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1 Maddie Ziegler Maddie Ziegler

Maddie is just an amazing dancer in all genres!...i hate comparing dancers so I'm just gonna say she is an inspiration to everyone and is an amazing dancer!

I love watching maddie she is an amazing dancer

This is more of an opinion towards the best dancers of all time featured on this website. If Maddie is higher than Chloe on this list she should be higher on the other list too.

Chloe Lukasiak

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2 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

Chloe is an amazing dancer and I loved watching her dance but I also noticed that at season 4 she lost her passion for dance or abby just ruined her she tore her down for so many years and I could tell when season 4 came and I saw it chloe just wasn't the same chloe that she used to be and the way abby always compared them that was just dumb they are both amazing chloe is my favorite girl on dance moms I still love watching her dance but I just wish you knew more acorbactics but it's alright she was still amazing I chloe she is a beautiful girl and dancer my favorite solo she did was I know it's to late

I thought Chloe was the best dancer and definitely the nicest girl on the team. She showed compassion and was always friendly towards her teammates and competitors.

Chloe is the best dancer. She always should beat stupid Maddie Ziegler. Her beautiful face always makes me smile.

Chloe is such a great dancer especially in lyrical and contemporary. She dances with such great emotion and is one of the nicest dancers on the team. Her emotion is much better than any of the girls and she has such a warm personality.

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3 Kalani Hilliker Kalani Hilliker

Her technique, facial features, flexibility, movements, and personality are all so perfect and she makes all her dances look so easy the way her body moves so swiftly.

In short term she's the best!

Kalani is super kind and is one of the only dancers that's ever gotten all points!

She has the best technique, and she has way better control than anyone else

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4 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

I think Mackenzie should have been in the top 3 because she is in my opinion the best, she has great flexibility, singing ability and by far has succeeded the most

Mackenzie was such a good dancer but she was forced to be like her sister!

She is amazing and she is the youngest!

McKenzie is such a strong amazing dancer I love how flexible she is and her technique is fabulous I am a dancer and I will never be as good as McKenzie

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5 Kendall Vertes Kendall Vertes

I hate that people are so mean to kendall! Some people don't understand that she is always trying her best.
People say they hate her and a lot of her fans so hate me to and all the other dancers on dance moms!
I don't care what people say, She is Pretty, A good singer and dancer and a trier ( I know I spelled that wrong.)
She has a lot of emocian in her and she stands up for herself.
She also is sensitive to other people feelings.
i talk A LOT!

Best dancer ever!

I wish I was kendall...

Prettiest dancer

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6 Brooke Hyland

Brooke is personally my favorite I love her so much she's an amazing dancer and acrobat I think she is underrated

She should be some bit higher

Brooke is an amazing acrobatic - Cheer4ever

She is really flexible

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7 Nia Frazier

I feel Nia wasn't given the exposure she deserved. If Abby had worked with her more, she would have been awesome. (After all she is "suppose" to be a dance instructor, right! ") She wasn't given a fair chance. I commend her mother for defending her daughter. Some of you may not have recognized it but, Abby has "color issues" whether you want to admit it or not!

Nia is edgy and cool. She tries all tasks assigned even if she doesn't get the best outcome, and she doesn't get mad or sad if she loses. But her flexibility is so good. She puts in her best effort and is one of the best dancers on the show. She is really one of the best, but she is compared to others that may be better then her. But I think she has kept pushing to be ahead and while the other girls are out doing things, she is in the dance room working on her feet and legs, SO she can go out and explore the world for herself like the others. But like Abby says: "There is always someone out there that is better" (may not be the actual words) She is going to have a bright and beautiful future. She will do all the things she wants to do, just in her own time. YOU GO GIRL!

She was very awesome from season 1 to the end she is very talented and sweet and kind and she always try’s her hardest

Nia is emotionally strong and only cried once on Dance Moms. She's not a diva or a brat like some other kids, and she really rocks at improv. She has an undeniable swagger and confidence.

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8 Brynn Rumfallo Brynn Rumfallo

I think brynn is better than Kendall or Nia, but they all are good in there own way.

Brynn is the ideal dancer. The people are just choosing favorites. (My fave is Chloe, but Brynn is outstanding.)

The only dancer with stunning technique

Kendall should be last

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9 Paige Hyland

Page is a great dancer the only reason she was considered one of the weakest is because Abby was not the right teacher for her with the right teacher I think she could have even beat Kendall.

Paige is a really good dancerI think she should be in the top 5!

What is she doing there she should be at least in the top five

In my opinion Paige is actually a really good dancer Abby just wasn’t the right teacher for her! And she has done really well and won 1st place before, in her make some noise solo!

