Favorite Characters From the Percy Jackson Series

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1 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

I absolutely love this guy, he’s always sassy or sarcastic, with smart comebacks but he can be so dense and lovable. Hers a lovable seaweed brain that everyone loves. The way he never brags about victories and always respects those who have passed is so touching, and his fatal flaw is special compared to those like pride or a,nation.

All hail Seaweed Brain! Who doesn't love Percy Jackson! After all he is the main blue character! Every good word in the world is less for this guy! Love you Seaweed Brain!

Very refreshing character, honestly. He’s a top ten personal favorite. Ever read Wings Of Fire series? You totally should, by the way. Anyway, he is like Clay with his unmoving loyalty. It’s kinda inspirational...But, yeah, he is great.
People compare him to Jason...well, Jason is great but I mean, after a while Percy’s personality would be better than Jason’s, at least for me. No hate though.
Percy did so much, and refused to give up. He made the prophecy be his, to save Nico...
I want him to be my brother just because I know how much his family and friends mean to him. So if I am ever in trouble, I know I can trust him to try help me.

As much as I love all the other characters, no one would ever top Percy Jackson for me. He started the whole series, making it one of the best I've ever read.

Throughout both series, you could see how he could be funny and sarcastic to strong and determined to kind and loyal. Even though that his fatal flaw was being too loyal, that's really one of the main reasons I love him, because of his loyalty to his friends.

Unlike those other Greek heroes and Greek gods, he may be arrogant but not to the point that he was too proud to care. He turned down immortality, probably because of Annabeth and his friends but to request for something better. He turned down his chance of becoming immortal and made a request for the better of future demigods.

And that was when I knew that Percy Jackson was an even truer hero then Hercules and those other Greek, arrogant, heroes. Not only did he save Olympus a couple of times, saved the world, saved his friends and everyone else, he ...more

2 Nico Di'Angelo

Nico is the best and no one can change my mind. He dark and gloomy on the outside but is in reality a very loving and loyal person.he is strong to. Imagine the only people who loved you died when you were a little kid, your dad wished you were dead, and you had to leave the only place that might except you because of who you were in love with, and then having to hate that person, and all that time you never cracked. That's strong. Also he has a cool power. He can Summon the dead and tracker through shadows. And I like his character design.

Everyone says percy had a bad childhood look at this guy people he went from orange camp shirts and olive skin to when bianca died black clothes with skulls hating everyone stopped cutting his hair and was obsessed with death, darkness, and hate it is just sad but I like him because he is different good and bad. Plus his mother died I am not taking pity but I am saying how strong this guy is losing his only family members that cared about him I mean hades said I wish you had died and bianca had live that's just wrong. But he went through maybe dark, and hateful but he is strong in th inside and the outside plus he is kind of sweet in the inside but it is kind of hard to live being so young without a family except HADES! I mean come on.

Nico is the best character in the entire Percy Jackson series! At first when I read about him I was totally on to him. He was just a little boy but the things he does and says, WOW that shows how awesome and brave he actually is. I am his age in the last olympian but he seems so much older than me and much wiser. Hip Hip Hurray for the Ghost King!

I personally developed a weird love for nico throughout the heroes of olympus and trials fo apollo series. During "the last olympian" what he did to percy, I had raged over him but after I finished the heroes of olympus series I just loved him so much more than I hated him. He had the biggest character development if you ask me and the big reveal about his sexuality made me love him even more and now I just love the ship solangelo and also love nico.

3 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

It bothers me so much when people say Annabeth is abusive towards Percy. This doesn't make sense at all. Apparently "Seaweed Brain" is degrading towards his intelligence. Percy is smart, and Annabeth definitely knows that. Also, why is Annabeth only getting the blame? You have Thalia who calls him "Seaweed Brain and Kelp Head." You have Clarisse who insults him on a daily basis. Leo called him stupid in Blood of Olympus, and Reyna said Percy wouldn't be able to even get out of a paper bag. That's also insulting his intelligence. Annabeth is an amazing girl. She is not possessive, maybe a bit clingy. But that is definitely something many people can relate to. That being said, all of these characters are great!

