Top 10 Detective Conan Females


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1 Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano/Sherry

I like Ran to end up with Shinichi, since it would be a pity if the romance started to them then end up not being together but my fave female character is Ai Haibara! She is cool, cute and intelligent. He doesn't smile but when sie does, you would want to hit the replay button loads of times. Yes she's negative at times but come on, admit it. Who wouldn't when you know that there is someone after your life and might involve your friends ryt? But she's doing her best to change those things. Compared to Ran, she's strong. Maybe not physically but emotionally and intellectual.

I love Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano. She's the coolest character I've ever encountered in Detective Conan.
I can't even describe why I love her so much. I just love her!

I love Haibara she is strong-willed, intelligent and very matured, calm and collected, as well as sarcastic and witty. She is the coolest female in the series, with an interesting, sad background, not to mention very beautiful both on the inside and outside. Furthermore, there's a very special, unique, mysterious atmosphere around her that intrigues and fascinates me that no other character in the series has, except for Kaito Kid. - Goku02

Haibara is so beautiful, from the inside to the outside. She's smart, gifted and really strong hearted. She's strong, she never gives up on life. And of course she is really cute too. She is so much better than Ran. And yeah, sometimes she is so cool too, like when she shot the woman with the gun

2 Ran Mouri

She is genuine in her ways, loving to many, but awesomely brave against (and frankly, lethal! ) anyone who threatens to hurt the ones she loves. She is strong at heart but is open to showing her true feelings, especially with Shinichi and Sonoko. Not only is her love for Shinichi pure and beautiful, her genuine care for others (which often puts in situations where she endangers her own life) is something a really admire. Also, I have a feeling she will play a pivotal role in plotline...

Ran is very strong, kind and brave. She is caring, despite her hotheaded personality, and she genuinely cares for others. Not to mention she's extremely loyal and always wait for Shinichi to return. - Goku02

Ran and kudo are the best romantic couple with close to each other but cannot recognize her lover.

Ran is the most beautiful and have a kind heart. She's nice, and talented. Brave and strong. That's why shinichi love her so much.

3 Kazuha Toyama

Who doesn't like Kazuha Toyama friend ran mouri and episodes are more fun with her

She's really funny and sweet.

Really pretty and cute I love her cute act

Kazuha is very cute with heiji kun I wish they married already

4 Sonoko Suzuki

She is just like me

Are you kidding? Sonoko is like the most trusted bestfriend I've ever known

5 Yukiko Kudo

She is a great Mom

6 Ayumi Yoshida

Ayumi is cute she also helped Haibara to answer guide she told her hiding cannot help


7 Eri Kisaki

Cool woman

She's smart, talent and sometimes funny. In my opinion, she is the strongest woman in DC who can keep calm in any situation to find out the solution. That's so cool! ~.~

8 Vermouth

Vermouth should be #1

My darling Vermouth

She's unpredictable and reckless

An amazing character with massive depht, charisma, charme. Almost perfect. She is the best character in the series for me. She talks so highly, moves so smoothly and knows what she is doing and why she is doing this. She is that famous, beautiful, typical American actress. Her intelligence and her evil aura is overwhelming but at the same time she has a weak spot. She is human after all. I can't wait to learn more about her. She has many secrets to unveil.

9 Miwako Sato

Hello, people? She should be in the top five at least!

10 Masumi Sera

She must be in the top ten cause of the mystery behind her smile.

She is so cuteee! with her fantastic mischivious character and high intelligence

The Contenders

11 Akemi Miyano

Akemi is a very cute, cheerful and caring girl when she was little and she grew to be a beautiful, kind-hearted woman just like Shiho. She truly cares for her little sister. - Goku02

Sometimes I pity to akemi who have little loser sister like haibara

12 Jodie Starling

She is so cooL!

13 Kaito Kuroba

He can be a female

What the heck

Who put this up here
he's a male, not a female

14 Inspector Megure
15 Aoko Nakamori
16 Kogoro Mouri


17 Shuichi Akai

Wait, how the heck did Shuichi end up here? He's a male, this list is for Detective Conan females.

18 Mary Sera

She is still a mystery

19 Wataru Takagi
20 Naeko Miike
21 Yoko Okino

Yoko should be #1 bekause she is wonderful and beautiful and shipping is really nice.

Yoko should be #1.She is a nicentral person

Bekause she is beatific

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