Favorite Characters From the Percy Jackson Series

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1 Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Percy is everything that most people want to be- humble and modest, yet a hero. Percy Jackson is the Son of Poseidon, and the strongest character in the book, yet he doesn't seem to care or brag about any of it. Percy is truly the best. - top10master

As much as I love all the other characters, no one would ever top Percy Jackson for me. He started the whole series, making it one of the best I've ever read.

Throughout both series, you could see how he could be funny and sarcastic to strong and determined to kind and loyal. Even though that his fatal flaw was being too loyal, that's really one of the main reasons I love him, because of his loyalty to his friends.

Unlike those other Greek heroes and Greek gods, he may be arrogant but not to the point that he was too proud to care. He turned down immortality, probably because of Annabeth and his friends but to request for something better. He turned down his chance of becoming immortal and made a request for the better of future demigods.

And that was when I knew that Percy Jackson was an even truer hero then Hercules and those other Greek, arrogant, heroes. Not only did he save Olympus a couple of times, saved the world, saved his friends and everyone else, he ...more

My absolute favourite fictional character of all time! Super sweet and caring, but also sarcastic and funny. Though others might disagree, I believe him to be the most powerful of the seven (eight including Nico), maybe even the most powerful of the two camps. I absolutely love his rebellious little attitude, standing up to gods and anyone else he encounters. As well as his little knack for getting in trouble. The HOH series really drowned out his personality though, which makes me sad. I first read that as a comment and after being furious I realized it was true. He kinda lost his spunk as other characters were introduced, like that quick temper and quicker wit? I didn't really feel that in HOH. But despite this Percy is pretty much my IDOL I love him too much for a fictional character! I can't stand reading books over again yet I've read this series several times! Can't even express my fondness of Seaweed Brain!

Percy has done so many great things I cannot even begin to list them all. He is willing to sacrifice himself even if he knows he would die, unlike Leo who only sacrificed himself because he had a potion from god of healing. first he defeated ARES god of war at the age of 12 with barely any training at all. He literally got the Golden Fleece but took no credit for it and all the campers ignored him, yet he was still happy for even coming back alive. He lead and army defeated Kronos. He was offered immortality but refused because he wanted demigods and minor god and goddesses to be treated good. He had a poor and humble background but was grateful for everything he had showing how great of a character he is. I could go on and on, but there are so many things to say, it would be impossible to list it all. Percy is very humble and kind. Others could only wish to be 1% of how great Percy is.

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2 Nico Di'Angelo Nico Di'Angelo

Nico is just amazing. A one of a kind, really. Personally, I see Nico as character that a lot of people could connect with, I find him more... Relatable than the rest of the characters. Nico has gone through so much: a lost of a family member (s) depression, anxiety, fear of what people might think of him and feels like an outcast. Plus he is homosexual. To be honest, I don't think I would ever take up the role of a "leader" of some sorts, like Nico, I would pretty much do my own thing or follow what others are doing. Nico never really wanted to take the role of the "leader" and most of us would relate to. I think Nico has taught us so much and to overcome our fears. Percy is great, trust me, I'm all pro for percy, but I always found Nico more interesting and, like I said, relatable. Nico's character development is clearly one of the strongest and biggest development in the Percy Jackson series. Must I say, well done Rick, what a beautiful character you created

Nico is such a great character. Throughout the series he grows in a little kid to a strong brave, confident, man. He probably has the most changed and character development throughout the series then any of the other characters. And I think that character development really makes the character interesting to read about. He may not be the main character or so up in the book as many times as other characters, but when he does show up you can see how truly great and powerful he is especially for being physically younger than everyone else (I know that technically though he is really old, but I feel like that time didn't really count). He has to go through so much more than everyone else. He lost his sister he doesn't really have any family or friends that cares for him. He is an outcast, and left alone for the majority of the books. Yet he still is just as powerful probably even more than the majority of the other characters on this list. Nico is a strong, great, interesting and powerful ...more - FiaFlora

