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1 Duke Nukem Forever

The definitive #1 for me. Anyone who grew up playing Duke Nukem 3D, remembers how amazing the gameplay was, Duke's witty lines of humorous gold, and an all around fun shoot'em'up experience. Years of development hell later and we're left with a shattered, watered-down catastrophe of a game that spits on the face of former Duke Nukem fans harder than nearly any other game franchise to date. A good reason why this game went from being a hyped release to littered in the Bargain Bin in a mere matter of MONTHS. - BloodyThunderX

Instead of waiting for it in 2001 skip 10 years later and we get one of the most disappointing games of the modern era. - htoutlaws2012

We waited many years for this garbage, I would blow up some aliens right now but I'm out of gum

We need to get no man's sky to number 1.

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2 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Those who followed this game before it's release know that there was loads of hype following it, with various publications claiming it was going to be quite the title. However, upon released it was revealed that the final product was left in an unfinished, buggy, and flatout painful state that did serious damage to Sonic's credibility. Apparently, the build used for the final product was NOT the latest build of the game, however was forcedly used due to SEGA's poor reputation for getting games released for certain dates (To keep with it being released for Sonic's 15th Anniversary), and because the latest build was not stable and polished enough to be used.

What a disappointment to say the least. - BloodyThunderX

As one of my all time favorite franchises, I was stoked for this game. This game was so bad that I did not even finish it. I am a completionist and a die hard Sonic fan, so I was expecting to at least play through it, but nope. After a few hours of playing, I had a decision to make: Take it to Game Stop for hardly anything in return or destroy it. It was with great regret that I had to abandon a Sonic game, but I was pushed to do so. I threw the case and then let the disc become crushed underneath my belongings, letting it sit, stored and unplayed ever since. - surgeonsanic

It's Sonic 06. God, it was made in 2006... 666. It had no hope. Sonic is a horrible franchise. It needs to end. Sega is trying WAY too many gimmicks and if it wants good games, make a new mascot. This game, is just AWFUL. Everyone thought we were going to get a great Sonic game, but no. Too many glitches, some scenes look nice and the others look like 1999s. I just don't get how they failed. Great job Sega. Just give up already. They tried Sonic Boom, they failed.

This is what happens when you copy games directly from a company who actually knows what they're doing. - LemonComputer

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3 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Actually, if you'd play it for what it IS, not what you WANTED it to be, you'd probably enjoy it. - Garythesnail

This is more or less a game that's unfairly pissed on simply due to its namesake. It may not be what you wanted or expected, but if your willing to put that aside, what you'd actually find out is that this game isn't really that bad at all. - BloodyThunderX

Despite never having been able to play the first two games, I can say that this one has nothing going for it. Boring, bland, tedious and departed from the original formula don't describe this game enough.

If you never played banjo-kazooie or play the game, giving it a last chance, then you'd like it. But as a banjo-kazooie fan, I was disappointed. - WarioMan

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4 No Man's Sky

The idea is amazing, roam around the universe, infinite variables, new creatures everywhere. However I think they just said some things they couldn't deliver so while it is a good game its not what most expected ti to be


Game was overly hype for a indie game. I say no more. Indie games are indie games.

Hello games? More like Goodbye Games!

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5 Halo 4

I've never been more disappointed in a halo game in my life than this one - htoutlaws2012

343 didn't do the franchise justice

This really shouldn't be number three. This Halo had the best moments between Cortana and the Chief. It also has some great shootouts. The two things this game really lacked was good map design and vehicle moments. The multiplayer is one of the best of the Halo franchise. This game doesn't deserve to be on this list.

I feel most people that comment this just blame the developers. - NekoHybrid

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6 Destiny

I expected this game to by the best ever! And I'm not the only one. Hundreds of thousands... Seriously hundreds of thousands thought it would be the best, if not one of the best. This game was a huge disappointment... Activision destroyed my favorite video game company, Bungie, and ruined what could have been a masterpiece!

Disappointing and it had such hype with BUNGIE AND Activision?!?! How did they mess this up?

This game was good way better than any Call of Duty people hate on it because of the fact that it requires teamwork and you can't solo everything and you actually have to do the raids to get the best gear it's cool if you have a group of people the first year wasn't that good but year two was

How the hell is this game a dissapointment? Destiny wasn't what it promised to be sure, but it still managed to keep me and millions of gamers entertained with unique gameplay mechanics, amazingly well designed gear and a ridiculously fun and smooth gameplay experience. The definitive multiplayer experience on current consoles.

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7 Resident Evil 5

It's a very good game. It's just not a horror game. If this were named something else and not Resident Evil, people would like it. - marmalade_skies

Resident Evil 5 is okay, but 6 is really a load!

5 is alright, 6 is disappointing! - htoutlaws2012

An ok game but it could not beat Resident Evil 4. - SteelCity99

8 Aliens: Colonial Marines

Very few games were so sorely disappointing as Aliens: Colonial Marines.

