Top 10 Most Famous Miiverse Profiles Based on Anime Characters

Here are the list of top 10 best, most famous Miiverse profiles based on anime characters.

The Top Ten

1 Misaka Mikoto / Last Order - jandlplay98

Main protagonist of the anime series: A Certain Scientific Railgun Series.
One of the cutest tsundere characters of all time.
She also plays SSB4, Splatoon, and Fire Emblem Fates. - Neinwott

2 Konata Izumi - KonataReturns

Main character of Lucky Star.
She is the most cutest characters of 2007.
No motivation ASOBITA! - Neinwott

3 Goten-Chan - Silverstars

One of the main deuteragonist of Dragon Ball Z and GT. He was the cutest characters of all time. - Neinwott

4 Nico Robin - robinallsunday

One of the heroines of One Piece. Nico Robin summons her giant hands and her giant bare feet to destroy bad guys. She is a very cool anime character. - Neinwott

5 Ami-Chan peppermintsquirt

Douse yourself with water and repent! Here's Ami-Chan, the Sailor Mercury. One of the protagonists of the anime series. - Neinwott

6 Miyuki Takara - TravelocityKirby

One of the main characters in Lucky Star. She just laughs with Hiiragi Twins at the Stare Face. - Neinwott

7 Yuno Gasai - Itsover900014

One of the Anti-Heroines of Mirai Nikki. She kills everyone with her knife, and laughs evilly. - Neinwott

8 Peko Pekoyama - Chickjen

I miss her...

One of the main characters of the Danganronpa Series. She battles against Monokuma. - Neinwott

9 Shizuo Heiwajima - Kirionic

One of the main characters of the Durarara Series (DRRR). He also look strong as hell. - Neinwott

10 Taiga Aisaka - Muerte20000

One of the main characters of Toradora. She is one tsundere girl. She gets extremely mad. - Neinwott

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