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10 Sophia Lucia Sophia Lucia

The, girls on the show are fantastic, but with all the young talent, to put Sophia up against ANYONE, ANYWHERE, is like putting Whitney Houston up against, well, anyone, anywhere.

She is the best dancer by far in dance moms history

She was stated 10 times better than Maddie in the show. Talent speaks herself, she can even do more pirouettes than Maddie and all of the girls. Despite the fact that Abby debated between Maddie and Sophia on who is the best dancer. Overall, that is my opinion

My name is Sophia

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11 Elliana Walmsley Elliana Walmsley

Just a completely amazing dancer

She is so much better than Brynn BIG TIME

She is sassy not the best - aminaali123

Elliana is a spectacular dancer but she can do a bit better in her dances. I think her mom is kind-of strict but... but she will always be better than me.

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12 Lilliana Ketchman Lilliana Ketchman

She is meh... She is NOT the best dancer in America and to be completely honest I really dislike her in season 8! Like really dislike her! She talks back to all the moms and thinks since she thinks she is an original which she is not technically she is so much better then everyone else! She is also a big baby! Her dancing is meh and I will say timing got better, but overall just meh!

She anazziing

Now that shes older she is more attractive. I think to succeed she will be showing more skin, more body. She has a good body and is willing it show it for the cash. If you call it art its ok to expose your daughters body. - boce

She showed she can do more than just tricks in Season 8 and has improved a lot. She’s really good and super flexible.

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13 JoJo Siwa JoJo Siwa

She is the best dancer ever I know when the time she fart during abby talking but she is full of pastel fun and girly princess dancer she is like a rainbow fairy dancer

No I think jojo is the most famous one she and mackenzie and maddie she has to be like number 2

Hi jojo Siwa my name is Brooklyn nowell
I'm 12 years old how are u

Jojo Siwa partners with J u u L - Ilikerice

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14 Ava Cota

She is super tall and an amazing dancer.

Ava's mum was just way too pushy but Ava was a good dancer. She's beaten Maddie before and I don't think people like her because of how tall she is but I think it makes her solos look better.

She has beautiful face and body lines. I think she was so desperate to win nationals. she worse a costume that leaves her almost nude. She played the skin to win card. - boce

15 Payton Ackerman

Really kind and a good dancer

Payton was one of the best mini dancers

Payton's a jerk

You are not good

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16 Camryn Bridges

Love you
So much
Keep on dancing

17 Nia Sioux Nia Sioux

She was one of the few dancers who improved on the show

She faced adversity, discrimination, constant criticism and still achieved, went the distance and excelled. She has dignity and represents her race well. She is the most expressive dancer from dancemoms and is the most committed. Well done Nia. All the best in your acting, singing, modelling and dancing. Multi-talented!

Shes a dancer that goes 110 % when she danced at the aldc. She deserved more on the show

She is the best dancer period. Beautiful performances

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18 Nicaya Wiley

I LOVE Nicaya but it's just her mom that lets her down

19 Maesi Caes

She so amazing at her tricks and as seen in family court is diverse and can do temporary just as well as the others

She is so flexible and an amazing dancer and shes great at hip hop

She’s so original and just so down to earth! She’s such a great little HIP HOPPER and she’s pretty too

Maesi is SO underrated! in my opinion she is the the best hip hopper on the show! (Kenzie too😍)
Back to Maesi, Abby acted like she was a stick but Maesi was a boomerang! She kept coming back even when Abby acted like she wasn't there! (Like a stick) Yes, her mom was a little crazy, but like all the moms they just want what best for there daughter! Her solo "Alive" was out of this world and will remain one of the best hip hop dances on the show! She also kept up with the Jr elite team! I love you Maesi! Lol! In such a fan girl! 😂😂😂

20 Brady Farrar

He is a wonderful dancer and the best out of the girls, he is equally as talented as maddie but would I say better, Who knows

He is such a amazing dancer

By far the best dancer on Season 8

Could be the next Maddie on the season 8 team in my opinion!

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21 Abby Lee Miller Abby Lee Miller Abigale “Abby” Lee Miller is an American dance coach, and the director and owner of Reign Dance Productions.

To people saying that she is way to mean to the kids, Dance Moms is about teaching kids to dance, and if you want them to get better at dancing you have to be more strict, you can't be all sweet, because they will learn nothing

A star! A true queen! I know she is not A dancer but once you think about all the girls moved on to great things! She did verble abuse the kids but she was a good teacher BEFORE dance moms! I am so excited for dance moms season 8! Ah yay!

More like the worst, she is in prison and is such a brat and a whiner. Act like an adult captain bossy.

Top 1

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22 Areana Lopez

Amazing and a great leader

23 Sofie Dossi

Not on dance moms! she was on americas got talent

She is not a dancer!

