Most Disturbed and Tragic Rap Songs


The Top Ten

1 Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique

This song is so so messed up in every way - samanime

2 Same Song and Dance - Eminem

Also though I say it's not funny I still enjoy it in a weird way - samanime

In my eyes nothing is funny about this all its just...uncomfortable - samanime

3 U - Kendrick Lamar

Just hearing his depressing and self loathing lyrics can cause people to feel uncomfortable disturbed and sad themselves - samanime

4 Bad Guy - Eminem

The sort of "sequel" to stan is abut *spoiler* stans brother kidnaps Eminem (by the way the reason he does this is because his brother killed himself after getting drunk and in rage do to Eminem not replying to his mail) - samanime

5 My Mind Playing Tricks On Me - Geto Boys

This song talks about the members going into paranoia and depression like thinking one of them is being followed etc. - samanime

6 You Ain't a Killer - Big Pun

A not as popular rapper big pun disturbingly sings about murdering you and your fate - samanime

7 97 Bonnie and Clyde - Eminem

It's about Eminem bringing his daughter along with him to drop his wife's dead body in the ocean enough said - samanime

8 Hail Mary - 2pac

In this song with a disturbing beat 2pac sings about killing his enemies out of revenge - samanime

9 Hold Ya Head - Notorious B.I.G.

A sad and tragic song due to the combination of biggies sad lyrics about his life and own death as well as the tragic chorus of bob Marley telling a woman to hold her head up and cry because her son was killed - samanime

10 Kim - Eminem

First off before you bomb bard this with comments like "WHY IS THIS SO LOW he's SINGING ABOUT KILLING HIS girlfriend" Well the two songs above it are WAY worse but still this song is very morbid with Eminems screaming and imitation of his girlfriend/wife/I don't know kim - samanime

Should be 1. - Brobusky

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