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1 Shaytards

There is no YouTuber ike the shaytards. The shaytards are very addicting to watch and have the best and most interesting llives. They are all such beautiful human beings and I admire them. My role model is Shay carl Butler because he is just such a beautiful, kind, amazing person that he is and he is also an amazing and loving father and husband. I look forward to all of his vlogs and they always put a smile to my face and I get inspired by the things he has to say. Who needs school when you learn something new everyday with them. They are the meaning of a true, loving, caring and most beautiful family. That is how a real family should be like. I love them so much! When I become a parent I want to be just like them. They have inspired me enough to be like them. Z.N.

Shay is so bubbly and has an amazing personality. I don't know why but he reminds me of adam sandler because his got such a funny sense of humour. I love it so much. His kids are truly beautiful. Their entire family is amazing and shay is the best. I love shay so much, his an amazing sole and human being and I just want him to know it. He deserves all the best in life. Him and his entire family deserve the very best. I love them all

The Shaytards ARE THE BEST Family YouTubers. You've got Shay being funny with the kids, teaching life lessons, joking while someone gets hurt to make them feel better, EVERYTHING! They are truly the best Family YouTuber. I watch their videos and they always put a smile on my face. Shay is EXTREMELY, Literally ("and you know how I hate to use that term, LITERALLY." -ShayCarl) Hilarious and is my second dad. My dad thinks of him as a dad! Seriously, Sometimes when the kids get hurt, Shay jokes and makes them smile which I think is AMAZING.

The shaytards are the best family vloggers out there! Shay is actually funny and inspirational... unlike our lil pervert Billy Leblanc. Colette is the smartest and strongest woman and she is so beautiful! They are great parents and don't spoil their kids. Gavin is so sweet and funny, Avia is fun, creative and gorgeous also fearless! Emmi is the most precious, and funny girl ever and brock and dax are so brave and sweet!

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2 Ellie and Jared

Jackson (Ellie and Jared's son) is too cute! Ellie is recording her second pregnancy - which is high risk. But they are so joyful and thankful for their family, friends, and life. They look at the positive side of life in all situations, they are a couple that are truly in love, they support each other always. Everyone should check them out.

I'm so glad baby Calvin was born safe and healthy I also Love You Alley, Jared and Jackson you are such a cute family and I know that you're friends with daily buns I wish I can meet all of my favorite YouTube or's but you and daily bombs are my most favorite I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day check them out right now

Honestly, I could not think of a more perfect family. Ellie and Jared are such great parents, and they made the most adorable kids! They are very open and honest, and do not hide anything. I have been subscribed from the very beginning, and look forward to a new video everyday!


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3 dailyBUMPS

They have got me addicted to YouTube, they are so friendly and family oriented! I love watching their videos and watching how Ollie and their new baby grow also, I love watching ellie and jared because they are good friends and they get together sometimes!

I've never been into Family Daily Vlogs, but I have to say that this family is super great! Ollie is super cute, and his parents are having the time of their lives - what should be for every parents! Big thumbs up for them!

I watch them everyday. The are the main channel that gets me into a good mood and they get me excited about everyday life and what to look forward to as I grow as a person. It is really exciting to get to watch them grow also, we get to see how Ollie and Finn become better people and we get to love them like they are my actual family.

Best of the best

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Cutest little Irish family ever!

Anna and Jonathan are very real about their lives and relationships with each other and with their children. They are honest about the hard stuff. They always make my day a better and the kids are the most adorable rays of sunshine. I am very attached to them now and I anxiously await their updates on their lives.

They should be at the top of this list. They have gone through a lot the last couple of months. People keep trying to tear them down but they just carry on because they are a strong family.

