Leo Valdez

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Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).


Leo is overall, one of the most relatable characters in the series, in my opinion. When thought about, Leo and Nico are a lot alike, but Leo is better at hiding the pain. He is funny and won't go without seeing a smile on anybody's face, even though he, himself is crying inside. I feel like him so much, he represents so much more than what people say he does. He is one of the reasons the seven are alive, yet, he feels so useless. His characteristics are relatable to so many, it's beautiful, really. Honestly, he is a really great role model, motives wise. Not to mention he sacrificed his own life to save everyone else, only coming back to see Calypso again. This is the most heroic thing ever done in the books, succeeding Percy' s quests by far.

Leo will forever be my favorite character of all time. Out of anything.

Leo just... struck this chord in my heart. He is everything. Leo is kind, he is hilarious, he is selfless, he is unwaveringly caring, and most of all he's just... so human. Technically he's only half human, but you all know what I mean. He is insecure, sad, feels as if he is broken, and covers this all with laughs. And despite thinking he is nothing, Leo is so brave. He is so brave and deserves all the love he receives.

As a now eighteen year old with ADHD, I have spent uncountable days hyperfixating on fictional universes (such as the one in the Warriors (Erin Hunter) franchise, Harry Potter (JK Rowling), an endless list of anime, and quite a few cartoons), I have had hundreds of characters that I claimed were my favorite ever. But Leo Valdez is the one character I can honestly, truly, without any doubt or chance of change, say is my number one favorite character of all time out of ...more

Funniest, sarcastic and basically most amazing person in the whole series. Born of one of the most under appreciated gods in the first series and practically saved all of their lives a hundred times. Plus I hate calypso, she hated him at first and then suddenly loves him?! I don't think so, she immediately fell in love with the guys before them and literally helped leo escape the Island, she's not worthy of him - madonagergis

I love Leo Valdez. He is funny, lovable and just so adorable! I hate the fact that he was forced to like calypso. He just likes her because she is the only girl who like likes him. It was all a big shock to him. I mean how awkward would it be if she sees one of his best friend Percy with Annabeth? How would Percy fell when he sees her? How would Annabeth feel? If calypso really did love leo, she shouldn't have loved Percy or anyone else before! I hate her, like really really hate her. I would so totally date him. So, girls back off because he's mine :) he just keeps everything so lively and I'm his biggest fan girl ever! Love ya lee-lee :)))))))

Leo thank you for being there for all of the lucky people on the agro 2 which thanks to you was made. Everybody wants to thank you for the amazing things you have done and for your sacrifice everyone loves you and I wish I could just hug you I feel very sorry that you lost almost everything but as rafiki once said: the past might hurt but you must chose to run from it or learn from it. Leo you have ran all your life but now it is time for you to stop running. Welcome home! ALL HAIL LEO VALDEZ MASTER OF THE FLAMES!

We're talking about the most funny, sarcastic, smart person in the series. Seriously, he made a parachute when he was falling out of the sky, with only 15 seconds to do so! You gotta give the guy some more credit. Next time, make him number one. Leo will always be my favorite character!

I liked Percy the most out of all the characters at first, but after seeing Leo in the lost hero I changed my mind. Leo gives comic relief to every book in the series ( excluding the son of neptune). I'm so glad Rick Riordan decided to give him a viewpoint in 4 of the 5 books and let him conclude the series

How is the best character in the series NOT #1, he might not be perfect but that's exactly what attracts me to him. The first thing he ever says is pure sarcasm, he had me at the first word. He just has an irresistible pull that's impossible to escape. Funny, sassy, good at what he does, heroic, humble(in a way), and his lack of self-confidence makes me want to comfort him. You think no one loves you? Come here, you'll get a thousand girls willing to die for you.

Leo is amazing. He's so funny but then he gets so serious and determined to return to Calypso (not that he loses the humour). I don't get the Calypso hate here. You cannot judge someone who's been abandoned on an island for 3000 years. You just can't.

This dude rocks, whatever he says is just so funny and his backstory is sad but he passes through it like nothing is wrong. If that was me I probably wouldn't be able to smile for the rest of my life. After reading the series and then rereading all the chapters labeled Leo I became quite a comedian at my school and every time I have a problem that made me just want to give up I would remember everything he has done and keep going like he would do. He tops my list of favorites characters from fictional books (along with Nico di Angelo, Hermione Granger, Alex rider, and Fred and George Weasley) Hermione Granger actually made me very smart along with lots of tricks I learned in Alex rider and Fred and George are down right hilarious and awesome. (Come to think of it my favorite characters are either really smart or really funny) I reread all these books over agian that I gained lots of traits from them.people in my class would always say I'm perfect because I make high scores (hermione ...more

LEO AH WHY IS LEO NUMBER 4 HE SHOULD BE 1 LEO IS THE BEST, I cried so hard when he died but he came back to life YAY but guys Leo needs more love than this 10% of the votes is just sad sure he is not buff like Percy, Jason, or Frank or smart like Annabeth or pretty like Piper or easy to confine to like Hazel he is his own person and we should remember that GUYS please GIVE LEO SOME VOTES PERCY HAS BEEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT FOR TO LONG IT IS TIME FOR LEO TO TAKE OVER

I find it completely offensive that Leo isn't at least one of the top five! He brings joy to the reader! I love you, Leo!

Leo is honest, hardworking, and still manages to be hilarious while carrying the burden of his mother's death. Seriously, how much more awesome can you get than Leo Valdez? Not everyone jokes their way out of impending death.

I love Leo Valdez because I relate to him. All my friends have a special someone when I'm single. I have barely any friends. He's like my soulmate. Plus he died for his friends. Comment if you cried when he died.

Leo Valdez is the bomb. he is hilarious in all ways and I love him for that. I really like the Percy Jackson books and when he cam in the picture the books got a whole lot better so that's why Leo Valdez is the best!

He has a sad childhood but he can still be optimistic. I like the way he uses fire and making weapons using daily products. Using a Nintendo Wii controller to move a war boat? Cool!

Aaaah, why is leo valdez below annabeth? He is so cute and talented! And the fact that he does not have a girlfriend(for most of the time, anyways) or that he is not a child of the big three makes him even more likeable. And don't get me started on his sense of humour! Sure, percy is funny too, but doesn't he get too much attention? He is so broken on the inside because his mother died and it's not like he is very popular. He is always just a sidekick of jason and that's so depressing. But he ignores all the pain and manages to laugh, and make others laugh too. I mean, is their something cuter than that?

Three words. LEO IS AWESOME! :) He is so cute and funny even though his mom died! :(Even though he is way too old for me. :(It's hard for me to hate calypso but if I could I would!

He's the one that pretty much saved the seven. My fave character. Wonder what would happen if Rick wrote another series where the seven find out he's alive...

I was always in love with my personal favorite character, Nico, but now he might have some competition... Go team Leo!

Leo is the so awesome. He's funny, he's brave, he's not completely self centered although sometimes he acts like it sometimes, and SPOILER ALERT DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BLOOD OF OLYMPUS YET his ending was so satisfying. I nearly cried when he died but when he came back I almost screamed with joy. LONG LIVE THE MCSIZZLE BURGER!

Leo is someone most people can relate with. That feeling of never belonging I don't know about you guys but I'm always the outsider.

Leo is a cute smart scrawny guy who just wants some attention but he is actually my favourite ( other than Percy OF COURSE )

He is the hands down BEST character from Percy Jackson. He is sarcastic, funny, and awesome. He should be first on here. - Minecraftcrazy530

Leo Valdez will always be that character that people see as a little brother that can't do anything right.