Annabeth is literally the best character in the entire PJO/HOO universe. She's everything that everyone wants to be when they grow up. She's smart, brave, bold, friendly, sarcastic (in a good way), beautiful (but she doesn't brag about it), patient, etc. Sure, her fatal flaw is pride, but no one is perfect. She is also very similar to Ginny and Hermione, my 2 favorite Harry Potter characters.
Her achievements go without saying:
- She held the sky of the world! Percy and the others who held the sky said it was painful and hard and all.
- She stood up to her mom when Athena disapproved of Percy.
- Percy admitted in the Ship of the Dead that she was the most powerful demigod of her generation.
- Mark of Athena (that should be obvious)
- If not for her, the gods would have never won the Titan and Giant War.

The series is so amazing, every single good character means a lot to me!

Annabeth is by far the best female character in the entire fandom. She went through so much but that doesn't prevent her from reaching her goals.

Her fatal flaw is hubris but that's another reason why she appeals to so many people - such a relatable character.

She ran away at the age of 7. AT AGE 7. She met Thalia and Luke, the first two people who she felt actually knew her. Then Luke turned evil, and she wanted to prove her worth! Chiron didn't choose her for quests. When he did, she was with Percy Jackson for the quest (who Athena forbid her to be friends with). She went through so many obstacles. She held the entire sky for several days, found the statue of Athena & defeated Arachne single-handedly with a broken ankle. She went through so much, and she is a true representation of girl power! Piper, Thalia, Reyna, and Hazel are great too!
But Annabeth means so much to me - her ...more

And there's the wise girl! Annabeth has always taught me to think strategically, keep talking when in a dangerous situation and to judo your boyfriend if he disappears.😅 Still we love the daughter of Athena!

4 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

He's a very light-hearted character done in a way that doesn't merely dismiss him as a comedy relief, although he could fill that role. There's reason for the way he reacts and thinks about things, and even though his own friends have an inclination to often blow off Leo, he's really got a lot going on inside his head. He's loyal, although I'm sure that applies to most characters here, he's clever, he's innovative, he's humourous, and he's got a lot of depth. I'm not sure what it was, but whenever there'd be chapters from Leo's perspective, he seemed to see the world in a way that stood out from the others.

He is incredibly cheerful and funny even if he has one of the worst pasts of the series. I would have loved if he got more moments with percy because they have really similar personalities but as far as I remember the only interaction they had was when he attacked new rome and percy was angry at him.

The HOP series wouldn't be complete without leo. He seems like such a light and funny character who can easily lighten up the mood and tries and cheers everyone up. He always seems happy but besides that he also had his own challenges but despite that fact he keeps himself cheerful and positive. (and I love the way he talks and all his quotes are amazing~ he never fails to make me laugh)

TEAM LEO! Leo is the funniest demigod ever to pass through camp half blood. People always think he's so annoying and rude but when you get to know him you feel really bad. Poor guy, his mom died in a fire then he has to learn how to control fire then he meets calypso and has to go save her. Wow that just sounds tough.

5 Thalia Grace

At first when I read books with Thalia I didn't really like her,but now I love her ever since I read the books again and read parts with her with an open mind and gave her a chance. She is so cool and her character design and the way she acts is so different from some of the other characters and that is why I love her. She's amazing.

I love Thalia, she's so cool and badass... besides I love her quotes:
Hera: Ohh, Thalia Grace, when I get out of here, you'll be sorry you were ever born.

Thalia: Save it! You've been nothing but a curse to every child of Zeus for ages. You sent a bunch of intestinally challenged cows after my friend Annabeth


"You called me a scullion? What the heck is a scullion?"


Thalia is one of the best female characters in the story. Her personality is strong and independent. She is brave enough to sacrifice her life to save her friends. The buildup to her arrival in story is incredible and she had a major impact on the story. Along with Percy Jackson she is described as the greatest demigod of the age. She defeats a major villain and shows great friendship and Team Corporation. She is headstrong but loyal to her friends. By becoming a Hunter, Thalia gave up her chance to be an adult and have a normal life. This selfless action kept Olympus safe for a while and she showed just as much loyalty to Olympus as Bianca did.

Thalia is a main character, right along with the seven. She never disappeared. She appeared in the majority of the books, and when she didn't, she was at least mentioned once or twice. The buildup to her arrival was incredible, and she had a major impact on the story. She even replaced Annabeth as Percy's main female companion for a book and a short story. She defeated a major villain, and she and Percy are shown to develop a strong friendship and team. She was proclaimed by Grover and Atlas to be, along with Percy, the greatest hero of the age, and the most powerful demigod. Here's to the original Team Percy Jackson: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, Tyson, and Rachel!