They are such and amzing family with big hearts and I hope that their child

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5 Bratayley Bratayley

Bratayley are the best YouTube family daily vloggers out there. They are incredibly strong at dealing with the sudden and shocking loss of their late son and brother, Caleb (13). Their children Annie and Hayley are incredibly talented gymnasts for being so young, and their forever fast paced lifestyle will get you hooked from the first video you watch. The children, unlike some nowadays, are being kept children and are constantly able to have fun with their many family and gymnastics friends. Unfortunately, and it breaks my heart to say, we all lost a big part of Bratayley on October 1st 2015. Caleb Logan LeBlanc who was seemingly perfectly healthy and happy passed away. The Bratayley family and us as their fans are somehow copping with the loss of our baked potato and are healing our own and our favorite families wounds. RIP Caleb, gone but never forgotten.

The Bratayley family is such a great family to watch, the only family vlog I've been able to follow and not get bored. They are a really great family, and you can tell they are so close, their bond is amazing. Annie is a bit of a star, she has a lot to say and has a big character, great at gymnastics, very mature but hasn't lost her childish ways which I find a lot of Youtube kid stars her age tend to mask their inner child in front of the camera, this isn't the case with Annie. Hayley is absolutely crazy, I don't even think she knows what she's talking about half the time, she's very sweet and caring, and hilarious. Caleb was the oldest, he passed away, he was such a great kid and it's very heartbreaking that he had to leave so soon. The family have been so strong through it all. WATCH BRATAYLEY... you will not regret it.

Bratayley is my favourite family vlog, and I'm surprised it's not up there with Shaytards, I actually prefer it to the Shaytards. Three absolutely crazy kids just being kids. The reason I enjoy it so much is because it is completely about the children, I find with a lot of family vlogs the parents like the camera a little bit too much, and it then becomes about them. Bratayley is purely about the kids... and the kids are just insanely funny. Must watch!

Their clogs are never boring, because there is just so much to see! Annie is a phenomenal singer and actress and was a phenomenal gymnast. She has a great personality!
Harley is so adorable, cute, and funny and also a phenomenal actress and former gymnast. You will
NEVER get bored watching Bratayley!

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6 Chris Ballinger

You can tell that the whole Ballinger family is so caring and supportive of one another. Chris and Jessica are perfect role models for their 3 children. Their videos consist of their daily lives, trips to Disneyland, trips to museums for the educational aspect because their children are home schooled, behind the scenes of a Miranda Sings show, collaborations with other families, challenges, they take you to new and interesting restaurants, made a music video parody with the whole family, and Magic Mondays. Their children, Bailey, Jacob, and Parker are the most polite, smart, and adorable kids that around in today's society. Chris and Jessica are on point with their cool, calm, and collected parenting skills. Best family out there!

Chris' family is one of the best families I've seen on YouTube. They raise their kids wonderfully and encourage them to be themselves and have fun. Their vlogs are filled with silliness, fun moments, and knowledge. I'm so glad that they let us be part of their family and let us watch their kids grow up. Seriously, those kids are the cutest, most outspoken, polite, and smartest. I love how they talk to their kids as grown ups sometimes, instead of just limiting them to only "children" or "easy" vocabulary. I'm truly a big fan of theirs.

This family is the only channel I watch religiously. From family fun to magic to Miranda shows this family continues to make me laugh and make my day. I love the whole ballinger family such a fun and lovely family to watch with such good morals and values. Chris always blows my mind with his magic whether it's setting things a light, making spiders appear or using a tampon for magic. Jessica is such a beautiful woman inside and out. She always makes me laugh and gives such a positive vibe with there recent face swap challenge it made me so happy when she started talking about natural beauty and not needing make up with Bailey. All three children continue to make me laugh with there creativity and overall happiness. Whether it's just a day at home or spending time with there extended family like the cousins or grandma or auntie panties! The Ballingers are hard working, loving and creative that I hope get everything and that the Netflix series goes amazingly

They are the best family vloggers they never fail in putting a smile on my face they are so caring no words can explain jow amazing they are I hope I get to meet the ballinger family someday

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7 Bamachick1101

They are so entertaining! Katie just has a talent with kids and is so beautiful inside and out. Cullen is super funny and entertaining; and makes a fantastic dad. Gaines is so smart and is the most adorable toddler I have ever seen. Brooks just puts a smile on my face!

