Most Disappointing Video Games of All Time


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1 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

I want this game to be snapped out of existence! - Peppapigsucks

Those who followed this game before it's release know that there was loads of hype following it, with various publications claiming it was going to be quite the title. However, upon released it was revealed that the final product was left in an unfinished, buggy, and flatout painful state that did serious damage to Sonic's credibility. Apparently, the build used for the final product was NOT the latest build of the game, however was forcedly used due to SEGA's poor reputation for getting games released for certain dates (To keep with it being released for Sonic's 15th Anniversary), and because the latest build was not stable and polished enough to be used.

What a disappointment to say the least. - BloodyThunderX

As one of my all time favorite franchises, I was stoked for this game. This game was so bad that I did not even finish it. I am a completionist and a die hard Sonic fan, so I was expecting to at least play through it, but nope. After a few hours of playing, I had a decision to make: Take it to Game Stop for hardly anything in return or destroy it. It was with great regret that I had to abandon a Sonic game, but I was pushed to do so. I threw the case and then let the disc become crushed underneath my belongings, letting it sit, stored and unplayed ever since. - surgeonsanic

It's Sonic 06. God, it was made in 2006... 666. It had no hope. Sonic is a horrible franchise. It needs to end. Sega is trying WAY too many gimmicks and if it wants good games, make a new mascot. This game, is just AWFUL. Everyone thought we were going to get a great Sonic game, but no. Too many glitches, some scenes look nice and the others look like 1999s. I just don't get how they failed. Great job Sega. Just give up already. They tried Sonic Boom, they failed.

Sonic isn't a horrible franchise. The gimmicks weren't what made this game bad, it was the fact that Sonic Team was pressured to get the game done during the anniversary. So it wasn't Sonic Team's fault for giving us a poor game.
Also Sega didn't make Sonic Boom, idiot. - MasterCreepy

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2 Halo 4

As much as I absolutely adore the halo franchise, this game is complete overrated garbage and one of the most disappointing videogames I ever played in my opinion along with sonic the hedgehog (2006) and Doom 3. The game campaigns were not that great, the multiplayer is absolutely atrocious and filled with constant lag and this game tried way too hard to be different from the other halo games, but ended up becoming a huge disappointment! Play the first three halo games, Doom and resident evil 4 instead of this insulting piece of overrated garbage known as halo 4. How did this get high ratings from IGN anyways? - UltraLunalaX

Absolute crap. Will never play again. Do not reccomend. - iliekpiez

What a horrible game. - iliekpiez

I've never been more disappointed in a halo game in my life than this one - htoutlaws2012

Got this game off this list. It's is and will forever be the best halo - kaleb135

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3 Duke Nukem Forever

The definitive #1 for me. Anyone who grew up playing Duke Nukem 3D, remembers how amazing the gameplay was, Duke's witty lines of humorous gold, and an all around fun shoot'em'up experience. Years of development hell later and we're left with a shattered, watered-down catastrophe of a game that spits on the face of former Duke Nukem fans harder than nearly any other game franchise to date. A good reason why this game went from being a hyped release to littered in the Bargain Bin in a mere matter of MONTHS. - BloodyThunderX

I loved the original but this game... THIS GAME is a game that was just terrible I had so much hope onlyu to get kicked in the face - hugh201

Instead of waiting for it in 2001 skip 10 years later and we get one of the most disappointing games of the modern era. - htoutlaws2012

We waited many years for this garbage, I would blow up some aliens right now but I'm out of gum

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4 Destiny

I was hyped. I was outstanded at how bad it was. - iliekpiez

I expected this game to by the best ever! And I'm not the only one. Hundreds of thousands... Seriously hundreds of thousands thought it would be the best, if not one of the best. This game was a huge disappointment... Activision destroyed my favorite video game company, Bungie, and ruined what could have been a masterpiece!

Disappointing and it had such hype with BUNGIE AND Activision?!?! How did they mess this up?

This game was good way better than any Call of Duty people hate on it because of the fact that it requires teamwork and you can't solo everything and you actually have to do the raids to get the best gear it's cool if you have a group of people the first year wasn't that good but year two was

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5 No Man's Sky

The look of the outside is awesome! But start playing it and you'll make the sad face - LightningStrike

One of worst games - iliekpiez

This game is getting better but really just never make a game like this again

The idea is amazing, roam around the universe, infinite variables, new creatures everywhere. However I think they just said some things they couldn't deliver so while it is a good game its not what most expected ti to be

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6 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Actually, if you'd play it for what it IS, not what you WANTED it to be, you'd probably enjoy it. - Garythesnail

After playing the classics, I was dissipointed by this Lacking game.

