Top Ten Fastest Sonic the Hedgehog Characters


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1 Sonic

Sonic is the fastest thing alive he outrun a Lamborghini and he's heroic and an amazing character.

Even after Shadow is introduced, Sonic is still called the Fastest Thing alive. They would have dropped the term if Shadow were faster. Sonic is the fastest. Not Shadow.

I'd be lying if I voted for anyone other than Sonic, the Blue Blur. - Xylophone786

He is the fastest thing alive plus Archie, games,comics, cartons are all sonic so he's the fastest fictional chapter Sega said so and I should know because my dad a old black and white crapy video of them saying so 😁

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2 Tails

He’s epic cute skillful

"Hello, I'm Tails! I'm 8 and I'm in the top five for the fastest character! Yay! "

Me: good for you, kid.

3 Shadow

Shadow is not faster then sonic but he is bad ass he can catch up with sonic. But some people say that he is Sonics arch rival he's good Dr German is Sonics rival.

Although at one point in the franchise shadow admits that sonic is faster, I think he was just being generous.

He is the second in very much of the games so a think he has to be the second

Shadow can catch up with sonic but what he can easily beat tails

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4 Blaze

Blaze is by far the most fastest sonic female

Yeah, I'll have to put Blaze as the fastest after Sonic and Shadow.

5 Knuckles Knuckles

I love knuckles

I think knuckles is fast

6 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic

He was the fastest in adventure 2

1# Sonic
2# Metal Sonic
3# Shadow
4# Blaze
5# Knuckles
6# Amy
7# Silver
8# Egg Man - lizard302

7 Silver

But It's not a joke... He can't run too fast, yet he can really move when flying. - Xylophone786

This is a joke well silver uses his powers on his feet to go faster

Is this meant to be a joke.

Silver is so awesome he's my πŸ’― present favourite

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8 Hyper Sonic Hyper Sonic

This should be number one

9 Dark Sonic Dark Sonic

Has anyone seen sonic x
Wach the episode were sonic turns to dark sonic then rethink tish list lobo maloso - Pokemonsonicmaster

10 Infinite

Oh come in in the trailer he was faster than sonic

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11 Super Sonic Super Sonic
12 Mephiles
13 Egg Man

Sonic can't catch him. It was an old game, one of the first, but I forget what it's called. He can outrun Sonic, what more is there to say

It's called sonic the hedgehog and sonic the hedgehog 2... "I can't remember the name" - Sanicball

Play Sonic 2 and by the end of the game, you will see how fast he really is.

In the classic games he is even faster then sonic-_- for... Some... Reason - kredenckitsune

He out ran sonic and the end of sonic 2

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14 Seelkadoom

In Sonic RPG Episode 8, when Super Sonic was using Light Speed Attack to catch Shadow, Seelkadoom caught up to Sonic with barely any effort. He even said "It seems that light speed just isn't enough! "

How is seelkadoom faster than sonic he literally is the fastest thing alive sonic is probably way faster than seelkadoom

He is faster than anyone including sonic

This is a fan character; please learn to distinguish from filthy OCs and official characters!

15 Amy Rose Amy Rose

Always one step behind sonic and tails.

16 Scourge V 2 Comments
17 Nazo

I know

18 Doctor Eggman

Well classic sonic is slower than modern sonic and classic eggman is skinnier than modern egg man. So egg man is faster than sonic on sonic 1and sonic 2 and sonic 3

End of Sonic 2, believe me, sonic can't catch up to him!

Oh... I thought this said "fattest" Sonic characters.

Play sonic 2 and then return to this list.

19 Jet the Hawk Jet the Hawk
20 Rouge the Bat Rouge the Bat

She's pretty fast

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