How could you not love this family? I wish they were my family. Cullen is so funny and makes me laugh everyday. The kids are amazing and so cute. If you watch just one of their videos you are hooked.

They are so real. That's what makes them unique. They don't try to hide anything about their lives. Their vlogs are hilarious and adorable too.

I just think there really good with there kids

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8 Samika

They are so awesome and such a good looking, always positive, amazing family and I can't wait for lil' baby girl to come soon!

Best family ever always there for each other and there always loving one another

They are such a cute growing family with Noah and little Penelope Jane on the way can't wait to see her glow

BEST fam out there.

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9 The Nive Nulls

This family is fun, they are constantly coming up with jargon such as "ballin' outrageous", the word "nive", and more! They have two beautiful children who are just as silly and lovely as they are.

The Nive Nulls are my favorite family YouTube vloggers! They are hilarious, very inspiring. Real and down to earth people. I'm addicted to watching their vloggs and I'm glad to have found them on YouTube. Their videos are very entertaining. The kids are adorable and silly. They're awesome parents. Always complimenting their kids and doing fun activities with them. Good role models for what parents should be aspire to be like. They are a beautiful couple and I'm glad that they are in the top ten. They truly deserve it. Big fan of The Nive Nulls!

The Nive Nulls are the best! They are hilarious and never fail to put a smile on my face! Plus there kids are adorable and funny!

Just saw their channel for the first time and really enjoyed it. The children are beautiful and funny. They are a great Family who appear to be well rounded and genuine. I will check out more of their videos for sure.

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10 Eh Bee family

They are a funny and close family that you can learn a lot from

The Eh Bee family is so silly and loving. Miss Monkey and Mr Monkey are silly, goofy children and the parents are hilarious.

This family actually creates a variety of amazing content and doesn't just stick to one topic. They're awesome!

The only family vlog worth watching - 445956

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11 Colleen Evans

Colleen and Joshua are such a cute couple and I love watching there videos Colleen is so funny and amazing I love her and her family I love how she came up with the idea for Miranda and how far she got and is getting I am so happy for her and how successful her book is I hope she gets all the hopes and wishes she wants in her life and I am looking foward to the Many more videos she will make

Her vlogs are so entertaining and enthralling. She meets up with her other youtuber family members all the time and they make the vlogs even better. Her brother, Chris is in the top ten!

You guys are so great. You always bring a smile to my face.

She is hilarious and is so sucessful of you haven't seen her videos go check them out😊

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12 itsJudysLife

Been subscribe to their channel before the birth of Julianna. They are the most real people on YouTube and have never disappoint to entertain me with their out-going and adorable family. I am subscribe to many YouTube channel (many on this list), but itsjudyslife life is by far my favourite!

I love Judy's family, they are certainly very real with their life. They don't sugar coat it, sometimes things just suck! I love how although they have their hard times both, Judy and Benji always try to encourage and surprise each other. Food lovers would love to watch this channel Benji is always whipping up something to drool over.

They don't hide anything, they'll say and show things how it is. I never thought I'd get hooked on vlogs, but itsJudysLife has changed me, and I look forward to a new episode every single day!

They're a good and a perfectly imperfect family :0

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13 Go Team Collins

Um poop

14 Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia are my favorite vloggers to watch. They're a big inspiration to my family and our whole family loves to sit and watch their daily videos. I think a lot of the criticism they receive has to do with the fact that they are Christians. A lot of people forget that Christians aren't perfect and never claim to be. Yes they make mistakes, but they're human. I love how real they are and that most of the time when they do make a mistake they own up to it.

Sam and Nia have recently gotten some drama, but I feel like they are just a good Christian family making their way in life, and are partly attacked simply because of their faith

Because of Nia and Sam I started watching vlogs! I look forward to watching them everyday! They show the love of Jesus!

Love to watch it

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Hi Clintus and family. My name Kristen Martin I love your videos. My favorite video is water park without mom. And Epic Nerf gun battle. My dream to meet you guys. Love Kristen Martin.

You guys are my favorite, I like your universal studios Hollywood video. Keep it up!

