Top 10 Best Cartoons of the 2010s

The list of the best cartoons that were created in the 2010s. Please do not cartoons that were not created in this decade such as The Simpsons or Phineas and Ferb. Only add cartoons that were created in the 2010s.
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1 Gravity Falls Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, while on summer vacation.

Gravity Falls is easily best television show that has ever been made. This is one of the shows that does not actually drag on for a long time, leaves you wanting more, and it actually has a real plot. I swear, people who say that they hate it are absolutely crazy, and I don't mean that in an insane Bill Cipher way, I mean that in an bad way. Its characters actually have character development, unlike some of there worse ones I have seen. It deserves many awards, and it definitely suits any age group. Heck, even my youngest brother (a toddler) and my dad loves to watch this show!

Definitely one of the best cartoons of its era. The best part of it is that is grabs a huge demographic! Anybody of any age can watch it and generally enjoy it (or at least get something out of the show)! It's humor is also very clever, humor that you can tell your grandfather or a 5 year old child and find it genuinely funny. Overall a good watch. And it's great since it's only 40 episodes. Not too long. A show that depends on Quality rather than Quantity.

It was between this and Steven universe. I love both these shows to death and will DEFEND THEM TO THE GRAVE. But it wasn't hard. Gravity Falls is by far the best cartoon of the 2010s and in the top 15 of all time. People who say otherwise either haven't watched it, or are lying. If you haven't given it a chance yet, DO IT. I don't care how old you are, it's an outstanding animated series. You can even take the "animated" out of that sentence and it would still be true. It finished, so you don't have to wait for the new episodes. Go. Now. Watch it. I promise, I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

A lot of people who did not enjoy Gravity Falls... were not intelligent enough to enjoy Gravity Falls. The secrets, the codes, the twists! Check at the end of each episode, reverse the sound in some episodes, or just keep a close eye out and you will see so many secrets embedded in this fabulous cartoon! Completely ruined most other cartoons for me.

2 Adventure Time Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape more.

I like Gravity Falls, but this is the cartoon that actually GOT me into Cartoon Network. That means it also got me into Steven Universe, Regular Show, and Johnny Bravo. How is this not #1? Some people don't like it because "it has lots of gross humor and dumb jokes." I do agree, the first season had a lot of bad, dumb, and embarrassing episodes, but as the show went on it went into the territory of deep, inspiring, and some episodes seemed to be aimed at ADULTS. I love this cartoon so much, and I recommend the newer episodes to any fan of cartoons with heart, friendship, valuable life lessons (not the cheesy kind), and of course, adventure.

Adventure Time was at its peak between Season 4 and 5, then Pen Ward stepped down as the showrunner because he felt kinda pressured. And Rebecca Sugar, who was the songwriter of the best songs in the show, had her show pitched, so she also left. The newer seasons were more plot-driven, and lacked the humor it had during the previous ones. This show used to be really good, but I feel like the new staff are just trying too hard to revive the show's popularity.

This show was the standard, the role model, the rulebook of animation series on the 2010s. Every other show of the decade basically followed Aventure Time's steps on terms of storytelling, character development, writting techniques, and world building.

Adventure Time is the best no doubt, the character are amazing, the land of ooo is beatiful, the mysteries, the philosophical stuff, the dark stuff, not even Gravity Falls can match this show's greatness.

3 Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

In my opinion, Gravity Falls is easily the best cartoon... maybe ever. But after that show ended, I had to fill in this hole in my heart for story driven animation. Then, my friend suggested this show, and I am so glad I got into it. This show is so great for just sitting down on a couch and binging, because it's so much fun to watch! It's more entertaining than Adventure Time and honestly the sweetest show. It appeals to all people: male and female, young and old. And can I take the time to discuss the music?!?! HOLY CRAP! It's beautifully simple and I find myself singing along to the songs without knowing. Okay so I don't care for the Sadie Killer songs, but the rest are just beautiful.

Adventure Time is good but overrated; Steven Universe is BY FAR the better show and has an overall much higher quality of production, story, and voice recording.

