Top Ten Egyptian Pharaohs


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1 Senusret III

Best Pharoah - BrideiMacBella

2 Wegaf
3 Shabaka
4 Menes

Menes united lower and upper Egypt while cleopatra destroyed Egypt and had to kill herself with an asp and tut is only famous because of the "curse" howard carter found in his tomb and died too young too make any major contributions to Egypt.

Menem is the Best! !

5 Iufni
6 Hatshepsut

She was a graet pharoah. Probably my favorite Woman Pharoah. - cosmo

7 Tutankhaumen

I don't think he should be number 1 because he unfortunately died very young (he was 19 or 20 years old) and didn't do anything significant. He is known because his tomb was best preserved when they found him. - Bruno2202

It was just because of Egypt I wanted to be an archaeologist, I loved it.
( I was 5 or 6 then..A transient wish ) - Ananya

8 Hor
9 Thutmose III
10 Yakub-Har

My gender identity. - BrideiMacBella

The Contenders

11 Khendjer
12 Ramses II
13 Ameny Intef IV
14 Cleopatra Cleopatra Cleopatra VII Philopator, known to history simply as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt. After her reign, Egypt became a province of the recently established Roman Empire.
15 Ramses III
16 Khufu
17 Ameny Qemau
18 Ramses VI
19 Mentuhotep II
20 King Scorpion
21 Djedefre
22 Qa'a
23 Amenhotep IV
24 Djoser
25 Mentuhotep III
26 Sobekhotep II
27 Sobekhotep III
28 Neferhotep I
29 Sobekhotep IV
30 Meneferre Ay
31 Neferhotep II
32 Rudamon
33 King Kamose

He was a key figure in reunifying Egypt under native rule and expelling the Hyksos, creating the most powerful empire at the time. However, King Kamose didn't live to see his war won, his son Ahmose took control and founded the 18th dynasty.

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1. Ramses II
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1. Senusret III
2. Wegaf
3. Shabaka
1. Tutankhaumen
2. Cleopatra
3. Menes


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