Chris Ballinger


Chris and Jessica are amazing, inspirational parents, who have raised three beautiful and loving children, not to mention, very smart! Watching the children grow up and bloom into wonderful human beings is honestly a fascinating thing, between Bailey and Jacobs creativeness, Parkers cuteness and VERY VERY funny antics, and Chris and Jessicas humour (which is way too under appreciated! ) they are pretty much what I would aspire to have in a future family, and I'm sure many others would agree. Oh, and on top of all that, Chris performs crazy magic tricks that BLOW MY MIND every single time. And they're loving and very appreciative. Way too many positive things to say about them!

A wonderfully wholesome family who keep it real and entertaining. Introducing their well-rounded children to YouTube with an educational basis, Chris and Jess are two peas in a pod with great parenting ethics. Everyone in the family showcases their own talents and aspects of life. It is amazing when their children take over their role how widely they consider the world and beings around them. The ballingers will melt your heart, as they take you throughout their lives, one step at a time. This is is great opportunity to thank them all for bringing joy, hope, and entertainment into our lives. The whole ballinger family take after each other with talent, humor, education, and a successful livelihood. I would expect nothing less from Bailey, Jacob and Parker, as well as Colleen's and joshs' future child.

He is just one of the amazingly beautiful Ballinger clan. Their family is adorable and he shares every possible moment with us. Good days, and bad. He shares his concerns. On Mondays he does magic and it is absolutely mind blowing.. His daughter, Bailey, is outgoing and absolutely adorable to say the least. Jacob and Parker, his two sons are handsome young men who love with every piece of their heart. This man has created a beautiful family that he is gracious enough to share with his subscribers.

They are intelligent children who bring out that ray of sunshine every time they smile. Baileys comedic personality consists of ups and downs, all of which are cute and enjoyable. Jacob and Parker have an unbreakable bond with each other as well as their sister bailey. Chris and Jess are the most reliable parents any child could wish for! Overall, the family inspire many other YouTube families to keep there sparkle and shine!

The Ballinger family is amazing! Through their videos, you get an inside look at what goes on in their daily lives, their ADORABLE kids, family trips, Chris's magic, and fun things like Miranda shows! Chris does a great job of incorporating his family into his video. He vlogs with them all the time, shows fun family get- togethers in his videos, and does so many fun things with his kids. Jacob has his own mini-series: cooking with chef Jacob, Bailey sings the magic Monday intro, and we get to see so many cool milestones that the kids pass: birthdays, watching them grow up, etc. The Ballingers are just a fun and entertaining family, an their vlogs make my day all the time! I love them!

The Ballinger Family brings so much positivity to us, the viewers. Personally, I feel like I am a part of their family when I watch their vlogs, it gives off a sense of family - the one that warms your heart when you are sad. Chris and Jessica both give their children a good and conducive environment to study and learn new skills ( for example : Chef Jacob ). This family is an inspiration to all of us, regardless of whether we are parents or not. One of the finest family vlogs you can find out there in the YouTube world! The Ballinger's are the real meaning of Family!

This family is so beyond amazing. You can really tell they love their job and their kids with all their heart. Chris puts so much effort into what he does with his videos and he uploaded a lot to make his audience happy. I have gotten the amazing pleasure to meeting them when they came to Toronto and they were just so sweet so kind and caring to me and they took the time to talk and take pictures they're just some of the most humble people you'll meet they entire family! So they deserve this so much as of course all the others here also do they're all wonderful but the ballinger family is wonderful and make me so happy to watch. PB&J kids are great I love the kids so much they're hilarious and adorable and very smart for their age...they're just amazing and I love them a lot. I really think they deserve it!

One of my favourite YouTube family's all are amazing in there various ways. They teach great family values and always bring a smile to my face as someone who's been watching since chris do magic with a tampon it's been amazing to see the channel change, evolve and expand so glad they share family life with us!

Chris is not only a great magician, but a great father, husband, brother, son, cousin, and just an overall great man. His love for his beautiful wife Jessica and his three amazing kids Bailey, Jacob, and Parker show through every video he posts. As someone who grew up with unsupportive parents, I looked at Chris and Jessica and realized how lucky their kids are. Every video that he uploads is full of amazing content and I watch in awe all the time. As I recently moved to Los Angeles 2 months ago on my own at the age of 18, I didn't have much. I was privileged however to be able to attend GloZellFest and spent a great deal of my time at Christopher's booth. I assisted him in two of his magic tricks and little did he know, it made my life. The Ballinger family is full of amazing, inspirational people but Christopher will always be my idol. Thank you for everything!