This is more or less a game that's unfairly pissed on simply due to its namesake. It may not be what you wanted or expected, but if your willing to put that aside, what you'd actually find out is that this game isn't really that bad at all. - BloodyThunderX

Despite never having been able to play the first two games, I can say that this one has nothing going for it. Boring, bland, tedious and departed from the original formula don't describe this game enough.

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7 Resident Evil 6

Bump this one higher! - htoutlaws2012

I used to be a huge fan of resident evil. But this one ruined the series for me - Jonerman

8 Halo 5: Guardians

All Halo games other than the trilogy suck. - iliekpiez

What made halo different back in the day was that it was split screen for campaign and this one doesn't even have that and just saying the 4th one was not that bad

4 was a lot more disappointing

Not nearly as disappointing as 4. - htoutlaws2012

9 Super Mario Bros. 2

Hey why is this on the list just because it wasn't a true Mario game doesn't mean it was bad. - ZZDOORAL

The charm of this game is that it was different from the first one. The gameplay was really good and many enemies became regulars in future Mario games.

The actual Mario 2 is not a good game. We lucked out here in the west. Quit complaining.

Just because It's Weird Doesn't Mean It's Bad - BeatlesFan1964

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10 Resident Evil 5

It's a very good game. It's just not a horror game. If this were named something else and not Resident Evil, people would like it. - marmalade_skies

Resident Evil 5 is okay, but 6 is really a load!

5 is alright, 6 is disappointing! - htoutlaws2012

An ok game but it could not beat Resident Evil 4.

The Newcomers

? Diablo Immortal
? Call of Duty Black Ops 4

I think it's time this franchise comes to end - Peppapigsucks

The Contenders

11 Doom 3
12 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

They completely went overboard making this game. Way too much put in one game, and it literally psyched me out. - SavageLG

This game has ups and downs, I've never judged a Call of Duty game on its campaign, because it always bores me to death. So I play for the multiplayer. This game doesn't have a great multiplayer. What holds this game together is the Zombies

Eh, slow down. This game was great. The zombie mode was absolutely phenomenal while the multiplayer is excellently crafted. The normal wore was OK. But hey, everything else is great. Especially the graphics and violence. 8/10 - AlphaQ

What The Heck Happened To Mason And Woods And Their Crew?!

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13 Mass Effect 3

I loved Mass Effect 3 other than the ending. - iliekpiez

Ending aside this entry is fantastic. I was more disappointing when I played 2 and realized they had removed ALL weapons and armor collecting from the first game.

Taking away charm and likable characters you grew to love over 2 games to boring incarcerates and making the past 2 games lair's

The ending enough said. - htoutlaws2012

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14 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

This really disappointed me. The trailer made it look like a main series game, except you would be running in the tall grass and battling in real life. Instead, we got battle that functioned as a lame tapper app and the Pokémon rarely appear.

I personally find this a failure. A lot of die hard Pokemon fans now think all Pokemon have CP, and a lot of zoos, museums, and restaurants have people coming not for reptiles, fossils, or food, but for the app. My god...

It made Pokemon in the limelight again.

This Garbage Is Brainwashing People And Its More Overrated Than Frozen To Be Honest

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15 Mighty No. 9

My score 2/10 made me cry like an anime fan on prom night if u want a better mega man go play shovel knight or mega man 11.

The textbook definition of disappointing - PerfectImpulseX

After this was released, Mega Man 11 was announced, making this game obsolete in every sense of the word. - Dominicmgm

Mighty No.9 is to video games as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid is to anime. - PerfectImpulseX

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16 Metroid Other M

Samus was ruined - iliekpiez

"Other M? " Dear Shadow what does that mean!?

I think other m means other mess up

Hello, wasted character development.

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17 Bubsy 3D

The original 2D Bubsy titles were mediocre at best, but had a few fans left and right. This pretty much not only killed Bubsy, but was in my opinion one of the strong points of what led to the eventual demise of Accolade only a mere 3 years later after this game.

What could possibly go wrong? Use your imagination. - BloodyThunderX

To be honest, the Bubsy franchise sucked from the start, so this wasn't such a disappointment.

What happened to the 2d bubsy games that I loved... ? He's dead because of this horrible game.

So the 2 2D Bubsy games were average, then we get one of the worst games of all Bubsy 3D. - htoutlaws2012

That squirrel thing is drunk... Or high... Or both...

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18 Superman 64

It's considered the worst game of all time.

This game wasn't a disappointment, it was just plain bad!

Anyone else thought a Superman game would be good and not a load of trash?

Instead of 36 this should be number one - Minecraftisawesone

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19 Aliens: Colonial Marines

Very few games were so sorely disappointing as Aliens: Colonial Marines.