6 Grover Underwood

I absolutely lobe how rick makes him the shy akward dude who looks like he would run away from just about anything and then he's the lord of the freaking wild!

Grover is always supported towards Percy and I just love how he’s kinda quirky and awkward. It just makes me love him even more

I feel like Grover is underestimated a lot. He deserves to be known a little better. After all, he and Percy were the original brOTP, and part of the original trio. Sometimes I just wish we could see the trio on another adventure-just the three of them. Grover is a awesome character if you dig deep.

Grover is so underrated. He is funny in his own way and cares a lot about nature and his friends. He also wants to save the world but at the same time he just wants to stay out of it and that is so relatable. And he likes food.

7 Tyson

I LOVE Tyson he's adorable and childish but also smart in the beginning of Sea of Monsters percy's embarrassed of him, if he was my brother I would be like "TYSONS MA BABY BROTHA"(and yes I know in the end he's not embarrassed)

Tyson is just the absolute sweetest cyclops in the history of everything and anything ever and ever will be you just can't love him

Tyson is totally awesome. I mean he's a second son of Poseidon! Fire resistant and has super strength. Because of him sea of monsters is one of my FAVORITE books. By the way he owned typhon

Tyson is my favourite character. There is no character that can make me laugh as quickly or as much as Tyson can. He is sweet and innocent and awesome despite his tough childhood.

8 Reyna

Reyna doesn't get enough credit. But, here I'm going to talk about her love life. She has a crush on Jason, he gets elevated to praetor, that's enough for her. They quest and lead New Rome together. Then Jason goes missing. She feels terrible, and yet he comes back with a super pretty girlfriend. After that, even though she is feeling heartbreak, she VOLUNTEERS for a extremely dangerous mission across the world. That is girl power.

I love Reyna she is strong emotionally and physically and I feel bad for her every boy she likes (Percy and Jason) either has a girlfriend or gets a girlfriend

Love love love Reyna! She's strong, mature, level-headed and beautiful! For me, she should rank higher on this list. She has been through so much, not only on the pressures she has faced as a praetor but what she has been through in her younger years. And for that, she has gained my permanent respect.

Love Reyna, especially since Blood of Olympus. No matter what comes her way, whether it be titans, giants, ghosts from her past, or stupid boys who don't deserve her, she always handles it and stays strong. Plus, how can you not love someone who has two dogs made out of Gold and Silver?

9 Hazel Levesque

What I admire about Hazel is that she is the second bravest of all. I admire her bravery, her friendship, her powers, and her love.

Hazel was a 13 year old in HOO!and I kept forgetting that she is so mature, brave and strong for her age and since shes from the old times she does things from that time and it's kinda funny

Hazel really showed how brave she is and she is a severely underrated character. She has been through so much, like her mother's death, and let's not forget that SHE DELAYED GAEA THE FIRST TIME. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn't done that? Being Nico's little sister also helped Nico be a better person again since Bianca's death. She is a brave fighter, and she is kind, loving, caring, and all around one of the best characters. She doesn't deserve only #27

Sry, but how is she above Jason? I love Hazel, but at times she wasn't that exciting. You might say the same about Jason, but to me, Jason was amaazing.

10 Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan was not evil. He was a demigod, put in his house, betrayed by his father, with some schizophrenic mother who'd scared him to hide in the cupboard. Imagine if that was YOU. Imagine if you were like that, seeking for some... protection. But Luke realized he was good, and ran away. The frankest explanation, so don't think I'm harrying you.

Luke met two friends - Thalia and Annabeth - and when his father finally arrived, he was in no condition to FORGIVE. But he's a really kind character. Even if he stormed off, he recognized himself as a son of Hermes. Percy tried to hide that Tyson was his brother until Tyson showed some good, but Luke always recognized himself as a son of Hermes. Yes, he never just approached Hermes and said 'Father, I love you' but that would sound... fake, you know. He couldn't. He just couldn't. He was angry enough. Sufficiently angry. He sought his true purpose just like Ethan. He wanted to bring a difference, not to be evil. He knew his time ...more

