Top Ten Dumbest Things to Get Detention For


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1 Being late

My school used to do this. What if one of your classes is on the other side of the building. Or someone wouldn't let you go to your locker. Dumbest reason to get detention. - Therandom

This is an actual policy at my high school

Ugh this is a horrible reason! Guys by my locker are always crowding and wouldn't let me get to my locker,I put my bag when the bell just rang,I rived to gym,my jerk gym teacher marked me tardy while I didn't even had a chance to explain,and I had A...girl's thing that day,so after I changed my gym clothes,i went to the bathroom,when I'm out,she game me a detention cause I'm tardy TWICE! She's a female,she should tolerate things that girls can't escape! ):( - SamuiNeko

2 Uniform violation

In my school you get a detention for an untucked shirt. - Therandom

3 Homework

You should get a zero for no homework, not detention. - Therandom

4 Breaking a pencil
5 When the teacher tells you to explain yourself, you try, and then they call it talking back
6 For writing with a pen in math
7 For having a pen that doesn't have blue or black ink
8 For having a water bottle in class
9 For saying you don't know an answer
10 For not having a sharpened pencil

I almost got a detention for this. - Therandom

The Contenders

11 Listening to death metal
12 For playing a game that everyone else was playing
13 For doing your homework at school
14 When you made an honest mistake
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