It had everything going for it. Finally, a true sequel to the incredible movie Aliens, greenlight by 20th Century Fox themselves to overwrite Alien 3 and be cannon. Previews looked amazing, and it had so much promise. It was a to-die-for recipe for everything fans of the series could ever hope for.

Then... it came out.

It wasn't that it wasn't awe-inspiringly great. It wasn't that it wasn't awesome. It wasn't that it wasn't just good. Or okay. Or even mediocre.

It was bad.

Graphics had been downgraded. It was buggy, boring, repetitive.
As the story unfolded, it had been lazily handed off from company to company with the thought that "they'll finish it and give it back" until no one cared about it anymore. And in the end, it was just rushed together so they could finally deliver and get it out.

What a waste...

Thank god alien isolation came out to save the series

Went through a console generation of development and is still ass

Slap in the face

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20 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

One of the worst games of all time. - iliekpiez

2 was great, 3 was great, 4 was good, then after all theses years here is pro skater 5 and holy hell this game is horrible it's even a contender for worst game of 2015. - htoutlaws2012

Htoutlaws2012, this was also one of the worst games of all time

In a top 100 list absolutely this qualifies varied the placement of course. - htoutlaws2012

I am a huge fan of the THPS series, and this one was disappointing to say the least. However, the last gen version isn't glitchy at all, but it's kinda boring.

21 Shadow the Hedgehog

I liked the cursing, I want Sonic to start dropping f bombs in his next games. - Smash64

OW THE EDGE - Dominicmgm

22 Fallout 76

Why is this below New Vegas?! That's the best Fallout ever! 76 is a steaming pile of crap.

RIP - codgtamk34

Most boring and worst games of all times. - B1ueNew

I expected so much better. - iliekpiez

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23 Minecraft

The only thing disappointing is the fanbase. - Smash64

For the Wii U is dissapinting

Why is this on the list?
The game isn't bad, the fanbase is. - MasterCreepy

Minecraft fanboys are the worst. I know this will get like 3 downvotes because of them. They defend their game in the stupidest way, by saying "BUT ITS FUN EVERY GAME IS THERE". Get real. Pokemon isn't a bunch of blocks.

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24 Watch Dogs

This I did not get the hype for. Game was crap anyway. Ubisoft finds a way to mess up things up. - iliekpiez

It was okay, one thing I didn't like was the penalty system for killing civilians. It's an open world game, not a light gun game! I understand it was made after Sandy Hook, but still, Grand Theft Auto V did not impose the system, and that came out 9 months after the massacre. - Dominicmgm

I learned my lesson about pre ordering games after this crap. It's Grand Theft Auto without all the good things only the bad ones, and with a super gimmicky hacking mechanic.

This was an excellent game and is easily one of my favorite games ever. - AlphaQ

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25 SimCity (2013)

I'm gonna explain this game in one word, "Broken".

Get Cities: Skylines instead. - Dominicmgm

I really love this game, I don't know why you people don't like it, insted of thinking about the bad stuff about it, think of the good things!

I wanted to enjoy this game! But city sizes are so small! And the way it is designed, no city ever feels complete. The only thing to do in this game after 15 mins of designing your roads is place parks to affect property values.

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26 Star Fox Adventures

That's not how you spell Star Fox Command.

Just because the Star Fox 64 elitists hate it, doesn't mean you should listen to them.

This game is awesome - VicarSlayer23

27 New Super Mario Bros. 2

This game shouldn't have 1ups - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

This game could have had so much potential. But it was too easy and too short. - MasterCreepy

I was going to vote for Kirby return to dream land

I Personally Liked This Game - JPK

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28 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

After the masterpiece that is the first castlevania game, Simon's quest was such a disappointment. It's the most cryptic game ever, and the stupid text boxes when it changes from day to night ruin it. - PCgamer98

So bad I skip to the third game - htoutlaws2012

29 Mario Party: Island Tour

Ugh I thought this game would be good. Isn't Mario Party games awesome well this game will change your mind. The games have poor gameplay and poor map designs. And it feels like the npcs have more of a chance of defeating you. - spodermanfan1000

Uggg one reason why Nintendo should buy hudsonsoft off konami, to make better Mario party games

This game disappointed me. The worst part is that the RNG is terrible on my cartridge. I keep getting numbers BELOW 3. And the game is boring. The only fun gamemodes are unlocked later, and I found a total of 1 FUN GAMEMODE. Nintendo you should be ashamed of yourself. - WarioMan

30 Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
31 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

THIS GAME SUCKS! Its Mario party but not really it has little fun very boring and also has no action like a regular animal crossing game would have. - spodermanfan1000

This game made me tired its terrible

This isn't even a game. I mean, we all play Skyrim, Pokémon, Final Fantasy etc. to have fun, right? But Amiibo Festival isn't fun at all. So what is it then? A non-game?! Anyway, me having a lot of nostalgia from playing Wild World as a kid, I was really exited for the game. I was a bit disapponted that it was going to be a board game, but Happy Home Designer was a fun spinoff and this was Nintendo... It couldn't possibly be that bad, right? Yes, yes, yes. I HATE this game! So here's the formula they went with for this game; take the original Mario Party, add amiibo, takeaway the luck, take away the unique spaces, takeaway the fun and slap on Animal Crossing. Oh, and I almost forgot! There's not a SINGLE minigame in the already boring board game. Every time I see Isabelle walk out of the little train in HD, I'm just sad from the wasted potential. If you want AC, GO PLAY NEW LEAF! It's great. Trust me.

