Top Ten Dropped Pilot Cartoons

How come all these brilliant shows are forgotten by the big name networks and pieces of crap like "Breadwinners", "Sanjay & Craig", and "Johnny Test" are being aired? ( Also, Modern Spongebob is garbage too. )

The Top Ten

1 The Modifyers The Modifyers

This would've been brilliant! But no. Instead they had to focus on butt jokes and stupidity. This would've been way better than Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners combined!

2 Korgoth of Barbaria
3 Deadtime Stories Deadtime Stories Deadtime Stories is an American anthology horror-fantasy television series written by Annette Cascone and based on the book series of the same title (created by Annette and Gina Cascone) that aired from November 2, 2012 to December 5, 2013 on Nickelodeon.
4 Amethyst Princess Of Gemworld

This is what would happen if Legend Of Zelda and Sailor Moon had a baby together. - JelloLife

5 Obituary: A Grave Beginning

This has to be greenlit! It's about a young teenage girl named June who lives with ghosts. Kind of like Beetlejuice, actually. I really like June, because although she wants to be "normal" like most fantasy genre characters, she stands up to people who treats her badly, and doesn't get all wimpy. I just loved June's innocent but cool response against the school queen bully, Lisa Rose.
Lisa Rose: (after June refused trading her necklace with Lisa's lipgloss) "What, is that some overly sentimental necklace your parents gave it to you as a gift? "
June: "That's an oddly specific description, and, yes."
But the one thing I think is the flaw of this show, is the antagonists- Lisa Rose and her two friends. It's just that bullies have been overused so much, and Lisa just seems like a flat character, even for a school bully. I find nothing interesting about this character. However, seen that this show only has a pilot released, I'll have to wait and see. Obituary: A Grave Beginning ...more

6 Bubsy

What could have possibly gone wrong with this show would not have been nearly as bad as what's gone wrong with BREADWINNERS. - Turkeyasylum

7 Battle Toads
8 Defenders Of Dynatron City
9 Blackford Manor
10 Constant Payne

It was declined by Nick because a scene referenced 9/11 too much, even though the scene was made before the attack. - Turkeyasylum

The Contenders

11 3 Dog Band
12 Fluppy Dogs
13 Lakewood Plaza Turbo
14 Welcome to Eltingville
15 Madballs
16 Jammers
17 Back to Backspace Back to Backspace
18 X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men

People hated it because they said Kitty Prude was whiny, they didn't really focus on the other X-Men, and that the show didn't stay true to their comic book counterparts. It was met with mixed reception and not overall positive reviews, which is why I believe they didn't pick it up.
I hope an animation studio picks this up and makes it into the show it was meant to be. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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