This and We Bare Bears will be the only good ones left because Gumball is going to end now...

This is a masterpiece.

I love this show! So complicated and yet so simple! An absolute masterpiece that should never be forgotten!

4 Rick and Morty Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Adult Swim.

..."And then we're gonna go on even more adventures after that, Morty and you're gonna keep your mouth shut about it, Morty, because the world is full of idiots that don't understand what's important, and they'll tear us apart, Morty but if you stick with me, I'm gonna accomplish great things, Morty, and you're gonna be part of them, and together, we're gonna run around, Morty. We're gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Morty. Just you and me, Morty. The outside world is our enemy, Morty. We're the only friends we've got, Morty. It's just Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty and their adventures, Morty. Rick and Morty forever and forever. Morty's things. Me and Rick and Morty running around, and Rick and Morty time. All day long, forever. All a hundred days. Rick and Morty forever 100 times. Over and over, All 100 years. Every minute,"

I don't dislike Steven Universe, but it should swsp places with Rick and Morty.

If it's in the top 5 I'm happy this is just the greatest show of all time

5 Star vs the Forces of Evil "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" is an American animated television comedy produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney XD. It was created by Daron Nefcy and developed by Jordana Arkin and Dave Wasson. The series follows teenage magical princess from the dimension of Mewni Star Butterfly and her more.

Season 1 can turn viewers away if they're not into random jumbled episodes, minus the finale episode and maybe 2 more. Season 2 gets better, and Season 3 trumps them both. Season 4 is a great closer, with a pretty wholesome ending. I'd say this show is better than Gravity Falls, at least for my personal taste. Highly recommend it.

SVTFOE is the best current cartoon, not just under the Disney brand but best cartoon in general. Star vs has that old school appeal while still retaining what kids like nowadays. Star vs has the charm of Foster's home for imaginary friends and the now rare creativity of the Billy & Mandy, easily making it one of the greats of all time.

This is like if you took bad shows like AoSTH, and gave it amazing, colorful animation, even more charismatic characters, a good script, and a theme song that will get stuck in your head until the day you die.

SVTFOE is one of the best cartoons every, it has good mystery's, it has funny comedy, and has romantic moments for if you like shipping people. I would recommend this show to everyone it's so good.

6 Regular Show Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.

Regular Show is indeed one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Cartoon Network shows of all time. It is my favorite Cartoon Network show of the 2010s. It just feels so different from other CN shows (and in a good way); it has an adult-ish feel to it. It had some cussing in Season 1, such as "crap" and "pissed". Unfortunately, those words were redubbed and changed to "crud" and "ticked" or "miffed". The show faced a lot of censorship, so because I live in South Africa, I've been watching the show censored. This was especially annoying with the Halloween specials "Terror Tales of the Park", where the intro is changed to the normal RS intro. Adventure Time has been facing the same problem throughout its run.

But nonetheless, this show was a true masterpiece with a lot of hidden adult jokes that would just fly over little kids' heads. Speaking of kids, this show was never really meant for kids as it was originally going ...more

This show is a good in between of a kids show and a show adults can enjoy. It has great characters, especially Benson.

A very regular show

7 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an animated children's television series based on the fourth incarnation of Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise. The show follows a studious unicorn (later an alicorn) pony named Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) and her friends Applejack (Ashleigh Ball), Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain), Fluttershy (Andrea Libman), Rainbow Dash (Ball), Pinkie Pie (Libman), and dragon assistant Spike (Cathy Weseluck). They travel on adventures and help others around Equestria while solving problems that arise in their own friendships.

After 9 long years and over 200 episodes, a theatrical movie, a T.V. movie, a spin-off series, several holiday specials and several hundreds of thousands of fan created works, It is hard to argue that MLP: FiM, whether you like it or not, is not a cultural phenomenon unlike any other cartoon of the modern age. It is one that has reached further corners of the internet than most others, creating a fandom that no one saw coming, spawning several dozens of conventions, launching the careers of musicians, analysts, animators and many other fans that have become huge internet icons of the modern age. For some people, myself included, it has even be a source of catharsis, therapy, and even to some (me) a preventative to suicide at some point in their lives. There are very few shows that can lay claim to such a prestigious honor. To have such a far reaching grasp, to last for so long and never truly feel like quality went out the door completely and to go out on such a high note, I feel that ...more

Relatable characters. Excellent writting. Adorable designs. Fluid animation. Touching stories. Fantastic music. Perfect balance between slice of life and adventure. Without doubts, one of the most representative animation series of the decade, and the most important in terms of Internet and pop culture.

