Best Fairly Odd Parents and the Amazing World of Gumball Episodes


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1 The Dress

The Fairly Oddparents and The Amazing World of Gumball are both epic.

I Like Gumball but Fairly not as much

2 Christmas Everyday

I wish it were Christmas every day so cute - PatrickStar3

3 The Refund
4 The Tape

When I heard the title of this film, I was wishing it be about Gumball's sex tape being realised... I was disappointed it wasn't... - ThatkidwiththeContacts

5 Timvisible
6 The Pressure
7 School's Out!: The Musical
8 The Robot

I think this is about bobert but this deserves to be in the top ten. GUMBALL IS SO AMAZING!

9 Shiny Teeth

My shiny teeth and me shiny teeth shiny teeth - PatrickStar3

I loved this episode!

10 Channel Chasers

This should be number 1, because it's the best episode of Fairly Oddparents.

The Contenders

11 Just the Two of Us
12 The Shell
13 The DVD
14 The End
15 The Spoon
16 The Joy

"It means YOU WERE WRONG, and YOU WERE WRONG, and I WAS RIGHT! " (Gumball and Darwin open there eyes and get up and approach the students like creeps and Gumball raps penny) - EliWatterson

Creepy episode - PatrickStar3

17 Love Struck!


18 A Wish Too Far

Timmy was good at the end and fixed everything even though some of it failed - PatrickStar3

19 The Kiss

Such an underrated episode - EliWatterson

20 The Debt
21 Hex Games
22 The Party
23 Wishology (All Parts)
24 The Big Superhero Wish!
25 The Goons
26 The Quest
27 Sleepover and Over
28 The Castle
29 The Mystery
30 The Boy Who Would be Queen
31 Mr. Right!
32 The Remote
33 The Painting
34 Dream Goat
35 The Responsible
36 Foul Balled
37 The Dream
38 The Third
39 Abra-Catastrophe
40 Fairly Oddbaby
41 Apartnership!
42 The Prank
43 The Helmet
44 The Laziest
45 Dog's Day Afternoon
46 Totally Spaced Out
47 The Fight
48 Mind Over Magic
49 The Sweaters
50 The Fan
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