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61 Tiger Lily

Proud, brave and loyal, Tiger Lily is a positive role model to girls everywhere.

62 Blue Fairy

She's wise, powerful and she's nobody's fool.

63 Evie (Descendants Wicked World)
64 Elena
65 Giselle Giselle more.

It's spelt G-A-Z-E-L-L-E, not G-I-S-E-L-L-E

66 Gazelle
67 Terk

Terk is amazing! I love her, and she and Tarzan form a beautiful relationship.

She puts on a tough girl act all the time and yet deep down she really cares about Tarzan, her cousin and childhood friend. She can come across as being mean, but that's because she's afraid of having her feelings hurt, or feeling left out or rejected.
Nevertheless, she's funny, wild and wacky. One of the few prominent female comedy sidekicks in a Disney movie, or at least hardly any quite like her. - SourNote2014

68 Jasiri Jasiri
69 Kida
70 Clarabelle Cow
71 Riley Anderson

She is amazing! She deserves to be WAY higher!

She's very down to Earth and relatable.

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