The story is unexpected when coming from a kids show, the characters are all relatable and the flash animation looks well done in execution. Story 9/10 Animation 9/10 Characters 10/10 Overall 9.5/10

This show spanned an entire decade: 2010-2019. How can this NOT be in the top three?

8 The Legend of Korra The Legend of Korra is an American animated television series that aired on the Nickelodeon television network from 2012 to 2014. It was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino as a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Not as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender series. (Because that show is pretty much perfect)
But this is a more than good sequel, only thing that sucks about this to is the lack of run time, resulting in a very fast passing which puts many people off whom expected better from the sequel to what might be the greatest show of all time.
But The Legend of Korra has beautiful animation, a great character arc for its main character, amazing worldbuilding and development, funny side characters(Do the thing! ), most of the villains have great motivations, and the action is overall the best we have seen.
Simply put, it's amazing and absolutely deserves more attention.
(by the way, Rick & Morty is better, but I wanted to give this show the vote)

I think this is better than ATLA and Gravity Falls, even though they're amazing. Legend of Korra felt real. The villains weren't bad because they were bad, they were doing what they thought was right. This show has amazing animation, and action-packed fighting scenes. Great voice acting, and definitely one of the most mature cartoons I've seen. Deserves the #1 spot on this list. Even though ATLA was one of the best I've seen, the Legend of Korra was even better.

This is brilliant ( although Avatar is much better) it is a good follow up. How is it below shows like My little pony, Adventure time (still very good though), Star vs the forces of evil and Gravity falls.

Honestly I thought the first season was the best. And although its not nearly as good as Avatar the Last Airbender its seriously amazing.

9 We Bare Bears An animated comedy show by Daniel Chong about three different species of bears - Grizzly, Panda and Ice bear (polar bear). Since they were little, they wanted to get adopted by owners separately. But then they missed each other too much, so they reunited again. Now as adults, they now live in a cave more.

This is so underrated to me! I love this show SO MUCH I tried to watch a season every week. If you haven't watched it yet you should Totally go try it out!

I love this show, its just a slice of life cartoon.

It's just very wholesome

10 The Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-Australian-German-American-Irish children's animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.

I intially found Season 1 childish and Nick jr-esque. Season 2 was better. Season 3 to present was amazing. The show includes witty and intelligent jokes and pop culture references.

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11 The Loud House The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. Originally set to premier on January 2016, the series instead premiered on May 2, 2016, with the episodes Left in the Dark and Get the Message.

Personally, I see The Loud House as the Nickelodeon equivalent of Adventure Time. In other words, like how Adventure Time brought about a modern Cartoon Network renaissance and cartoon renaissance in general, The Loud House has brought about a modern Nickelodeon renaissance. It's pretty nice to see something besides SpongeBob SquarePants being featured prominently on Nickelodeon.

Considering I just became an adult a year ago, this show is actually pretty good. It's not the best, but it does it have its strong moments. It's better than most other Nickelodeon cartoons in recent years.

The thing about this show is that it's REAL. It's a step away from the surreal worlds of Gravity Falls and Spongebob, no monsters to fight like Adventure Time, no, it's just about a regular kid and his sisters

My favourite cartoon ever, I love just about all the characters in this awesome show. Not to mention the lovely art style and great humor. It is also a show that I find very relatable

12 Over the Garden Wall Over the Garden Wall is an American animated television miniseries created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network.

Seriously if you haven't seen this, you are missing out on one of the best cartoons of all time. It's roughly 2 hours long and is so tightly wound in mystery and symbolism that it is a must watch!