Nico was one of the most interesting characters to read about in the book. One of the best things about him was his character development. When you first meet nico he is this happy and hyper kid. But then after Bianca died every kinda went downhill from there. He slowly became more and more dark as the books went on. It is horrible thinking about the things nico had to go through. The kid has to go through Tartarus all alone. He was forced to confess his feelings about Percy in front of valentine. He felt rejected by everyone around him. And on top of all that he lost his sister. But finally in the last book nico really grew as a character. He learned from his hardships and he changed for the better. He will never be that little happy kid again but in the end things worked out for him. All in all he was just a very relatable, interesting, and strong character and that's what made him my favorite. (Tied with Leo of course) We all gotta give Rick a round of applause for making such a ...more

What more can I say? Heand Leo are my favorite characters, as well as Annabeth (Leo should have scored higher) He deserves Will Solace. What would the world be like without Solangelo? He’s pure awesomeness. And I love how he saved Hazel from Asphodel. I can talk all day about how amazing Death Boy is.

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3 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase

She's tough and smart, but also friendly and likable.

She's pretty, kind, and super smart but not a Mary Sue. She's so awesome and has to be my favorite character. SHE ROCKS!

Annabeth is trough and has been through a lot. She stood up to her mother, Athena, and protected Percy when he needed it. Like when she took a poisonous dagger/knife for him. Let go of Luke. Fell into tarturus and survived. Her loyalty is strong and greatly improved over the course of the years. Her knowledge is limited but she knows the right stuff. In all she is the best character in my opinion. ( other than Hazel )

€�You drool when you sleep.”

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4 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

There's no words. Leo is simply amazing. He's funny and impossible to hate. He doesn't like to "burden" others with his problems and never think of himself first. It's heartbreaking that he thinks of himself as the seventh wheel, the one that would never fit in or have a girlfriend. The only reason Leo fell for Calypso is because she was the first girl to ever show any kind of attraction towards him and that is so unfair. Calypso would probably fall in love with the next guy she saw and he deserves so much better than a girl who can't help but fall in love with every guy she meets. Though I feel I'm being unfair to her, even calypso hated leo when he first showed up. He's always smiling and can crack a joke in any situation not to mention how selfless he is. Leo valdez is and will always be just as much of a hero if not more than percy jackson or jason grace

Leo is basically that comic relief. What makes him so interesting is the fact he is purposely comic relief for the group to hide the darkness, guilt, and uselessness. He is such a selfless character, always trying to prove himself, especially since he believes he is unuseful to the others. Not 'hotness', not 'guilt' no, those are not the reasons why. I love Leo Valdez simply because no matter what situation he is put in, he still manages to put a smile on your face.

I really love Leo Valdez. He's funny, lovable and just pulls you in. He never likes dumping all of his pain and problems to his friends and is always striving to prove himself to the others. Unlike Percy, Jason, Nico, Hazel, and Thalia, he isn't a child of the big three. I hate the fact he likes Calypso. I mean, one, how does he know he really love her because he falls in love with every pretty girl he meets and the same goes for Calypso. She fell in love with every guy who landed on her island. What'll happen once she meets Jason or Percy or another guy? She'll move on in a matter or seconds. Also, while she immediately loves the other guys, she hated Leo at first. No way would I trust her with his heart.

Leo is funny and SUPER FLIPPING CLEVER! He built the whole Argo II, which it takes 100 people at least to build at normal average speed, he knows everything and I absolutely Love him. Why is he here? He should be the first!

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5 Thalia Grace Thalia Grace

Thalia has been through so much, she's such a badarse, and I just love her. She was brave enough to sacrifice herself for her friends, she was brave enough to stand up to 4 different goddesses, she was brave enough to turn down power. And her fighting skills rock, how could anyone forget how she kicked Luke's butt! She developed throughout the story and became more mature, but she still retained her attitude and guts. She's my favorite female literary character. She could take Katniss down with her hands tied behind her back:) Thalia is amazing. Enough said

Thalia is a main character, right along with the seven. She never disappeared. She appeared in the majority of the books, and when she didn't, she was at least mentioned once or twice. The buildup to her arrival was incredible, and she had a major impact on the story. She even replaced Annabeth as Percy's main female companion for a book and a short story. She defeated a major villain, and she and Percy are shown to develop a strong friendship and team. She was proclaimed by Grover and Atlas to be, along with Percy, the greatest hero of the age, and the most powerful demigod. Here's to the original Team Percy Jackson: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, Tyson, and Rachel!

