The Conquest: Episode 6

Turkeyasylum CerealGuy: Last time on The Conquest, the now 3 teams had to go into a set of horrible rooms. While some jsd to deal with Anaconda and Anacondas, others had to deal with simply their life. Team Didney Worl lost, and while PW was to blame for the loss, and SelfDestruct is... SelfDestruct, it was the injuepred Cazaam who went home. Who will go home this time? Find out now on The Conquest! (Note: I am now shortening BlueDiamondFromNowhere to BlueDiamond)

Britgirl: Winning is great isn't it?

Britboy: I won't win until I get the love of my life... you.

SuperHyperdude: What do these sticky notes all over me say?

Simpsondude: They say: SuperHyperdude sucks. From Andre56.

SevenLizards: Man, that guy is annoying...

Simpsondude: Hey Alexcousins, what are you drinking?

Alexcousins: Some Vernor's. I have a cold, and this is what will heal me.

OtakuGamergirl: Exactly how does soda help heal a cold?

Alexcousins: First of all, it's pop, and you wouldn't understand the Vernor's thing. It's a Michigan thing.

JaysTop10List: I want immunity! I am going crazy!

HezarioSeth: I have felt your pain, but not for as long. Am I becoming a better snob?

JaysTop10List: I guess so?

PositronWildhawk: Maube it would have helped if SelfDestruct wasn't a slave owner?

SelfDestruct: What? Username34 and Andre56 aren't my slaves! Hey Andre56 and Username34, could you go bring me some cold medicine?

Both: Sure!

Wolftail: I love how this team gets along well!

Funnyuser: Same here!

BlueDiamond: We do get along well...

Toptensjackson1: I guess we do.

Kiteretsunu: Thay's a true statement.

Keyson: I like this team.

Garythesnail: Me, too. Anyone notice the cold has been spreading around?

Kiteretsunu: I have it.

BlueDiamond: Same here.

SuperHhperdude: Alexcousins, stop that (Bleep)ing stupid soda myth! Veronr's wn't heal your colds!

Alexcousins: Yes it will!

(Theu go to the meal house)

Wolftail: I don't even want to know what this is.

JaysTop10List: Is this even real food?

CerealGuy: I think so...

SelfDestruct: PositronWildhawk is a **** everybody! PositronWildhawk is a ***;!

Britgirl: I don't like it when people bad mouth each other.

Britboy: Me niether. But we can make good uses of our mouths with oral-

Britgirl: How about no.

Britboy: What about a beach trip to Blackpoo-

Britgirl: That beach sucks.

Britboy: Maybe I could do things in a (wink)diferrent way...

Britgirl: Sure, I guess...

Britboy: Never mind...

CerealGuy: You ready for a challenge?

(Unenthusiatically)Everyone: Yes!

CerealGuy: Follow me to the sports relay run!

(They go there)

CerealGuy: Now, for an extra kick, spin this wheel, and select the sports uniforms your whole team will wear in this challenge! First up, Team Britgirl Is Super Hot!

SevenLizards: Time for a good spin!

CerealGuy: You landed on Hockey!

Simpsondude: Have you seen their unoforms? They're heavy!

CerealGuy: Now, Team Potato Block!

BlueDiamond: Hope for a good spin!

BlueDiamond: Football?

Keyson: At least they have small uniforms...

CerealGuy: Correction! American Football!

(The whole team whines)

CerealGuy: Finally, Tea Didney Worl!

Andre56: I'd like to spin it!

CerealGuy: You guys got wrestling!

Username34: Like WWE? Really?

CerealGuy: Nope! The good ol' fashoined singlets used in folkstyle, AKA real wrestling!

Britboy: Did you hear that, Britgirl? Maybe we could do " Old Fashioned Style"?

Britgirl: NO!

(Everyone changes)

HezarioSeth: At least our uniforms are light!

Keyson: But Britgirl and I don't have uniforms!

CerealGuy: Meaning you 2 sit out!

Britgirl: At least I get to do nothing...

CerealGuy: I have an arranged order now:

Monkey Bars- Andre56, Toptensjackson1, and Britboy

Tightrope- HezarioSeth, Wolftail, and Simpsondude

Run Acroos The Mine Field- SelfDestruct, Funnyuser, and SevenLizards

Mountain Climb- Username34, Kiteretsunu, and SuperHyperdude

Cliff Diving- JaysTop10List, Garythesnail, and OtakuGamergirl

Tree Climbing- PositronWildhawk, BlueDiamond, and Alexcousins

CerealGuy: Begin!

(Once the Tree climbing is reached, Team Didney Worl and Team Potato Block are way ahead of Team Britgirl...)

PositronWildhawk: At least I have long legs...

BlueDiamond: How do I get up?

SuperHyperdude: Hye there, SevenLizards. I just found something out from Britgirl. Admit what you did yesterday.

SevenLizards: I- uh... I put the posters on you!

SuperHyperdude: It was gonna be about eating some of her candy, but that works too! I hate you now!

SevenLizards: I just made a BIG mistake...

Britgirl: So, Keyson, who do you think will win?

Keyson: I hope one of our teams.

Britgirl: Same here. You define true love.

Keyson: Thanks, you do, too.

(Britgirl kisses Keyson on the cheek)

Alexcousins: Hye! I'm up here!

CerealGuy: And Team Britgirl Is Super Hot Wins again! They won a car!

Britgirl: A WHOLE CAR?

Alexcousins: And a driver's liscense?

CerealGuy: Actually, just toy cars.

SuperHyperdude: What's wrong with regular cars?

CerealGuy: Not in our budget.

BlueDiamond: I can do this!

PositronWildhawk: I'm done!

And Team Potato Block lost!

BlueDiamond: Toptensjackson, you took 9 minutes on your part!

Toptensjackson1: But you lost...

BlueDiamond: You threw the challenge!

Toptensjackson1: No, you did! See this plan here? It's abut how you could win! She's not as sweet as you think, everyone!

BlueDiamond: *Sigh*

CerealGuy: Welcome to elimination! I have no prizes for immunity!

Funnyuser: But the budget!

CerealGuy: Blew it on the challenge!

Kiteretsunu: Learn to budget!

CerealGuy: Anuway, Funnyuser, Kiteretsunu, Garythesnail, Keyson, and Wolftial are safe.

Them: Yay!

CerealGuy: The last one safe is...

(Confession)Toptensjackson1: These people are so gullible! They actually believed "her" plan!

CerealGuy: Toptensajckson1!

BlueDiamond: NO!

Toptensjackson1: It's for the good of the team!

BlueDiamond: Bye! I'm leaving!

Toptensjackson1: Good, you had no fans!

Garythesnail: Guys, just, stop fighting! We all know what happened!

CerealGuy: Who will win the next challenge, and who will leave? How will SevenLizards' prank affect him! Find out on The Conquest!


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