Top Ten Best The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Quests Including DLC


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1 Unbound

The first Quest always gave me the best feeling and reminds me of the first time I ever played the game. - Tityboi99

I agree it is the first quest you ever do and it gives you the feeling of old times

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2 The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

I liked this Quest because it was one of the very first adventures in the game - Tityboi99

3 Throat of the World

This Quest is the best because you get to meet the leader of the blades only to realise he's actually a dragon - Tityboi99

4 With Friends Like These

This Quest is my favourite because you get to meet the ruthless group of assassins named the Dark Brotherhood - Tityboi99

5 Bloodline

I liked this Quest although it was A difficult choice to choose between the vampires and Dawnguard eventually I chose Dawnguard but I created a save before I chose - Tityboi99

6 Beyond Death

I liked this Quest because it shows a complete different part of the Skyrim universe its diverse (Soul cairn) - Tityboi99

7 Touching the Sky

The place you enter in this place is so nice and you get to meet two of the last snow elves ever to exist! (Forgotten Vale) - Tityboi99

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8 Dragonborn

This Quest is awesome because you get to travel to an entirely different island and the land looks much different to Skyrim's land - Tityboi99

This and The Battle For Whiterun should be one and two, Whiterun being 1, and Dragonborn being 2. - LordDovahkiin

9 A Night To Remember
10 At the Summit of Apocrypha

This Quest is really cool because technically (lore) it's the last quest the dragonborn takes on and he/she travels to a DAEDRIC REALM! - Tityboi99

The Contenders

11 Dragonslayer

I liked this quest because you got to fully defeat Alduin with all of the heroes of Sovrngard - Tityboi99

12 Lost To The Ages

Lost to the Ages is by far my favorite quest in Skyrim; it has a flawless storyline and is very melancholy. The only downsides are the reward is a bit disappointing and the fact the quest ends.

13 Diplomatic Immunity
14 Battle for Solitude
15 Season Unending
16 The Numbers Job
17 Battle For Windhelm
18 Blood on the Ice
19 Dragon Rising

Killing a dragon for the first time is so amazing, and the best part of a game I dislike.

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