Luke is a seriously underrated person. I know he did bad things. For starters, he turned against Olympus.
But was that truly his fault?
He only did it because his father, Hermes, ignored him. Hermes had forgotten his son, just another little child of one of his former loves... Hermes didn't care... he didn't love...
Second, Luke invited Kronos inside his own body. But he only did it because of above reason.
Only after a book or so did he realise his mistake.
Do you know what he did to get rid of Kronos?
Just think about it.
A young man, with a seriously evil titan possessing him, whose only choices are to kill himself along with Kronos or let Kronos do the killing

I felt so different about Luke throughout the series. At first he seemed like a nice guy, but then we found out that he was a traitor. That really hit me even though I already knew he was one. Luke wasn't a very lovable guy, especially when he was working for Kronos. But when you think about it, you'll probably remember how he seemed different to Percy than the bad guy he thought he knew. Luke tried to go back and admit to Annabeth how he wanted a fresh start, but she refused. Then when the were on Olympus fighting Luke/Kronos, he pulled through and was a hero in the end. That's only a few reasons I love Luke so much.

Luke is one of my favourite characters as well as percy. I mean he starts off as the nice guy in the lightning thief helping percy in all and then just turns evil ever so fast. Though he has a reason and wouldn't most of us if one of our parents were a God and they had given you a quest to do something which another had done way before. And if you remember his mum tried being the Oracle and went kinda insane after failing to so. Growing yp like that wouldn't we all have a grudge at you godly parent for abandoning you. After being the bad guy for the rest of the books in the last Olympian he died a hero. Sacrificing himself to destroy kronos.. people can relate to get him in the way he makes mistakes ( a lot) and many of us mortals have everyday. I need the end he did something honorable, he did something whick changed a lot of thing like letting minor gods get Their cabins. He made them remember. that's why luke castellan is one of my favourites.

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11 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

She gets too much hate for having a small crush on Percy. Seriously? Nico had a crush on Percy, Calypso had a crush on Percy, and honestly...

She does not deserve all the hate that she gets. She is one of the coolest characters, and how is it that in Heroes of Olympus she shows up in like two chapters and then literally just disappears

She gets sooooo much undeserved hate. I don't see you hating Calypso for liking Percy, or Reyna for liking Percy, or Nico for liking Percy

I have mixed feelings about her. On the one hand, she’s so creative and cool, a perfect Oracle, and sassy. On the other hand, though, she tried hitting on Percy even though she knew he liked Annabeth, and was rude towards Annabeth.

12 Chiron

I like him he's very sartastic but still it's so funny because basically it goes like this camper: Chiron we added a bunch of sheilds and don't use phones for fear of attracting monsters but what color should we make the shirts chiron: let's make them BRIGHT ORANGE!
y did he make them that color?

CHIRON? I swear who put him on the list will get a slap on his face
Chiron is better than the gods (yes, Zeus, I'm talking about you)

Chiron is so cool especially in the battle of the labyrinth.

How can you not like this guy and his classical music?

13 Blackjack

Piper: what did he say?
Percy: donuts, always donuts.
Blackjack: and sugar cubes, don't forget sugar cubes.

Blackjack has a long history between the Demigods. His is amazing, I love his humor!

Best Pegasus Ever! He loves surge cubes. How come he's not the number one?!

A horse who has humour, and loves eating doughnuts. What's not to like?

14 Jason Grace

I cried so hard at his death, and I don't understand why people think he's a copy of Percy. Just because they are sons of the big three? They literally have opposite personalities. Also, why do people hate him because he's serious? We don't need another demigod like Leo or Percy, always cracking jokes. Having at least some serious demigods evens it out. Also, if you were in Jason's place, would you be joking around? He was raised by Lupa, when he was TWO. He grew up most of his life at a Roman camp for demigods, Camp Jupiter, which is like a military camp. And people hate him because he is SERIOUS? He isn't bland at all, and he should be in the top ten.

I also think Jason should get a better ending. Apollo and Piper should've been dead by now, if it weren't for Jason. And he has good combat skills. If it weren't for him looking at Apollo, he could've beaten Emperor Caligula, and he would still be alive, helping them.

I don't understand how many people don't like him! Its also sad that everyone is comparing him to Percy, trust me, Percy Jackson is an amazing character, but Jason isn't a cold, stern and heartless demigod. He can have fun and has helped everyone in many ways. If it was not for him, many characters that we love (yes Percy, even you) wouldn't be here now. He also helped Nico with the Cupid incident, and was there for him when not a lot of people were. Stop being so mean to Jason! Jason is not a Percy and Percy is certainly not a Jason, both of them are leaders and powerful in their own ways.