Thalia is one of the best female characters in the story. Her personality is strong and independent. She is brave enough to sacrifice her life to save her friends. The buildup to her arrival in story is incredible and she had a major impact on the story. Along with Percy Jackson she is described as the greatest demigod of the age. She defeats a major villain and shows great friendship and Team Corporation. She is headstrong but loyal to her friends. By becoming a Hunter, Thalia gave up her chance to be an adult and have a normal life. This selfless action kept Olympus safe for a while and she showed just as much loyalty to Olympus as Bianca did.

I love her

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6 Grover Underwood

Haha, I love this satyr. - RebeccaN123

Somebody who eats an apple that you're playing Hackey Sack with (The Lightning Thief) is automatically cool in my book, and throughout the series he's just hilarious

Haha Grover is so funny! I wish he had got a better part in Heroes of Olympus!

This adorable little guy doesn't get much credit! I find him very three dimensional and relatable to be honest. He's so nice and takes care of Percy, he's so amazing and he doesn't get the credit he deserves

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7 Tyson

I LOVE Tyson! He's such a cute character and I always looked forward to reading about him. - RebeccaN123

Tyson should be number 1 go Tyson and rainbow ponies

Tyson is my favourite character. There is no character that can make me laugh as quickly or as much as Tyson can. He is sweet and innocent and awesome despite his tough childhood.

Yes, Tyson should be top!
No offense, when I saw Nico was second, just ew.

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8 Reyna

Love Reyna, especially since Blood of Olympus. No matter what comes her way, whether it be titans, giants, ghosts from her past, or stupid boys who don't deserve her, she always handles it and stays strong. Plus, how can you not love someone who has two dogs made out of Gold and Silver?

Love love love Reyna! She's strong, mature, level-headed and beautiful! For me, she should rank higher on this list. She has been through so much, not only on the pressures she has faced as a praetor but what she has been through in her younger years. And for that, she has gained my permanent respect.

Reyna doesn't get enough credit. But, here I'm going to talk about her love life. She has a crush on Jason, he gets elevated to praetor, that's enough for her. They quest and lead New Rome together. Then Jason goes missing. She feels terrible, and yet he comes back with a super pretty girlfriend. After that, even though she is feeling heartbreak, she VOLUNTEERS for a extremely dangerous mission across the world. That is girl power. - skimmet1

# jayna 4 life (die piper die)

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9 Luke Castellan

I always felt kinda bad for the guy, but without him things with the god never would have changed.

I felt so different about Luke throughout the series. At first he seemed like a nice guy, but then we found out that he was a traitor. That really hit me even though I already knew he was one. Luke wasn't a very lovable guy, especially when he was working for Kronos. But when you think about it, you'll probably remember how he seemed different to Percy than the bad guy he thought he knew. Luke tried to go back and admit to Annabeth how he wanted a fresh start, but she refused. Then when the were on Olympus fighting Luke/Kronos, he pulled through and was a hero in the end. That's only a few reasons I love Luke so much.

I mean we all agree that he's a jerk throughout but in the end, he's the hero. We all learn his reasons and why he's the way he is. And even if we may not agree with them, we see where he's coming from and I just... This. This is the kind of villain I love, with backgrounds and weaknesses and depths, not just some mindlessly evil dude like Kronos

Personally? I’ve always loved Luke, even when he betrayed them. I understand why people disagree, he’s made to be the typical villain from book one. But, put yourself in his situation. He learned that the Gods aren’t meant to be trusted, and his friend, Hal, died because he wanted to help a little girl from being killed. He lost his best friend at a young age, and his other best friend, the one he himself trained and valued, Annabeth, was getting more and more distant as years past. He fails a mission, and suddenly, he finds out he can stop other demigods like him from feeling the same pain. He can defeat the Gods, and stop them from having anymore children to suffer. And remember, most of the time, he wasn’t even the one doing all this, it was Kronos. And, of course, he died. He died for us. He sacrificed himself for us, something Percy’s never done. Also, many say that Luke’s that hero in the prophecy, and it’s not even a theory, it’s the truth. It says that cursed ...more

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10 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

This girl threw a plastic hairbrush into the eye of the most dangerous titan lord ever. In the words of Percy Jackson, she has gained my permanent respect.

