proves herself in the group dancer.

I think she is a great dancer, I wish The Nutcracker from
Radio City Music Hall would be on T.V. in Northern Calif. this X-Mas.
How could Abbey call her a second string dancer? She seems like an
adorable girl, I am surprised the agent has not come up with an
idea to find her a space on T.V... whenever she speaks on camera she
is kind and bubbly, I have liked her since she danced in Kiss Kiss in the
beginning of her time on Abbey.

I haven't really know her but she is as flexible as lilliana and I know they are friends.

13 JoJo Siwa Joelle Joni Siwa, also known as Jojo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber. She joined the masked singer in 2020.

JoJo is loud and crazy and that what makes her special, she may not be the best but she is a decent dancer! She is really good at jazz and everybody thinks she's childish but no JoJo has an amazing personality. Everyone said she was crazy and loud but JoJo didn't make that stop her she kept going! Love you JoJo

EWW. NO. JoJo is rude to the other dancers, and she is a bad sport when she wins or loses. Honestly, she also is just average for the Dance Moms dancers. She isn't Maddie or Chloe or Kalani. She's a dancer, sure, and she's good- how else would she be on dance moms? But she isn't nice or kind to anyone else, she's full of herself, she talks back to people, and her overall personality is terrible. She's an OK dancer but not as good as Chloe or Maddie or Mackenzie or Kalani.

Jojo Siwa is the best girl on Dance Moms. She puts so much work into her dances. She is so pretty and flexible. She is loud and proud. Jojo is confident in her dances. She has so much spirit. Even though Abby Lee might thing that Jojo is loud, I think Jojo is perfect just the way she is. She is also the prettiest girl in the whole entire Abby Lee Dance Company.

I HATE this annoying little girl. She is a brat and she can't sing and her rap is horrible. My ears bleed at her songs and I get so angry even when I just look at her. She's spoiled and has fake bleached Barbie hair and her bows are hideous, yet she has so many fans! This kid is a joke and I have good reasons to hate her. I hate her fans too

14 Ava Cota

Ava's mum was just way too pushy but Ava was a good dancer. She's beaten Maddie before and I don't think people like her because of how tall she is but I think it makes her solos look better.

She is super tall and an amazing dancer.

15 Payton Ackerman

She was so hated yet still really good at hiphop. Too underrated and edited by the producers

Payton's a jerk

You are not good

She might not be good but that is not just her its her mum but payton can be nice

16 Nia Sioux

She faced adversity, discrimination, constant criticism and still achieved, went the distance and excelled. She has dignity and represents her race well. She is the most expressive dancer from dancemoms and is the most committed. Well done Nia. All the best in your acting, singing, modelling and dancing. Multi-talented!

Nia was the one person on the team of Dance Moms who always gave 150% and she deserved more credit from Abby. Nia is an Amazing Dancer,Actress and Singer.

I can't believe she didn't get higher on the list. She I'd one of the main dancers and she works really hard and she has some ADDITUDE

Her mom, Holly, is amazing! I can tell how they are related.

17 Camryn Bridges

Camryn was in season 7 and she was a good dancer still to this day.

She is an amazing dancer I love her and she suits in season 7 well

18 Brady Farrar

Brady being the permanent team, the only boy and he is a good dancer.

Could be the next Maddie on the season 8 team in my opinion!

Brady's basically Abby's season 8 fave, so why not him?

He is my second favorite from season 8.

19 Areana Lopez

She is an amazing turner

20 Maesi Caes

She's so original and just so down to earth! She's such a great little HIP HOPPER and she's pretty too

Maesi is a queen, she was so fierce and strong. Go girl!

Maesi isn't the best at lyrical or contemporary but she slays at hiphop!

21 Nicaya Wiley
22 Abby Lee Miller Abigale “Abby” Lee Miller is an American dance coach, and the director and owner of Reign Dance Productions.

A star! A true queen! I know she is not A dancer but once you think about all the girls moved on to great things! She did verble abuse the kids but she was a good teacher BEFORE dance moms! I am so excited for dance moms season 8! Ah yay!

More like the worst, she is in prison and is such a brat and a whiner. Act like an adult captain bossy.

To people saying that she is way to mean to the kids, Dance Moms is about teaching kids to dance, and if you want them to get better at dancing you have to be more strict, you can't be all sweet, because they will learn nothing

Abby was a very talented dancer! So pretty too

23 Sofie Dossi

She is so flexible and is a good contortionist.

She was not on dance moms but I still love her.

I don't think she was on Dance Moms!

She wasn't on Danse moms...

24 Asia Monet Ray

Honestly both she and her mom were awesome team players, didn't ever give a dang to the drama, and never shed a tear on the show. Asia never lost a solo for Abby. If she stayed on the show I think she would've advanced to where Maddie was.

never lost a solo for Abby, never cried or whined, worked hard, no complaining, full of energy, very flexible, and sassy. Asia is an amazing dancer.

Asia is one of the best performers I have ever seen! She is so sassy and full of energy on stage! My favourite solo by her is The Robot, I never get tired of watching that dance!

Asia is an amazing jazz and hip hop dancer, as well as sassy acro and sassy dances in general. however, her technique is not the best and I've never seen an amazing lyrical or contemporary by her

25 Gianna

Is a born performer! Amazing at Contemporary and Lyrical as she can also use her acting (as Gianina -they spelt it wrong- was on Broadway). Always attends so many classes in LA and kills it every time.

I think Gianna is an outstanding dancer!

She is my favorite from season 8.

I do not think she is a brat she is a GREAT dancer and super sweet

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