Wow how this family is not up there with the Shaytards I do not know these are truly awesome.

Top 15. It should be in the Top 5 though in my opinion - CheesyNachos

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16 Caseylavere

I love the CaseyLavere family, and despite short vlogs, it's definitely comforting to watch them.

I love this family like my own family your all amazing! Brailee you are such a great sister to your 2 brothers. I'm proud of you your family is proud if you and most importantly your parents. Winston you are mine your so sweet and sometimes clumsy but that's okay and Gage you are a angel I can't let you go with your heart! Casey and Kayli great family kids and parents!

A Fun family with 3 kids a girl and 2 little boys that live in Idaho

Love Casey, Kayli, Brailee, Gage, Winston and the new baby. Such a cute family. Love their kind hearts they have. Watching you guys them is so fun. <3 xx

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17 Joshuadtv

Joshua Evans is amazing. He's my favorite vlogger by far! It still blows my mind that he's dedicated enough to Vlog EVERYDAY for a YEAR. We dingleberries get so much good content. Other than his vlogs, he posts, challenges, music videos, and sponsor videos that he manages to make fun! Josh makes my day everyday with his vlogs. It means so much how open he is with us. He's vlogged when his childhood cat died, his honeymoon, and even his wedding! He vlogs everyday, and always tries his hardest to have a new Vlog up everday. Josh really is my idol and inspiration. He works so hard, and it pays off. He creates such a great relationship with his viewers, that we all feel like close friends! Josh has even started doing live shows with a meet and greet, so he can meet as many of us as possible! Josh is so dedicated to YouTube, and I love him so much for it. He also has such a great message. His catch phrase is "be nice to people" People walk around with shirts and hats saying be nice to ...more

Joshua David Evans. I'm just really speechless because I have no idea what to say, except that you've been my favorite vlogger so far. I have been watching a lot of vloggers for the past 3 years and you're still my favorite one. You can never fail to put a smile on my face, even when I'm having a hard day. I can still remember that day where I was just in the corner crying because it was one of those days where I felt like I was a worthless piece of nothing. I came home to your vlog and it immediately made me happy. There's no other person who can do this except, you guessed it, YOU! And it makes me even happier when I found out just yesterday that you've been vlogging for a year now! Amidst all the shows and the craziness you've been through, I know you will always be loyal to your viewers and your family. We love you, Josh!

Joshua is the best. He films everyday of his life and shares it with us all. He has helped shape me into the person I am today. Because of Joshua, I am a happier and better person than I once was. He is the absolute sweetest.

Josh is an amazing person. Although he is taking a break from you tube due to some issues, he was an amazing at what he did. I really really hope he comes back, he has an amazing soul. He is a very big inspiration in many areas. He always said Be nice to people and that motto is beautiful. Forever and always Josh we love you. 💜🎈

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18 Ty's Lyfe

Uploads very often, Loving Veteran family, very cute kids, especially the youngest... - r3asons

19 Mary Avella
20 J House Vlogs

Amazing family and so fun to watch! Dad is a lawyer, mom is a former nurse that stays home with their 4 kids now. They homeschool and go on fun fieldtrips often. Their 4 kids are the cutest and especially their little 3 year old Caleb says the FUNNIEST things. Something special about this vlog is what AMAZING video quality they have. Instead of feeling like you're watching regular home videos, the editing and music they add makes it more like you're watching a real T.V. show! My kids and I watch every day without fail. It's the first thing the kids ask for every day. THEY ARE AWESOME!

Great entertainment and inspiring family all wrapped into one. My kids like to watch this program, as does my wife. I typically catch up on the weekends, but I hear about the progress of the show everyday. J House is wonderful.

I love J House Vlogs! They do lots of fun things together as a family, but they don't spend much money doing it. This gives me great ideas of what to do with my kids! They are such a great mix of thoughtful, funny, silly, and cute. And don't get me started about their kids... Those kids are SO cute and very endearing. LOVE watching this family everyday!

They are such amazing youtubers. They are such an amazing family. They should be in the top 5

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