Most Disappointing Video Games of All Time


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121 Forza Motorsport 5

You gotta admit this was worse than Forza 2! - SelfDestruct

Well Forza motorsport 4 was so good it made this game look disappointing

122 Bubsy

Of course it is bad! when bubsy began, it was bad.

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123 Ride to Hell: Retribution

You would think with a cool title like that you buy it but no stay away even if the cover is deceiving. - htoutlaws2012

124 Army of Two
125 ARMA 2
126 Simpsons Game

This game had such bad graphics it should be in the top 20.

127 Mega Man 8 V 1 Comment
128 Mega Man 7
129 Dying Light

This was a good game. Nothing special or revolutionary, but not a disappointment.

130 Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy
131 Madden NFL 2006
132 Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo

More like putt putt eats the poo

133 New Super Luigi U

This is just NSMB U with Nabbit instead of Mario. I feel sorry for the poor souls who thought this was a sequel to NSMB U (which wasn't a bad game.)

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134 Bioshock 2

The first Bioshock was such a masterpiece it was just hard to top it with the 2nd game. - htoutlaws2012

Nah I thought this was a great game, better than the 1st? No. Not bad at all though.

135 Bioshock Infinite

Easy choice, the puzzles plain stink!

136 Earthworm Jim 2
137 Yoshi's Story

One of the worst art styles in the history of gaming, and some of the stupidest gameplay ever designed for a game. THIS is supposed to be a sequel to the legendary Yoshi's Island?! No wonder YI turned out to be the only good Yoshi game. -_- - xandermartin98

It's Underrated and Overhated.

138 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This was absolutely stunning. It's easily on of the best. The game has excellent graphics, weapons and a dope landscape. Good for multi. 9/10 - AlphaQ

One of the best if not the best Call of Duty game why is this on here.

Definitely was a disappointing game after MW2, then the franchise just kept getting weaker after that.

139 Five Night's at Freddy's 2

Least scariest FNAF game. - AlphaQ

Worst fnaf game in the series, which I hate fnaf, I hate this the most.

Yes.I hate fnaf,and I love angry birds

140 Mega Man X7
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