I don't think she was on Dance Moms!

24 Vivi-Anne Stein

I cut my finger on my mums wing. I hope I can still dance

My favorite quote that vivi made is "I cut my finger on my mom's ring. I hope I can still dance" vivi was extremely good at a finger dance!

I don't like Vivi much, she isn't that great of a dancer

She can't dance! - Sandez

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25 Markenzie Ziegler

I don't remember

I remember!

Who remembers this?

I love Mack Z

26 Peyton Kaye

She is very much like mackenzie never good enough but to me she is a champ

27 Alexus Oladi

Alexus was a bit overlooked by Abby. She was quite talented and had lots of spirit and energy. Although she wasn’t the best mini there, she at least should’ve gotten credit for what she can do.

Her mom is really pushy though, she tries to convince Abby that Alexus is the best mini on the mini team. That’s a bit selfish and unfair to the other girls.

Alexus needs a little work on her technique.

28 Jalen Testerman

Jalen is horrible like vivi Anne

29 Jordyn Jones

Jordyn was so cute, bubbly. She has gotten thick, big hips which is not good. People prefere a girl with small waist, small butt. - boce

Was jordyn on dance moms? If I remember it correctly, jordyn competed on abby's ultimate dance competition but she wasn't on dance moms

I love her music

Yeah, Jordyn wasn't on Dance Moms only AUDC

I love her a lot though she's an amazing dancer

30 Kaycee Rice


31 Jayden Bartels

Jayden is a very flexible, athletic, dancer that is a famous muser and should be higher on the list in my opinion

32 Kaylee Quinn

When on the show she had great body lines, tan. But her sister Rihanna has a much better body. On Quinnsisters videos Rihanna is in short tops that show a lot of her tummy and waist.. Short shorts, tight pants. - boce

She thought she was to go to dance in the minis

33 Jade Cloud

Jade is a very technical dancer and she has great facial expressions I love her

34 Ariana Lopez

So pretty flexible energetic perect

Flexible & energiezed

Very good turner
Beautiful dancer and as a lot of beautiful technique she is just like lightning in a bottle

35 Saryna Garcia

Saryna is as good as (Jayden Bartels)Saryna use to dance with jayden,Saryna is very flexible.

36 Hannah Colin

Hannah it seems you're such a sweet,shy girl. I believe you're beautiful and very talented. I can see that you're working on speaking up, good job!

Even though she’s shy off stage when she gets on stage she dances her heart out. Not to mention that her mother has to be the nicest there. She obviously has social anxiety and has not warmed up to the camera crew and all that yet. But hopefully in future episodes we get to see her happy talking. Also for the people saying that she doesn’t talk which is bad Lilianna didn’t talk for the first few episodes she was on so..
I personally love Hannah and she’s my favourite dance on season 8 and can’t wait to see how far she will come

37 Gianna
38 Asia Monet Ray

I to be honest don't like asia because she thinks she is all that and so does her mom.

Asia is one of the best performers I have ever seen! She is so sassy and full of energy on stage! My favourite solo by her is The Robot, I never get tired of watching that dance!

She is the best dancer ever.

She really is kind of bratty Kenzie is so much better - aminaali123

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39 Brianna Boyle

She is the coolest and I just wanted her to be on T.V.. THEY NEVER PUT HER ON. Everybody seems to forget about her, but she IS the best.

40 Nick Daniels

Amazing dancer

41 Cheryl Burke

She is great at dancing. She and her partner should have won the mirror ball in dancing and the stars.

Cheryl Burke. Not an original member of the ALDC... well more like the CBDC! She has appeared on Dancing with the stars. She teaches The irreplaceables that consist of Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes and Camryn Bridges.

42 Kendyl Fay

She is literally the best mini ever!

43 Fallon Chapman

She is ugly like her mom

Is she the one who forgot the dance and made it up, but abby got mad and told the judges to disqualify her?


44 Tea Adamson

She is pretty

45 Mariel Marcos

She’s flexible and she do tap hip hop jazz gymnastics cailenthics ballet and she’s amazing

46 Justice McCort


47 Gianna Martello

I mean, I know she is not a dancer.. but I think she was just as rude as Abby. Remember that time they both ganged up on Kendall? Gianna did have a partake in that. Sure, she was a good coach but not a particularly nice one.

48 Nafeesah Ali

She is amazing

49 Kamryn Beck

Kamryn was a member of the select team in Season 4 and was a very good dancer. She also had really good emotion and facial expressions and amazing technique and tons of talent.

Messed up at nationals. Not gonna forget

50 Sarah Hunt

She is so cool! only if she could stay on the team

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