Top 10 Epic Rap Songs

This list won't cover all the classics. You could say this list is alternative to the same old gratings in Hip Hop - a subjective proposal of ten rap songs worth listening to. So don't write this list off just because it skips Rappers Delight and Tupac and Biggie. Here are ten epic songs that surely will make you nod you head. For a more objective take on this topic, check out this list of top rap songs.

The Top Ten

1 Lose Yourself - Eminem


This is arguably the best rap song of all time. It is rapped with such passion and purpose, and has a superhuman air to it.

I can't express how I love this song is so great and gives you power when you hear it it is really the best rap song of all time no doubt!

will always be the best rap song ever - decorulez97

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2 Changes - Tupac

This song is classic.

As early in tupacs career he could still produce slik lyrics

It’s terrible

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3 Runaway - Kanye West UListen to Sample
4 Can't Be Touched - Roy Jones

Awesome Title

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5 'Till I Collapse - Eminem

This song really gets you excited for no reason it has intelligent lyrics and flow it should be 3rd on the list.

Un beatable the rap in the middle is awesome!

This is my favorite song of all time
Just give it a listen
Its just perfect

The chorus the 3rd verse was amazing

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6 Worst Behavior - Drake UListen to Sample
7 Not Afraid - Eminem

Another incredible song by Eminem. This song delivers a beautifully crafted image of Eminem's life. The chorus is great, and in Eminem's last verse he talks about getting clean. This song often will leave you in awe of how deep the message in the lyrics is, and it is truly an incredible song.

Another incredible song by Eminem. This song delivers a beautifully crafted image of Eminem's life. The chorus is great, and in Eminem's last verse he talks about getting clean. This song often will leave you in awe of how deep the message in the lyrics is, and it is truly an incredible song.

it's amazing with great lyrics because it has a good meaning and it sends out an amazing message plus a good beat

Incredible... Just incredible. :3

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8 All of the Lights - Kanye West UListen to Sample
9 What's the Difference - Dr. Dre

Its amazing

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10 Still D.R.E. - Dr. Dre

Dude u copied Grand Theft Auto 5 bra really

The beat is peng

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The Contenders

11 California Love - 2pac & Dr. Dre

Yeah, that's so right all you guys who haven't heard of late Tupac

This list is just full of Eminem ass kickers, he's a good rapper, not the best, at, all

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12 Remember the Name - Fort Minor

It is my favourite song of all time and I have its many live action and animated videos.

Most amazing song in the world

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13 Young Forever - Jay-Z

The chorus of this time has been redone a few times, but no specific version has been extremely popular. Jay-Z took the chorus of this song, sung by Mr. Hudson, and added fantastic rap verses. This version of the song will be remembered forever, because of the memorable chorus, and the great addition of rap verses to adapt to the time.

Best chorus ever! I know this is about rapping, but the chorus is just so good! The rappin' is ok, but I just like the chorus.

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14 Run This Town - JAY Z, Rihanna & Kanye West

"Run This Town" features a fantastic chorus sung by Rihanna, and Jay-Z delivers great rap verses. This song is another great Jay-Z hit, and his album "The Blueprint 3, " which features this song and young forever, is one of the top rap albums of all time.

This is a great song. I haven't liked Jay Z for the longest time and Kanye was mehh around the time, but they both BROUGHT IT here. Rihannas hook complemented the verses nicely. I think Kanyes verse in particular is the reason most people remember this song.

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15 Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G.

Juicy, is perhaps the only biggie song that appeals to the masses (mainstream listeners). The chorus is wonderful and I think that this is his greatest legacy.

It's stupid how this isn't even in the top ten. There isn't one song in the top ten that should really be there this should be number one.

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16 Live Your Life - T.I.

Although he has been in jail for a good portion of his career, he has produced when out of jail. This song features the famous internet sing "Numa Numa, " and tells of T.I. 's life story.

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17 Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Another hilarious song by the Beastie Boys. It is on the video game Rock Band and is a very amusing song to hear sung.

This song kicks your ass, my ass, and everyone's ass. - InsertNameHere

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18 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.


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19 Fight for Your Right - Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys are a very funny rap band that delivers both funny lyrics and funny music videos. This song is a party anthem and has one of the best music videos of all time.

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20 Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

A memorable song that features humorous similes all throughout the song. This song is so popular that it was sung by the music group Glee.

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21 Bust a Move - Young MC

A song that can't help to make you groove to the music. This is a hilarious song that was and still is played constantly.

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22 Low - Flo Rida

Flo Rida's best song that topped the charts for many weeks. It is one of the most digitally downloaded songs of all time.

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23 In Da Club - 50 Cent


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24 Fast Lane - Bad Meets Evil

Crazy flow and hyped up so hard. The beat and bass are epic and fast paced. Overall epic - YungGarlic

Lyrical explosion from Royce. Eminem has a great flow equally matched by Royce. The beat fast and has "epic" bass. Catchy chorus too

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25 Until It Breaks - Linkin Park UListen to Sample
26 Space Bound - Eminem UListen to Sample
27 Right Above It - Lil Wayne & Drake UListen to Sample
28 No Love - Eminem

Someone commented some thing that this website is one sided to Eminem... So if you don't like him then... YOU GET NO LOVE!

If you don't like this song then... BITCH YOU GET NO LOVE!

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29 I'm On One - Dj Khaled

Its best by ymcmb and also deservs in top 5

30 H.A.M. - Kitty Katt UListen to Sample
31 Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique

Really Really intense song that should be on the list. It takes you on a 9 minute journey that you don't get in most songs today.

Intense dark story of a man going down the wrong path, and there's a nice twist as well.

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32 Grillz - Nelly

IT'S DAMN CATCHY. You can't possibly hate it. - JazHoney3

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33 Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem

This song is epic and its one of the few rap songs I like. Eminem is probably the only rapper I like cause when you listen to his songs its like watching a great movie. He speaks from the heart and you hear him.

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34 Notorious Thugs - Notorious B.I.G. Ft Bone Thugs N Harmony
35 Dear Professor - The Dean's List
36 Rap God - Eminem

Should be higher than 40.

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37 Ghetto Symphony - A.S.A.P. Rocky
38 99 Problems - Jay Z UListen to Sample
39 East 1999 - Bone Thugs-N-harmony

Thug Life

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40 Stan - Eminem UListen to Sample
41 No Worries - Lil Wayne UListen to Sample
42 Eazy-Duz-It - Eazy-Duz-It UListen to Sample
43 Change the World - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony UListen to Sample
44 Him & I - G Eazy & Halsey UListen to Sample
45 Power - Kanye West UListen to Sample
46 The Real Slim Shady - Eminem UListen to Sample
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