Easiest English Words to Spell

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1 I

How, I can never spell this word correctly. I always write II or i. I find it one of the hardest words in English to spell. I can't believe it is number 1.

It is either I or a as number one. They both are the first word I learned to spell and the easiest

Honestly every word is hard to spell for me because I suck at spelling haha

This is so hard to spell what idiot made this list

2 A

How in the world is this below "Hi"? "Hi" is two letters, while "A" is one letter. It's not much of a contest. Objectively speaking, it's easier to spell a one-word letter than a two-word letter. As for "A" and "I", that's more of a debate, since both one-letter words are technically equally easy to spell, but I consider "A" to be easier since it's the first letter of the alphabet and likely the first letter most people learn. Some people may disagree, but it's pretty clear to me that "A" is the easiest word to spell in the English language.

Sorry, I meant a one-letter word and a two-letter word in my previous comment, not a one-word letter and a two-word letter.

Yeah, this and "I", I would imagine, are the easiest. They are only one letter long. - BKAllmighty

I would say this and I are the easiest. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 Hi

So easy that you don't have to think about the spelling.

Who doesn't know how to spell this?

4 An

And using this word properly is really not that difficult either! - keycha1n

I actually knew a guy who had to think spell this one. - gemcloben

5 In
6 No

Since babies or small toddlers do not like few things we give or do, the need to reply saying NO

No is spelled and said the same in English and Spanish, so put this before super. - TheMainReason

No or in it's Internet version nao is easily one of the easiest words to spell. - RiverClanRocks

It's easier to spell than some of these 4 letter words above this. - Minecraftcrazy530

7 Rock

How is the word "rock" higher on this list than "hug"? Hug is a three letter word.


RoK- oh right the c is silent "billy madison"

8 Super


I don't think anyone would agree that this is #4 out of every English word. Someone from Asia who can't write English very well could easily misspell this "sooper", "supre", or "sewper". "A" is lower, somehow. - BKAllmighty

9 Hug

You can spell "hug" because,to hug is easy


10 Well
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11 Be

Another pretty easy word to spell. - Minecraftcrazy530

12 F***

It just rolls off your tongue.



Hell ya

13 The

There is no different pronunciation. Oh, wait.

People only think it's easy because it's the most used word in English, but a foreigner that is totally new to English might spell it as "thuh" or something. So not easy.

14 Cat
15 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Definitely the easiest word on this list. A six year old spelt this

So easy my baby brother can read this

So easy if you known buddy


16 Rhythm

No, this is not the easiest word to spell... - DapperPickle

This ain't easy to spell

17 Cock

A troll put this here.

18 Bitch

Get these words off this website

That’s a rood word don’t say that make it go

19 Metallica


20 Onomatopoeia


21 Moo

love it

22 Little

My friend spells it this way

23 Antidisestablishmentarianism

Yea... so true

It’s acctually rather easy to spell, as it’s rather and ever so phonetic! - jmoss

24 Gaga

This is a word?

Boo Yaaa

25 Hey
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