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1 Bulma and Vegeta

These two are absolutely perfect for one another. They are both stubborn, selfish, hot-headed, but they can each learn something from one another. Bulma usually gets her way in controlling people, and Vegeta is tough like her so he can handle her. And Bulma can teach Vegeta to soften up towards people, which she did. - coolactress198

They are so similar and they complement each other. Bulma is the second person that ever cared about Vegeta besides his father, and I imagine that he found comfort and acceptance with her (I think that Toriyama says that in an interview himself). Vegeta has developed a True Love for Bulma and Trunks. Thanks Bulma :')

I think they are the best couple in the series

Most funny

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2 Gohan and Videl

Out of the Dragon Ball Z couples Gohan and videl are the only couple who trust another when an actor took photos of Gohan make him look bad videl didn't believe that is epic true love. I'm glad that Gohan and videl had a child together one day I hope they have a grandchild together and then a great grandchild and then on forever the bloodline going on forever. Another couple I ship pan and trunks they are cute together I hope pan and trunks end up together one day. I hope we get more of videl Gohan and pan and trunks in the future. Anyway Gohan and videl are my favourite couple in DBZ and super and then it trunks and pan. If pan and trunks have a child's get there one day then gohan / videl would have a very powerful half alien grandchildren?

Nothing is better than high school sweethearts. - coolactress198

I think videl has a special connection to gohan and I believe that they are the sweetest couples and although videl can control gohan

Gohan / videl are first best couple next to trunks/ pan?

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3 Goku and Chi Chi

Goku and chichi they are my least favourite couple I'm glad they had Gohan Goten because gohan is my favourite character.

Chi Chi forced Goku to marry her. How come can this pairing be considered good? - Goku02

Chi-Chi and Goku being together made little sence in my opinion though without getting together the earth may be destroyed by Frieza or other evil or coincidental force if Gohan is not born though so there is a though from me.

Could caulifla be goku real true love? I mean goku / chichi seem so forced?

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4 Krillin and 18

I think it is cute how 18 is like the man in the relationship and controls him, but I love how she admits she loves him. Krillin has helped 18 to become a better person. - coolactress198

To be honest, these two are the cutest in my opinion.

I didn't' watch DB Super, but I don't ship Android 18 with anyone other than Krillin. I mean, the man deserves happiness, and boy, did he earn it (he's been saying he wants to get married and be happy since a little kid). And Krillin is good for Android 18, since she's saught a nice man, and Krillin's the nicest guy amongst the DB characters. And he doesn't have inferiority complex like most men would have (although he still wants to look cool in front of his wife). Yeah. They're my favorite couple in DB universe.

Strongest human of the world <3
Strongest android of the world

They make the most romantic couple in the entire series, right from the moment they meet.
They also break the caveman stereotype that the alpha male rules the home.

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5 Trunks and Mai

The reason I don't ship trunks / Mai it's because he is old enough to be her grandchild

Trunks/ Mai I don't ship them. I ship trunks/ pan... I don't think trunks mai end up together because dragon Ball Super is a prequel to Dragonball z

I really loved this couple...They're really cute

Trunks and mai are great for eachother I love this couple they are so cute together how can someone ship trunks and pan pan is young enough to be trunks daughter and mai was an adult but she was wished into a kid agian so yeah they perfect for eachother that the way I see it their my favorite couple besides vegeta and bulma

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6 Yamcha and Bulma

Yeah Yamaha and bulma I like there relationships in Dragon ball I wish they ended up together

7 Goten and Valese

I mean we don't really get to see their relationship progress. But they are so sweet together. - coolactress198

Valese is non-canon Plus she's SSSOO boring. I mean, GT ruins everyone. - Goku02

I KNOW! Ugh! I don't get what's so great about Valese. I mean, she's so naive it's not even cute, she doesn't even know how to eat a ICE CREAM CONE and instead opts to eat it with a fork. Girl, that's not how you eat ice cream you moron. and besides, I've already paired Goten with an OC of mine, WHO by the way, is smarter than Valese, KNOWS how to actually eat ice cream without a fork. and another thing: She's a half human and half Saiyan hybrid like Goten and has way better taste in fashion than Valese. So I just don't get what's so great about Valese. Oh and also, she acts like a ' DAMSEL-IN-DISTRESS!

8 Mira and Towa

Not Conon who cars this ship is great

9 Master Roshi and 18
10 Tien and Launch

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11 Mr. Satan and Miss Piiza
12 Master Roshi and Fanfan
13 Gohan and Piccolo

Videl wasn't jealous of that other girl because she knows Gohan is completely happy, with her and Piccolo. Gohan is bi.

Lol. Who put this? - SunGoku

14 Mr. Popo and Jynx

True chemistry, best couple of all time


15 Trunks and Pan

Trunks/ pan all the way.

It is 3rd fave couple in the franchise I love the fan art when pan and trunks get older I I also really love bulma and vegeta but they are already pretty high so I give my vote t this on

Panks are a cute ship

I'm big shipping of trunks / pan and Gohan / videl and Goku / Chichi.
Anyway I don't think trunks end up with Mai because dragonball super is a prequel to dragon Ball Z and by the end of the dragon Ball z trunks didn't mention Mai and we didn't see mai because Dragon Ball super is a prequel to dragon Ball Z. And another reason is why I don't ship trunks / Mai because Mai is old enough to be trunks grandmother.
Anyway the reason a ship trunks and pan is because they got a lot of things in common.
1 trunks and pan are both from a strong family
2 pan is the strongest woman in dragonball Z and super and trunks one of the strongest boys in the universe.
3 trunks and pan both born into the royal family what do I meant that trunks is the prince of Saiyan and Pan great grandfather is a King and his name is the ox King and her grandmother chich is a princess and her father gohan is a prince sort of they don't
mention it in the show I don't know why.
4 pan grandfather is ...more

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16 Bardock and Gine

Bardock / gine I wish it had scene together I wish they met goku gohan pan chi chi
Videl Hercules

17 Goten and Bulla

I don't remember them have any scenes together so it's hard for me to ship them in Dragon Ball GT

18 Pan and Uub

I think uub/ pan being a couple would have been interest.uub being goku students and pan being goku granddaughter. they would have very powerful sayian babies.

19 Tarble and Gure

I hate this ship.
I don't know why anyone would ship them because they was only in the movie.

20 Goku and Vegeta

Well I don't ship it because goku and Vegeta always fight and they have wife as well and they had children with their wives.


21 Goten and Marron
22 Goku and Caulifla

So cute

23 Goku and Bulma
24 Cus and Murichim


25 Trunks and Marron

I knew that marron and trunks are really good couple. But unfortunately trunks and mai are a couple, so... this couple will not be considered as a couple.

26 Piccolo and Goku
27 Caulifla and Gohan
28 Goku and 18

They do have great chemistry and 18 is better than chichi.

Goku thinks of 18 more than chichi

29 Jiren and Marcarita
30 Gohan and Erasa


31 Krillin and Marron
32 Bulma and Chichi
33 Mr. Satan and Buu
34 Cabba and Caulifla

They trained together
They stick together

35 Caulifla and Champa
36 Gohan and Angela
37 Gohan and Lime
38 Gohan and Cocoa
39 Bardock and Fasha
40 Goku and Suno
41 Ox King and Chichi Mother
42 Uub and Bulla
43 Uub and Marron
44 Mr. Satan and Miguel
45 Pan and Colm
46 Gohan and Dende
47 Cabba and Kale
48 Bulma and Jaco
49 Trunks and 18
50 Vados and Goku
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