It's short sweet, and was what got me back into western animation after years of loving anime and only anime.

It is great if you are into dark stuff. I mean out of 10 episodes, I would only consider 1-2 episodes lighthearted.

I haven't seen this, but it seems really good and the characters look adorable!

13 Harvey Beaks Harvey Beaks is an American animated television series created by C.H. Greenblatt for Nickelodeon. Originally announced to premiere on March 29, 2015, the series instead premiered on March 28, 2015 following the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards.

It may not be the 'best' cartoon ever. But it is my favorite cartoon ever.

14 Clarence Clarence is an American animated television series created by Skyler Page for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around a young boy named Clarence and his two best friends Jeff and Sumo. Page, a former storyboard artist for Adventure Time and revisionist for Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, developed more.

Say what you will about seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 has improved upon the show so much. It's given the main characters (especially Sumo) character development, it has a lot less disgusting imagery, and isn't as fast paced as it was before. Over all, even though the show has had its downsides, season 3 was a major improvment

It's just so underrated that it hurts. It's a real funny and creative show that gets way to much hate

Finally this show is in the right place.

Best show ever! Kinda

15 Bojack Horseman BoJack Horseman is an American adult animated sitcom created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. The series stars Will Arnett as the title character, BoJack Horseman.
16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an American 3D rendered computer animated television series based on the fictional superhero team. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States from September 29, 2012 to November 12, 2017.

Great comedy, great action, great animation, great heroes and villains - to me it stands out from the other modern cartoons that put more focus on random silliness.

17 Bob's Burgers Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for The Fox Broadcasting Company. It premiered on January 9, 2011 and is still running as of 2022.

Funniest fox cartoon

18 The Looney Tunes Show The Looney Tunes Show is an American animated television series that premiered in 2011. It is a modern interpretation of the classic Looney Tunes characters, featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and others as they navigate contemporary suburban life. The show blends elements of comedy, drama, and adventure. The Looney Tunes Show received mixed reviews, with some praising its fresh take on iconic characters, while others missed the slapstick style of the original shorts.

I love the show and how it brings all the characters together in a modern way.

19 Wander Over Yonder Wander Over Yonder is an American animated television series on Disney XD. Created by Craig McCracken, it follows Wander and his best friend and steed Sylvia. Adventurous and optimistic, Wander rides across the galaxy to help persons live freely, against the intentions of Lord Hater to rule the universe. more.

Woah woah woah! How the heck is this one so low?!?! Wander Over Yander was cancelled too soon. It was honestly hilarious! Is it better than Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Regular Show? No. But it was honestly a smart and clever piece of animation that Disney took for granted. No fair!

Wander over yonder deserves much higher spot on the list.

Such an underrated show. Wonderful animation.

Wander over yonder is the best show ever.It is so underrated,it deserves a better place on this list

Why is it lower than teen titans go?

20 Milo Murphy's Law Milo Murphy's Law is an American animated television series from the creators of Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, which premiered on October 3, 2016 on Disney XD.

This is the best thing ever .Milo is awesome
he has everything go wrong around him but he is so cheerful regardless .

Sad at the end

21 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! is an American animated television series by Marvel Animation in cooperation with Film Roman, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers.
22 Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D CGI animated television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation. Set fourteen years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and five years before Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Rebels takes place during an era when the Galactic Empire is securing more.
23 DuckTales (2017) DuckTales (2017) is an American animated television series that serves as a reboot of the original 1987 series. It features the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie as they seek treasures and fight villains. The series has been lauded for its modern updates, deep character arcs, and layered storytelling. DuckTales has successfully attracted a new generation of viewers while also pleasing fans of the original show.
24 Dan Vs. Dan Vs. is an American Flash animated television series created by Dan Mandel and Chris Pearson. The series spanned three seasons, airing on The Hub from January 1, 2011, to March 9, 2013.

This cartoon is iconic!

25 The Powerpuff Girls (2016) The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network.

Why is this here? I've watched the original and the 2016 reboot and I think most people will agree with me when I say that the 1998 Powerpuff Girls was a lot better than the reboot.

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