Where do I start?
this game it's like a cash grab because Nintendo thinks animal crossing fans will buy it
I gave it a fair shot because it was cheap and had 2 amiibo figures
and honestly the only way it could be " Fun " is if I drank a few 6 packs of alcohol - AndyMetal92

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32 The Elder Scrolls Online

The elder scrolls franchise gradually got better since 1994 until this game. After the three amazing games of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, this game was a major disappointment. - aldwych94

Worst TES ever + most disappointing game I've ever waited for

33 Hunt Down the Freeman
34 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo just serves it's fans the same old crap every time. "Ultimate" more like failure.

Did you actually play the game. Cause that's what all fighting games do - YAa

Very disappointing.

35 New Gundam Breaker
36 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This game was so bad that they buried it in a landfill lol. The documentary about how bad this game was is actually a good movie, but the game is considered the worst video game of all time!

How is this better then new super Mario bros 2 and SpongeBob heropants? this is trash - jwaughtal

Worst game ever bingo et sucks -

It now sits underground in New Mexico. - FlamboTheBurst

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37 Final Fantasy VII

Probably my favorite game of all time. No idea what its doing on this list


Absolutely. people wouldn't shut up about how "good" this game was. tried it. bored off my butt. and that's saying something because I LOVE JRPG's. - taishisohma

38 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The first three games were amazing and the 5th was ok but this was just a huge pile of crap

Honestly this was such a stupid game - B1ueNew

Remember when Paper Mario games were good? - MasterCreepy

Ugh I was so hyped for this game. I played super paper Mario and I loved that game. I had such high hopes for this game but all my excitement fell down the drain. It had a weak story, confusing level design and there isn't an xp system, which makes battles pointless. Definitely a major disappointment.

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39 Earthworm Jim 3D
40 Star Wars: Battlefront

This game was kinda disappointing and kinda boring - trains45

OK game. II so much worse. - iliekpiez

EA, enough said. - PerfectImpulseX

I've never been so disappointed in a game my entire life. The beta was a blast to play, but when the game came out and I played it for a few hours it got super dry and boring. No PVE content, no space battles and lots of repetitive maps and gameplay. DLC's didn't help either. The sequel better be better!

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41 Assassin's Creed III

The only assassin creed that disappointed me

You thought finally a true sequel that could redeem the two lazy Ezio spinoffs...

This game was excellent how is it on hear.

I played the Assassin's creed franchise out of order so I found this game pretty good.

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42 Fallout New Vegas

This is a good game not a disappointment

I completely disagree with anyone who puts this on this list.

This shouldn't be here! It's awesome!

The fact that this is above BO3 and Destiny Makes me loses some faith in this site - christangrant

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43 Call of Duty: Ghosts

Wow, I hate this game. the worst Call of Duty ever made and is so boring - bestgamer

So much campers in multiplayer. This game just sucked. Boring.

Definitely the worst, but MW3 was far more disappointing to me. Especially since the first 2 were so great!

Yea the first to mw where better then anyone

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44 Five Nights at Freddy's 3

I like FNAF. But this is boring. Luckily the franchise was even better after this.

All of them are bad, so I don't really see why only one should be singled out. Who got the 'brilliant' idea to let preschoolers play this game? I'd like to talk some sense into them.

Who asked for four of these trashy games - Gunner224

This game is not that scary at all

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45 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
46 Fortnite


47 Minecraft Story Mode

I honestly find it really underrated. - IcetailofWishClan

Why need a story? Isn't the point of Minecraft is to explore wherever you'd like and do anything?

This game sucks! Minecraft doesn't need a story. The story is up to the player.

This is not disappointing, this is great but season two is better

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48 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

A big leap down from mw and mw2... in my opinion

This was absolutely stunning. It's easily on of the best. The game has excellent graphics, weapons and a dope landscape. Good for multi. 9/10 - AlphaQ

One of the best if not the best Call of Duty game why is this on here.

Definitely was a disappointing game after MW2, then the franchise just kept getting weaker after that.

49 WWE 13

What is this never heard of this


50 Dragon Age II
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