Jason should be in the Top 10! He shouldn't be number 14. Jason is nearly good in sword fighting as Percy. He can fly and also control weather.

15 Charles Beckendorf

Beckendorf is that cool person that isn't one of the main characters, doesn't have an important role and practically contributes to nothing, but the one that everyone secretly loves.

Beckendorf and Selena were probably one of the cutest couples in the series

I feel bad for him he was one of my favorite I'm sad

Charles was really brave.He was related to Leo, which in my opinion is really cool.

16 Frank Zhang

WHAT HOW IS HE 17?!?!?!?! Frank isn't my favorite character, but he's definitely in my top 10. He is a son of Ares, yet he's like a cuddly panda bear, and wait, he actually CAN TURN INTO a cuddly panda bear. He should be in the top 10, for sure. I also really don't see why Thalia is so high up. In my mind, she isn't even a main character. She's plays a role in certain books, but besides The Titan's Curse, she isn't really a 'main character ' in any book.

Frank is one of my top 3 favorite characters. His backstory is sad, but some what realistic. His character evolves wonderfully and he is tragicly played. He is an outcast, but at the same time people love him. He is a redeemed character that has amazing powers. His past is similar yet different from Leo's. Because while Leo's backstory slowly plays out during his childhood, Frank's story, powers, weaknesses, secrets, and deaths all hit him at once. He is insecure, which explains him being a little bit rude to Leo. His relationship with Hazel is sweet, and wonderful break from the drama of everything. Frank is really nice, sweet, and kind. With deep character flaws, and misjudgments. Which makes him awesome. Also his powers are so cool, but you wish he didn't have them, it's sad to see the fact that this awesome and wonderful characters life depends on a stick. Thanks Rick, for this awesome character.

The most underrated character in the whole series. It breaks my heart that so many people that read the books find him weak or boring, because I absolutely love his character. He is caring, sweet, modest, and bashful (making him even more adorable.) He sometimes will underestimate his abilities, but is always there to back up his friends, especially Hazel (one of my fave ships by the way.) On top of his amazing personality, he can turn into animals. Like any animal. But yeah, that's pretty boring - dig the sarcasm?

This guy should be higher on the list. He’s such a cuddle bear, or “a koala bear with muscles.” I love how he’s Canadian because it show’s someone who isn’t American/always lived in America.
Frameless is the cutest, and he can be funny. A goldfish? An iguana? Not typical, but definitely lovable.

17 Silena Beauregard

Rick had so much potential with this character. Either Thalia or her should have been in the seven instead of Piper. I mean, think about how interesting it would have been if Silena survived. She lost the love of her life, she owns her sweet girly-girl personality and is still a warrior, and some campers would still be calling her a traitor for being Luke's former spy. This is one of Rick's few mistakes with these AMAZING books that pretty much define me. Silena Beauregard should have survived

I loved her! Sure she was a traitor but first of all, she was tricked into it, and she was promised that Charles would be safe! She did what she did out of love! Plus, what she did before she died was truly heroic! Silena FOR THE WIN!

One of the best. Sacrificing herself so she could put revenge in order. She is not like her siblings, she when to war leading the Are's cabin to war and victory. She took on a drackon for her fellow half-bloods.

Underrated! I don't like it, but I think her death has actually made her more popular, because she died a hero and nobody's gonna convince me otherwise.

18 Zoe Nightshade

She comes off a little chilly at first, but Hercules didn't give her ANY credit for the Golden Apples. I mean, she loved him and thought he did too! Hercules betrayed her trust and love.

Zoe is one of my favorite characters. Zoe the Hunter sets out on quest that permits her to save Artemis, her leader and the goddess of the Hunt. This Act shows the danger and adventure that she is willing to take to save lady Artemis even knowing it could mean her death. She has portrayed loyalty to extreme standards. Zoe is a character for whom we seem to root in the book. She takes the story through twists and turns and amazes reader with her past. Zoe can also be thought as the bravest among her sisters.

Zoë is one of my favorite, partly because she has such a cool name and also because she is just soooooo smart and brilliant and loyal and everything else! She needs to get higher!