One does not simply hit the lord of the titans in the eye with a blue plastic hair brush. Gingers are cool, and she is awesome.

She should have popped up more in the second series! She awesome. I know she wanted to date percy at one point but hey, if you met percy and he was single then chances are most girls would want him.

I know you will all hate me for this but I don't like her. She annoyed m e from the first book she was in to the last. But I will say it was brave of her for throwing a hairbrush at the titan lords eye.

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11 Hazel Levesque Hazel Levesque

Hazel really showed how brave she is and she is a severely underrated character. She has been through so much, like her mother's death, and let's not forget that SHE DELAYED GAEA THE FIRST TIME. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn't done that? Being Nico's little sister also helped Nico be a better person again since Bianca's death. She is a brave fighter, and she is kind, loving, caring, and all around one of the best characters. She doesn't deserve only #27

Yeah you are right. Plus is is the third best of the seven heroes

Hazel was an awesome character, and I think that she should have gotten someone better than Frank, not that I didn't like Frank, but he was kind of a Pansy

Hazel's awesome! She has such an interesting background life and how can you not like her?!?!?!

She is pretty great - thalia_thatsme

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12 Jason Grace Jason Grace

I don't understand how many people don't like him! Its also sad that everyone is comparing him to Percy, trust me, Percy Jackson is an amazing character, but Jason isn't a cold, stern and heartless demigod. He can have fun and has helped everyone in many ways. If it was not for him, many characters that we love (yes Percy, even you) wouldn't be here now. He also helped Nico with the Cupid incident, and was there for him when not a lot of people were. Stop being so mean to Jason! Jason is not a Percy and Percy is certainly not a Jason, both of them are leaders and powerful in their own ways.

I completely agree. Also, there was this incident where Jason was the only demigod who prayed for Nico's happiness to his father. That really made me like him a lot - ObscuredBeauty

I cannot believe how many people still don't like him! come on, he is represented as a Mary-Sue, but you do have to give credit that he and Percy have some bromance, and that he helps Nico. Even though he acts serious, he's an understanding character that works hard.

I have to admit, I didn't like Jason at first, but after The House of Hades and The Blood of Olympus, he gained my admiration and respect. Jason became such a good friend to Nico after he came out to Cupid in front of him. He offered Nico his support and told him that Nico was really brave. And his reaction at the end of the Blood of Olympus, when Nico said he was going to stay at Camp Half Blood...aww, I was so happy that Nico accepted Jason's hug.

Jason Grace is nothing short of amazing. He deserved a better ending to his story. Nico recodnised this and was the only person he opened up to. Piper also. And Leo was his best friend. Both camps adored him and will be very very mad about his death.

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13 Chiron

The Dumbledore in Percy Jackson series

Chiron is so cool especially in the battle of the labyrinth.

How can you not like this guy and his classical music?


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14 Blackjack

The coolest pegasus ever! And he owns the cover of The Last Olympian!

A horse who has humour, and loves eating doughnuts. What's not to like?

Best Pegasus Ever! He loves surge cubes. How come he's not the number one?!


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15 Silena Beauregard

Rick had so much potential with this character. Either Thalia or her should have been in the seven instead of Piper. I mean, think about how interesting it would have been if Silena survived. She lost the love of her life, she owns her sweet girly-girl personality and is still a warrior, and some campers would still be calling her a traitor for being Luke's former spy. This is one of Rick's few mistakes with these AMAZING books that pretty much define me. Silena Beauregard should have survived

I loved her! Sure she was a traitor but first of all, she was tricked into it, and she was promised that Charles would be safe! She did what she did out of love! Plus, what she did before she died was truly heroic! Silena FOR THE WIN!

