Top 10 Disney Movies with the Best Opening Scenes Excluding Star Wars and Marvel

Last time I made a list of the best opening scenes from Non Disney Animated movies and for this list we will be looking at the top opening scenes from Disney movies both animated and live action and will be excluding any and all movies from Star Wars and the Marvel universe Pixar movies can be included.

The Top Ten Disney Movies with the Best Opening Scenes Excluding Star Wars and Marvel

1 The Lion King

Possibly one of the most iconic Disney movie openings with the sun rising as a singer begins to sing "The Circle of Life" song as the other animals make their journey to Pride Rock for the presentation of Simba. - egnomac

I think its overrated, but the opening was incredible - iliekpiez

2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The narrator begins telling of how Judge Claude Frollo hunted down a gypsy mother who was trying to protect her child Quasimodo before Frollo mercifully kills her by knocking her down and hitting her head on the stone stairs killing her, after seeing the baby and becoming disgusted by it he tries to drown the baby in a well before being stopped by the Arch Deacon who stops him telling him that his heinous act was witnessed by the eyes of Notre Dame as we see the statues all creepily look on at Frollo and fearing for his own soul he agrees to look after the baby raising him as his own by locking him in the bell tower away from the public. - egnomac

3 Up

A good opening of the ups and downs of Carl's life from childhood to his marriage towards Ellie till Ellie's death and Carl left alone. - egnomac

This is definitely number one in my opinion. Up is the only movie I can think of where you're crying before the main plot has even begun. - phillysports

4 Toy Story 3

This opening is just so creative and beautiful. It basically is what the toys are thinking when Andy would be playing with them. - phillysports

5 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Movie literally opens with a cartoon short with Rodger looking after Baby Herman and hi jinks happens and after being crushed by the fridge and little birds pop up around Roger the director stops the picture and yells at him as he was suppose to produce stars not birds as Baby Herman furious with the countless takes storms off set telling everyone that he's heading towards his trailer to take a nap as Eddie Valiant soon enters the picture. - egnomac

A great opening to a terrific movie - iliekpiez

6 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

While its hard to call it one of the best openings but it does serve a purpose to tell the audience this movie is not going to hold back any punches with its dark themes, the movie opens with countless people found guilty of piracy by hanging them including a little kid which had to be shocking for parents who took their kids to see this movie and the first thing they show is people getting hanged. - egnomac

7 Frozen

I've gone on and on about how much I love this movie, but I have to admit that the opening is a tad rushed and sloppy. There's some questionable things like why did Anna and Elsa's parents close off Arendelle instead of helping Elsa control her powers, why did the rock trolls eliminate all the memories of Elsa's powers from Anna's memory and why they decided to still keep the fun times they had together, and why Elsa didn't tell Anna about her powers during all those years. It also wasn't really defined how much the two sisters saw each other while they were separated. Some people think they never saw each other that entire time, but I think they were able to see one another and briefly speak about once or twice a week. However, I can look past all of that because the emotions are all so strong and authentic. Disney movies are much less dependent on logic and instead ride off of pure authentic emotion, and Frozen is filled with that sense of weight and passion. You truly feel for ...more - phillysports

8 The Incredibles

"I feel like the maid, I just cleaned up this mess! Can you keep it clean...for ten minutes! "
"D-don't get up! "
"Please..." - phillysports

Movie opens with Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone giving an interview before cutting to Mr. Incredible attempting to make it to the altar to get married while having to deal with the responsibilities of super hero life. - egnomac

9 The Nightmare Before Christmas

It opens with a musical number as the monsters sing "This is Halloween". - egnomac

10 Wreck-It Ralph

The Contenders

11 Beauty and the Beast
12 Cars

I weill admit this movie had an awesomne opening scene, despite the movie itself being extremly boring - darthvadern

13 The Rescuers Down Under

The movie opens with Cody the kid coming to the rescue of an eagle after freeing her she takes him on a wild ride including flying him through a waterfall as he dives off in spectacular fashion before catching the boy. - egnomac

YES - darthvadern

14 Toy Story 2

I have no ide why Toy Story 3 got higher than Toy Story 2, sure, TS3 had a pretty cool opening scene, but this movie has literally Rex playing a Star Wars parody game with Buzz as the main character! How much more awesomne can it get? - darthvadern

15 Mulan
16 The Rescuers
17 Bambi
18 Oliver & Company
19 Lady and the Tramp
20 The Jungle Book
21 The Little Mermaid
22 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
23 Descendants (2015)
24 Descendants 2
25 The Fox and the Hound
26 Hercules (1997)

I love the baby shower on Olympus scene!

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