She needs to get higher! Not to mention how much work she had done to help to save this big old world. She is so loyal and humble, two traits which, if she didn't die, would lead her to supreme success

19 Poseidon

He is definitely what you would want as a dad that you wouldn't be able to spend a lot of time with. He is nicer than all of the other gods and goddesses that I read about in the story and stayed in Percy's life even though he couldn't stay with him and be more like a real father figure like Percy wanted when he was younger.Zeus is my father after I took the test to see who your father or mother would be but I still love Poseidon.

Hey, guys if you can vote for the awesome Percy Jackson can't you vote for his awesome dad...

Come on! Who doesn't love Poseidon? He is one of the best godly fathers.

The waves scratched me on a rock yesterday

20 Hades

He is the only one of the Big Three to keep his promise, he found a way to outsmart it, making him smarter than Zeus and Poseidon. He actually loved Persephone, even if he kidnapped her. He actually cared about his children, saving Nico and Bianca and showing Hazel his powers, instead of being like Zeus and just popping up at their deaths to turn them into trees or like Poseidon, who just wanted his name cleared. He got the short end of the stick with everything when it came to his bros. He then somehow became the villain in everything.

Let’s be honest. He is the best godly parent in the book series. He lets Nico live with him, takes his advice, gave him a zombie, and actually cares for Nico. Even though he always thinks Percy and Jason is annoying, he still helps them

I mean, he's not the nicest but I feel bad for him, the rest of the gods just exclude him from Olympus and he helps in the end of Last Olympian. Plus he is Nico's dad and Nico is drop dead awesome. Get it 'drop dead" haha

He's Nico's dad. Basically what everybody is saying: he's the father of my favorite character. YES. And come on, you have to feel bad for him that he was excluded from Olympus.

21 Artemis

The best goddess, tied with Athena. She isn't vengeful, usually, and she doesn't want to be married, but she gives SOME boys a chance. SHE EVEN LET TWO BOYS INTO THE HUNTERS OF ARTEMIS! She is very mature.

She's the best goddess of the all, the smartest, bravest awesomest one. Come on, the gods would fall apart if not for her. Totally kick butt and man hating which so proves my point. Plus, she's a huntress and hangs out with immortal girls

You gotta love the man hating goddess who, ironically, only respects one man, the main character, which proves my point, the main character can do anything...

Representation of feminine power. Her and her hunters are just the best thing ever

22 Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson is so sweet,and that is not just because she previously worked in a candy shop,it's because she married Gabe and stayed with him even though he mistreated her just for her son even though everyone who knew him would call him a problem child and that is because she truly loved him and knew what would happen to him if she got rid of Gabe. She is awesome.

The best book mom ever! They're always either not in their kids lives or helicopter parents who are all in their kids business. But Sally one of the only book moms I've even read who is a good mom.

She purposely chose to stay with the nastiest, most horrible human on the face of the earth. She remained with Gabe, who abused her. All to protect her son. She deserves to be on her list and you know what? She deserves to be on the top ten best fictional moms list.

When she found love for the second time, I was so pleased. She deserves to have a good man to treat her right. And percy deserves a proper father figure...no offense Poseidon...your awesome but you don't get much time for your children.

The best parent. She always worries about Percy, and even married smelly Gabe to protect him. I’m glad that she’s got someone she actually loves now!

23 Will Solace

He is super underrated. Honestly, my favorite trio isn't Annabeth, Grover, and Percy (though they are pretty awesome), it's Lou Ellen, Cecil and Will. Would love to see more of them

I vote for Will Solace because he not only has helped Nico out of his shell and saved him from pushing himself as far as killing himself MANY times but also saved Annabeth's life in Last Olympian. He is also one of the only people who can calm down Clarise. He is the head of the Apollo cabin, an amazing healer and archer. He has a big heart, works hard and lights up everyones day. Plus he's Nico's doctor and boyfriend whats not to love about the Significant Annoyance!

I'm kinda surprised Will is so far down on this list considering that most people love Solangelo

Uh... I don't have much to say about Will besides that he is kind and helped Nico get out of his shell.

24 Coach Hedge

Amazing guy. He is the coolest. So funny. He just makes me laugh. I think he is hight though. lol!

Come on cupcakes! Vote for coach hedge

He's like a more badass grover

"Pokemon, gotta kill 'em all! "

25 Hermes

Oh my gosh. He is an awesome god. And he actually cares about Luke.

Hermes is definitely my favorite god in the series.

The best god ever

(Besides Lester, of course)

He should be up there

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