Underrated! I don't like it, but I think her death has actually made her more popular, because she died a hero and nobody's gonna convince me otherwise.

Silena is pretty but doesn't brag.I love her because shes caring, kind and brave. She's pretty much selfless

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16 Charles Beckendorf

Beckendorf is that cool person that isn't one of the main characters, doesn't have an important role and practically contributes to nothing, but the one that everyone secretly loves.

I love him! He is strong, lighthearted, and he achieved elysium! FAVOURITE CHARACTER!

Beckendorf and Selena were probably one of the cutest couples in the series

Yes he's faboulous

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17 Hades

Hey! Come on! He's Nico's dad! We all love Nico, give his father some credit!

The God of Death, and the father one of my favorite characters Nico. Enough said.

He's Nico's dad. Basically what everybody is saying: he's the father of my favorite character. YES. And come on, you have to feel bad for him that he was excluded from Olympus.

Unlike most of these commentors, I liked him from before I met Nico.

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18 Artemis

You gotta love the man hating goddess who, ironically, only respects one man, the main character, which proves my point, the main character can do anything...

I love how she is smart and not hot headed like most of the other gods, and I love how she legitimately cares about her hunters

She's the best goddess of the all, the smartest, bravest awesomest one. Come on, the gods would fall apart if not for her. Totally kick butt and man hating which so proves my point. Plus, she's a huntress and hangs out with immortal girls

I love her. She is the best goddess in the Olympus

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19 Hermes

Hermes is definitely my favorite god in the series.

He should be up there - Mayachen2006

Best god ever


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20 Zoe Nightshade

Zoe is one of my favorite characters. Zoe the Hunter sets out on quest that permits her to save Artemis, her leader and the goddess of the Hunt. This Act shows the danger and adventure that she is willing to take to save lady Artemis even knowing it could mean her death. She has portrayed loyalty to extreme standards. Zoe is a character for whom we seem to root in the book. She takes the story through twists and turns and amazes reader with her past. Zoe can also be thought as the bravest among her sisters.

Zoe is so so so awesome! And a relatable character for you to feel sympathy towards and someone to root for.

Severely underrated, I loved zoe

Zoe is just the best! way underrated. And ill always remember her for her bravery and that DAM snack bar

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21 Coach Hedge

Come on cupcakes! Vote for coach hedge

Amazing guy. He is the coolest. So funny. He just makes me laugh. I think he is hight though. lol!

He's like a more badass grover

"Pokemon, gotta kill 'em all! "

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22 Poseidon

Hey, guys if you can vote for the awesome Percy Jackson can't you vote for his awesome dad...

Come on! Who doesn't love Poseidon? He is one of the best godly fathers.

The waves scratched me on a rock yesterday

He is the best God come on admit it

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23 Sally Jackson

She purposely chose to stay with the nastiest, most horrible human on the face of the earth. She remained with Gabe, who abused her. All to protect her son. She deserves to be on her list and you know what? She deserves to be on the top ten best fictional moms list.

When she found love for the second time, I was so pleased. She deserves to have a good man to treat her right. And percy deserves a proper father figure...no offense Poseidon...your awesome but you don't get much time for your children.

Best mom ever. I mean who wouldn't like her. Poseidon was right she is a queen of woman

Sally should be way higher on the list in my opinion, she was very understanding of Percy, and in general a very good mother

Sally deserves to be on the top ten. If it weren't for sally, none of the series would have happened - Mayachen2006

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24 Bianca Di'Angelo

Bianca, though only starring in one book of the first series, was very brave and caring, especially to Nico. If Nico is #2, how can Bianca not be higher? She was always careful to make sure everything was safe, and was kind to everyone (who was not a monster)

Bianca could have been a much stronger character, and compared to Nico, she is cardboard

She is so sweet, and caring how can she not be number 1

HOW CAN YOU GUYS NOT LOVE BIANCA, LIKE COME ON GUYS SHE IS AMAZHANG. And she is the sister of Nico like come on she is absolute amazhang

25 Will Solace

Uh... I don't have much to say about Will besides that he is kind and helped Nico get out of his shell.

