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41 Titanfall

Lol this game is already dead

Never played it

Oh my God it has mechs! And... And... What else does it have?

Best FPS this gen. Destroyed Call of Duty and Halo completely. PS4 fans ruined it's reputation.

42 Action 52

If you get this game and check all 52 games, all you'll be wishing for is your $200 back.

$200 for 52 horrible games hell no - ikerevievs

Never played it

43 Mass Effect: Andromeda

Buggy, terrible story that just tries to rip off the original trilogy, horrible graphics, bad voice acting, boring maps repetitive quests. I loved the original trilogy and was so excited for this. What a bloody waste

44 The Oregon Trail: American Settlers
45 Resident Evil 6

Bump this one higher! - htoutlaws2012

I used to be a huge fan of resident evil. But this one ruined the series for me - Jonerman

46 Call of Duty: Ghosts

Wow, I hate this game. the worst Call of Duty ever made and is so boring - bestgamer

So much campers in multiplayer. This game just sucked. Boring.

Definitely the worst, but MW3 was far more disappointing to me. Especially since the first 2 were so great!

Yea bad game, but I would think MW3 more than Ghosts. - htoutlaws2012

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47 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Ugh I was so hyped for this game. I played super paper Mario and I loved that game. I had such high hopes for this game but all my excitement fell down the drain. It had a weak story, confusing level design and there isn't an xp system, which makes battles pointless. Definitely a major disappointment.

Color splash is better than this. The only experience I got from this game was boredom. Buy color splash instead. - WarioMan

OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE - spodermanfan1000

48 Minecraft

Minecraft fanboys are the worst. I know this will get like 3 downvotes because of them. They defend their game in the stupidest way, by saying "BUT ITS FUN EVERY GAME IS THERE". Get real. Pokemon isn't a bunch of blocks.

TopTenJackson, this is not supposed to be a mortal kombat parody. The blocks are a characteristic and the game is supposed to be creative, not limited shooting and leveling up. Go back to your Call of Duty.

I always thought after you played mine craft a couple of times it became really boring. A lot of people will disagree but this is one of my least favorite game ever

This has to be a joke. Right? - WarioMan

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49 Back to the Future

Great movie, but horrible video game.

Never played it

When you see LJN it's an obvious seeing of bad game written all over it. - htoutlaws2012

It's made by ljn so yeah... - Skullkid755

50 Terraria

What r you guys talking bout this game is awesome

What? this is a good game! come on, people.

Pretty good game

Its good

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51 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
52 WWE 2K15
53 Active Simulation War Daiva
54 Star Fox Command

At least Adventures got the series going again (Nintendo didn't have any plans for another Star Fox before this). This game put it on hiatus for nearly a decade.

Ugly character designs, a story that makes bad fanfiction look like a best seller, repetitive gameplay, clunky controls, and for a game with nine endings, they're all the definition of asspull.
Avoid this garbage like the plague!

55 Pokemon Sun and Moon

Also, there were only a few good Pokemon designs and no new Mega Evolutions. - PerfectImpulseX

I quit playing after 30 damn minutes of cutscenes.

Too many unskippable cutscenes - PerfectImpulseX

56 Pokemon X

Least Pokemon introduced in the region, a disappointing Fire stage line and game mechanics like Exp Share and Mega Evolution makes this the easiest Pokemon game, I just didn't enjoy it as much as the other games.

Yea it was easy but it had a great story

Only using lucario

I beat the elete four with my lucario

57 Undertale

Who put this down? I know the community is well.. Yeah, but the game itself is good. It had and interesting battle system, good story, one of my favorite villains in a video game, and an AMAZING soundtrack. I loved every song on this soundtrack. The only thing I don't like about this game is the community saying it's the best game ever. It's a better choice than some games I know (Looking at you, Minecraft). Overall though, its good.

Who was the imbecile who put this wonderful game on this list?! I swear to GOD if you talk about this masterpiece of a game, I will come find you and smack you SO hard you'll be halfway to ALBUQUERQUE!

Astonishingly fantastic and wonderfully mesmerizing masterful artwork of a game...

but that's what everyone always says about it, isn't it? - xandermartin98

Worst game ever ripoff of earthbound which is the best game ever.

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58 Destiny 2
59 Sonic Labyrinth

What the hell happened to the blue blur?

60 Cave Story 3D

Yes, ironically, the creators are charging $40 for this game when a lot of the money probably doesn't even go to Studio Pixel and you can easily buy the 3DS E-Shop version (which is actually the all-time best version of this game) for about one-quarter the price. - xandermartin98

Cave Story is easily, by far, one of the best games of all time, but about this version...
1) The original retail price. $40 FOR AN INDIE GAME?!
2) The remade graphics look really lazy and also lazily animated.
3) No Curly mode (? )
4) No Wind Fortress?
5) You can easily buy this game on the 3DS Virtual Console E-Shop.

I've submitted Cave Story 3D as a special prize for my school's next marketing period, but damn is it a disappointingly rushed handheld port of this game. If Ocarina Of Time and Majora's Mask were able to fit onto the 3DS hardware, why couldn't the creators be bothered to at least simply squeeze a few extra bonus features into a 1-megabyte game? - xandermartin98

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