It had everything going for it. Finally, a true sequel to the incredible movie Aliens, greenlight by 20th Century Fox themselves to overwrite Alien 3 and be cannon. Previews looked amazing, and it had so much promise. It was a to-die-for recipe for everything fans of the series could ever hope for.

Then... it came out.

It wasn't that it wasn't awe-inspiringly great. It wasn't that it wasn't awesome. It wasn't that it wasn't just good. Or okay. Or even mediocre.

It was bad.

Graphics had been downgraded. It was buggy, boring, repetitive.
As the story unfolded, it had been lazily handed off from company to company with the thought that "they'll finish it and give it back" until no one cared about it anymore. And in the end, it was just rushed together so they could finally deliver and get it out.

What a waste...

Thank god alien isolation came out to save the series

Went through a console generation of development and is still ass

Slap in the face

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9 Metroid Other M

"Other M? " Dear Shadow what does that mean!?

I think other m means other mess up

Hello, wasted character development.

The baby.

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10 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

This game has ups and downs, I've never judged a Call of Duty game on its campaign, because it always bores me to death. So I play for the multiplayer. This game doesn't have a great multiplayer. What holds this game together is the Zombies

What The Heck Happened To Mason And Woods And Their Crew?!

Eh, slow down. This game was great. The zombie mode was absolutely phenomenal while the multiplayer is excellently crafted. The normal wore was OK. But hey, everything else is great. Especially the graphics and violence. 8/10 - AlphaQ

Stop playing after this

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11 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

After the masterpiece that is the first castlevania game, Simon's quest was such a disappointment. It's the most cryptic game ever, and the stupid text boxes when it changes from day to night ruin it. - PCgamer98

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12 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

2 was great, 3 was great, 4 was good, then after all theses years here is pro skater 5 and holy hell this game is horrible it's even a contender for worst game of 2015. - htoutlaws2012

I am a huge fan of the THPS series, and this one was disappointing to say the least. However, the last gen version isn't glitchy at all, but it's kinda boring.

13 SimCity (2013)

I'm gonna explain this game in one word, "Broken".

I wanted to enjoy this game! But city sizes are so small! And the way it is designed, no city ever feels complete. The only thing to do in this game after 15 mins of designing your roads is place parks to affect property values.

The only thing that makes up this game is lag, cheap build, and glitches

How do you kill not just a franchise, but a well-renowned development team itself? By releasing a "modern" touch on the game that forced you to play with an "always-online" connection, made worse when they are forced to say an offline version would've been impossible (only for modders to successfully make an offline only version of the game), and even WITH those always online servers, you would've been INCREDIBLY lucky if you were able to connect to begin with! It was also devoid of many of its previous features, making it feel like a slap in the face to long time SimCity fans.

This was Electronic Arts at their absolute worst. - BloodyThunderX

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14 Lollipop Chainsaw
15 New Super Mario Bros. 2

It is personally my least favorite of the new. super Mario bros series

I only have the "New" WII version. Shame this is on the list.

This has NO POST GAME AT ALL but the story mode is really good though

Remember when coins were valuable? - Seventies-Music-Fan

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16 Bubsy 3D

The original 2D Bubsy titles were mediocre at best, but had a few fans left and right. This pretty much not only killed Bubsy, but was in my opinion one of the strong points of what led to the eventual demise of Accolade only a mere 3 years later after this game.

What could possibly go wrong? Use your imagination. - BloodyThunderX

To be honest, the Bubsy franchise sucked from the start, so this wasn't such a disappointment.

What happened to the 2d bubsy games that I loved... ? He's dead because of this horrible game.

So the 2 2D Bubsy games were average, then we get one of the worst games of all Bubsy 3D. - htoutlaws2012

*this game is so beautiful and the voice sooo amazing 10/10* (* sarcasm) - Tyoshi

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17 Mario Kart 7

Metal Mario and Lakitu are the laziest Mario Kart characters.

Mario kart wii has 28 characters and mario kart 7 has 19. Mario kart 7 is crap

Are you actually saying that fewer characters, on a system with limitations, makes a game bad? Because you're playing games wrong if so. - LarkwingFlight

So many filler characters in this game

If you don't like the characters, don't use them. The game isn't made bad by the inclusion of them, and by the way, Metal Mario existed before Mario Kart 7, so fans, including me, were excited for that. The game still has great tracks and come on, it's Mario Kart, so it's still fun whether you're an idiot who only cares about the "different playstyles of characters" or not. - LarkwingFlight

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18 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This game was so bad that they buried it in a landfill lol. The documentary about how bad this game was is actually a good movie, but the game is considered the worst video game of all time!

How is this better then new super Mario bros 2 and SpongeBob heropants? this is trash - jwaughtal

Worst game ever bingo et sucks -

Oh god they made a videogame of it - GrapeJuiceK

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19 Watch Dogs

I learned my lesson about pre ordering games after this crap. It's Grand Theft Auto without all the good things only the bad ones, and with a super gimmicky hacking mechanic.

This was an excellent game and is easily one of my favorite games ever. - AlphaQ

20 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes V 1 Comment
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