If some one can get close to Nico beside his sister's they have to be good

I'm kinda surprised Will is so far down on this list considering that most people love Solangelo

He is just an all round kind character and I mean seriously wico is perfect ( will and nico)

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26 Apollo

He's like the PJO fandom's Sheldon Cooper. You feel sad for him, and you want to smack him in the face at the same time! He's the jerk we all root for, and he isn't that mean toward demigods. I say, at the least, he should be ranked higher than Athena. I mean, I respect her and all, but as she said, "Wise counsel isn't always the most popular counsel." This is a popularity contest. Apollo should be ranked higher.

Apollo my favourite go he really should be higher up. He's a cool. Character being so sassy and he's funny. With the trial of apollo out I hope he gets more liked. I mean he's self-obsessed and always thinking of him self makes it even funnier.

So awesome, and whoever said he should have his own series predicted the future

I brighten up whenever he makes appearance! Rather endearing sort of character.

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27 Bob

In the demigod diaries he lost his memory and became bob and now he is in the second series

He should be higher up. It surprises me why people like KRONOS more than him. How is he even related to kronos?

WHAT?! He should be so much higher on this list. He sacrificed his life for AC and PJ to save the rest of the world. Him and Damasian should be so much higher! Love Bob, Damasian, and not to mention Small Bob!


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28 Kronos

He's so evil! I don't like him.

Luke aside, he's a bit more 2 dimensional than some of the other villains.

He's so evil! I don't think he should even BE on this list!

He's an OK villain. Luke made him way better.

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29 Clarisse La Rue

Though she came off as as a bully at the start, as time went, I began to really respect and even sort of like the daughter of ares. She's headstrong, hot tempered, rude, tough and a leader. Clarrise fights for what she believes in and is just as stubborn as percy jackson. She's very independant and thinks having friends and showing your soft side makes you weak. She puts up a strong wall to hide that she has a heart just like leo uses his jokes to hide the guilt and darkness and insecureness. When she came to avege silena's death, she reminded me of Achilles, who despite being one of the best warriors, sat out the war until the death of a close friend and then joined to avenge their death despite the fact it could have been avoided if they had pushed aside their pride. Despite that, clarisse truly cares for people though she doesn't always like to show it. Though her father's one of the least likeable gods, she's a good person and someone to be respected

I'm sure we can all agree we hated Clarisse at the beginning. But in the Battle of the Labyrinth we were all like "Huh what's going on? " The more and more we get to know Clarisse the more we find out about what she's really like. She may be strong and sometimes rude (correction all the time) but really she's as nice as Piper is to Leo or Annabeth is to G-Man. Clarisse is a character you believe could exist.

If you get to know her she is probably really sweet and loyal

She's underrated to be honest

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30 Festus

Festus was awesome! Plus, you've got to give him credit for being blown up

He sacrificed himself to help his friends. He is awesome. Anyone who is related to Leo, I like.

He's the reason Leo is alive

He's so awesome and is one of Leo's best friends! I don't know how he's not even hire on the chart,but he sacrificed himself with Leo to defeat Gaea and let's not forget that he had been blown up before. He's portable,can breathe fire,fly,and is just so awesome and he seems to be very happy for a dragon,which is what the name "Festus" means.

31 Frank Zhang

The most underrated character in the whole series. It breaks my heart that so many people that read the books find him weak or boring, because I absolutely love his character. He is caring, sweet, modest, and bashful (making him even more adorable.) He sometimes will underestimate his abilities, but is always there to back up his friends, especially Hazel (one of my fave ships by the way.) On top of his amazing personality, he can turn into animals. Like any animal. But yeah, that's pretty boring - dig the sarcasm?

Frank is one of my top 3 favorite characters. His backstory is sad, but some what realistic. His character evolves wonderfully and he is tragicly played. He is an outcast, but at the same time people love him. He is a redeemed character that has amazing powers. His past is similar yet different from Leo's. Because while Leo's backstory slowly plays out during his childhood, Frank's story, powers, weaknesses, secrets, and deaths all hit him at once. He is insecure, which explains him being a little bit rude to Leo. His relationship with Hazel is sweet, and wonderful break from the drama of everything. Frank is really nice, sweet, and kind. With deep character flaws, and misjudgments. Which makes him awesome. Also his powers are so cool, but you wish he didn't have them, it's sad to see the fact that this awesome and wonderful characters life depends on a stick. Thanks Rick, for this awesome character.

