Top 10 Dick Figures Characters

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1 Lord Tourettes

Lord Tourettes is awesome, because he just has the best comedy and is so badass.

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2 Blue

Blue is not so bad, he's a very cool dude, and I think is more enjoyable than Red.

3 Red

Red can be a bit unlikable at times, but is still a fun character.

4 The Raccoon

Best. Raccoon. Ever. Dude! He has a super thick accent, and is really badass!

5 Pink

Pink is better than Red, because she's more likable.

6 Stacy

Stacy is drunk as hell, and is a great party woman.

Make her higher than Pink, she hot as hell.

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7 Broseph
8 Trollz0r

Dude can make different faces, and kills stuff, he's awesome!

9 Captain Crookygrin

Best at flying planes, and love to see get drunk.

10 Mr. Dingleberry

Gets good moments, but is mostly pretty boring.

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