Chris and his family are some of the sweetest people I've ever gotten to know. They always have such fun adventures to share! Their kids are SO CUTE, and some of the nicest kids I've ever seen. And Jessica and Chris are such wonderful parents and always have positive and funny things to share with the community. Watching their vlogs is one of my favorite parts of the day, and I'll always support their amazing family.

Christopher, Jessica, Bailey, Jacob and Parker. They are such kind and caring people, they really want to do this for a living and try to make everyone happy, they are cute, funny, and vlog all the time! They are always so polite. You will never hear a bad thing about them (unless you talk to Glozell about the hilarious spider prank on magic monday! ) They truly are lovely people, and the deserve everything good in life

The Ballinger family is my favorite family to watch on YouTube. Not to mention that their kids are adorable, but they explore new ways of teaching their children. They take any opportunity to try new things. I love their dedication to their family.

No matter how old I get or if I stop watching YouTube, the Ballinger family will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. They have changed my life in so many ways and have given me a different, more positive view of life. I also love how the kids play outside, build things, and use their imagination without an iPad in sight, even though they are surrounded by cameras all the time. I love the Ballingers a lot. Thanks guys

The Ballinger Family are such a genuine kind and loving family, they are a pleasure to watch. You can see how much they care for each other in how they interact and I really love their parenting style as well as the insights into how their children view the world.

Always bring a smile to my face. The entire family are so funny and have such great personalities! Christopher always manages to make me question EVERYTHING with magic Monday. Jessica is such an amazing mum she's so beautiful and the type of woman I want to grow up to be like. Bailey, Jacob and Parker are such fantastically creative children, who fill me with endless laughs and many awww moments. Such a lovely family to watch and see the truths of family life. There love for one another clearly shows. They always leave me feeling happy and smiling.

As a Priest with a PhD in counseling I find the Ballinger Family to be the most inspiring family of all. They're not acting. No coaxing or play togetherness. Chris, Jessica and children are a beautiful example of a family that Get's it. Homeschooled the kids explore, sing, dance and go on adventures of discovery. Vocabularies are remarkable. Smiles seem very natural as is their seamless connection for caring about one another. Chris also ends every vlog with "What have we learned Today? " Funny and insightful put to his lightly playing the guitar.
Not to mention the family is part of an extended collection of family and friends who all blend into a world I as an orphan only wish I could have been part of. Plus, happily they're don't try to push their church in viewers nor exploit the kids.

Chris and his family are so cute together, and they always succeed in making so many people smile on negative days, including me. Meeting them was so amazing, and they were all so nice. I love you guys! You make me so happy!

He is raising his kids to be open-minded, kind people and it is truly beautiful to watch. He posts high quality content on a regular basis and his and his wife's channels are the only family vlogs I watch. Lots of love!

I just enjoy watching the Ballinger Family. When I watch them I feel like I'm with them enjoying whatever activity that their doing. No matter what they do they keep my attention making me want to see more and more.

No family is more deserving of this award than the Ballingers. They are the definition of what it means to be a loving and genuine family. I have been watching them for 3 and a half years and it has been a privilege watching their channel grow with them. They're some of the kindest and most humble people on the Internet. Vote for Chris and his adorable family!

Chris and Jessica are some of the most amazing parents I've seen on YouTube. Their channel is such a great place, and just watching their videos makes me feel so at home. I love the positive vibe their family gives off in the videos, and you can tell it's authentic because their family is always doing something fun no matter what! The entire Ballinger family is made up of such amazing people, but I think that Chris and Jessica have one of the most loving, sweet, and hilarious families on YouTube.

THEY ARE THE BEST! They always upload on time and make sure they have the best content! Always doing fun things but still keeping some things private and I think that's a good thing! They share their whole life with us and I can't thank them enough! They always make me smile! Oh and THE KIDS ARE THE CUTEST VLOGGERS EVER

Having just met 3 of them, they are genuine and kind and exactly like they are on screen. My family and I love watching their vlogs together. We relate to their creative, fun, family life

This family is a great example that kids don't have to grow up with an iPad from dawn to dusk in their hands to be happy. All they need is loving parents.

I think that Chris is one of the funnies people on YouTube. His children (especially Jacob) are just the best and so cute. He is so awesome at magic and his family is so awesome.