This dude is seriously UNDERRATED. I mean, come on! Who else would be an Mars/ARES kid, and yet he is extremely nice, and yet so POWERFUL, he can turn into ANIMALS, people, ANIMALS.

What do u mean by 34?
He is my favorite chatachter besides Calypso and Percy. I love his personality and above all his grandma Zhang.

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32 Ethan Nakamura

All he wanted was his mother to get credit, and died trying.


I liked him. He shouldn't have died. It would be interesting to see what would have happend if Kronos/luke wasnt immortal.

I like him a lot. It's all the gods fault he died. :(

33 Gwen Madison

Anyone who dies and comes back to life is awesome in my book.

Gwent is kinda cool and she came back to Life?!

SHE was only there fore 2 parqagraphs

34 Magnus Chase

Honestly I just enjoy his character the most: his unique experiences, understandable wolf phobia, and outlook on life bring a new depth and light to the series. Although admit Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth are tied for close second in my favorite Percy Jackson character list.

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. HOLD the phone. If I'd seen him earlier, I'd have voted for him!

I love this character though it was a close call

He's great! I like him more than Percy

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35 Bessie the Ophiotaurus

Because guy sea cows named Bessie are totally hip.

Bessie was discribed so well in the bookes and sounded so cute

36 Athena

Athena's awesome how can you not like her she is the GODDESS OF WISDOM FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

Come on people! Vote for the most amazing God ever

Goddess I mean

How can people not like her she is the goddess of wisdom and battle she is much better then Ares ( in my opinion, and sorry Ares's Fan). She's also Annabeth's mother and Annabeth is awesome. Plus all of her children are awesome (yes I'm mostly talking of the guy that created the labyrinth. )

37 Jack

Jack is the best! He isn't reliable, but he's really useful and makes a great character.

Jack is the talking sword of magnus chase


38 Mr D

Come on, he deserves some credit just for being the only person alive capable of coming up with so many names that start with a P or a J in order to avoid the right one:L Plus you gotta love the man that plays pacman during the end of the world!

Mr. D should be somewhere at the top!
He amuses me and he does show his affection for Percy in the Books. He cared for his sons and he is just a fun character. You HAVE TO give him some credit.

39 Hera


HERa isss he hfrhuhr worst

Hera's kinda like my friend's mom. -_-


Why is she even here
I bet Percy and Annabeth saw her in Tatarus,
Hell is filled with people like Hera - Mayachen2006

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40 Percabeth

Percy and Annabeth are the best characters, and they are always better together!

Percabeth is one of the ships I hate and why is it even on here I mean percy and annabeth are characters but this, this is not

41 C.C.

Circe turned percy into a guinea-pig!

Cc is pretty cool

42 Thanatos

Thanatos invites the feeling of remembering that death is still a beautiful thing. Even if we are afraid of it, he does remind us it really is gorgeous.
He also plays an important role in the story, giving everybody a reason to learn more about the plans of our villains

He's pretty cool, with the wings and the scythe. He snapped Frank out of a daze that sorta saved him in a way. Even if He was putting frank in danger of dying in the first place-

43 Khione
44 Damasen

Damasen is so Brave to stand up to Tartarus and buy Percy and Annabeth time

45 Typhon

Beat all the gods at once... Enough said

Shut up you

46 Eros (Cupid)

I hate you for torturing nico.

Love can kill
Love is a weapon
Love can be used for destruction
Love can heal
And the Lovers can be used
I voted for this troll for a reason...
Because he is right about love
It's painful like the thorns on a steam of a rose
But, beautiful and delicate as the rose itself

Love hurts, Nico

Very hot god

47 Hecate
48 Pan

Mans a savage

By far the best God character

49 Janus

so awesome

50 Juniper

Juniper is sooo sweet and she actuly cared aboute grover

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