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Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.


I am an avid reader and never have I read a book series that the main character is my favorite because, no offense, but the main character always makes me frustrated to an extent. But Percy Jackson is different. Out off all the books I've read he is by far my favorite fictional character. He is sarcastic, sweet, funny, caring, brave, kind, and humble. The list of good qualities go on and on. Even his 'flaw' is sweet because he is willing to do anything for the people he cares about. He is the person that everyone needs to strive to be more like and I love him for that.

They say he's intelligent and handsome, and Nico thinks he's the most powerful demigod he's ever met. His powers are the most awesome (much cooler dan just flying and create lightning like Jason does, but Nico's powers are quite cool too). And he's funny and has an attitude (even against gods and titans! ). Percy is definitely my favorite character.

Percy is the the person most people want to be. He has flaws and makes mistakes like a human being but he is kind, humble, strong, a great fighter, a great warrior, a great leader, the two time hero of Olympus but he doesn't ever brag about it. In the Heroes of Olympus, Jason many times tried to prove that he was better than Percy and not once did Percy bring up the fact that he saved the world and was offered to be a God and refused so that the Gods would pay more attention to their children.

Percy being the most popular has less to do with the fact that he's the main character then that he's simply amazing. Even if he wasn't the main character, percy jackson would still be at the top because that's what he deserves. Percy's personality is impossible to hate, even on his worst days. He's heroic and loyal and sweet and better then a real life dream

Hilarious, hot, clever, good at fighting, swordsman, brave, lovable, kind, caring, logical, slightly dumb in his own funny way, loyal, trustworthy, a leader, not mean at all in any way, had a bad life but gets the best out of it, awesome mother, loves blue, his own style and habits, son of the big three, son of Poseidon, brother of Tyson the cyclopes, tries, has a go at everything, works things out even with all his problems, positive and the list goes on and on.

Percy is definitely one of the best! The best for me at least:) I love all the characters but after reading through Percy for the whole series, I definitely feel connected to him the most. I mean, how can we not love this guy for all the things he did and went through?!

Percy Jackson is pretty much perfect. Hot, smart, brave, strong, loyal, powerful, funny, humble, and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now. He is an amazing boyfriend and friend, super sweet but also can intimidate his closest friends. He has gone through so much but didn't let that sour his personality. You already know that if someone hates him in the series, they're a bad guy.

Percy is everything that most people want to be- humble and modest, yet a hero. Percy Jackson is the Son of Poseidon, and the strongest character in the book, yet he doesn't seem to care or brag about any of it. Percy is truly the best.

Although Percy is the most likable main character in every book I've ever read, and I've read a lot of books, he just isn't original enough to place Number One. Don't worry, I still love Percy and his Seaweed Brain, and is absolutely perfect! Who can resist liking Percy Jackson?

Normally I do not favor the main character, but Seaweed Brain is not like the other. He doesn't brag much and isn't always the most fortunate, like most main character. Overall, he is the best.

I really can't choose between Percy and Leo (Thalia is next on my list). Percy and Leo are both adorable, hilarious, and ALWAYS manage to put smiles on our faces. They're brave, strong, down to earth, who wouldn't love these two? I LOVE them so much that they are both number one on my list of favorite characters of all time (along with Hermione Granger)! I know it's weird that I chose these two, because they're so similar yet so different. Similar includes all the reasons that I mentioned above, plus the fact that they're awesome and have both been to Ogygia, and they're powers are oppposites! Percy = water and Leo = fire. See where I'm going with this?

Still, and without a doubt, my favorite characters of all time are the following:

-Hermione Granger
-Percy Jackson
-Leo Valdez

If you can't love them, you can't love anyone.

Perseus Jackson. The sweet, caring, hot, hilarious, sassy, loyal, amazing, awesome character that we all love and will forever love. To all Percy haters out there: if you don't love Percy, you have missed out on a lot. Shout out to all Peter Johnsen lovers!

Percy is an amazing character, but not a male Mary Sue. He has flaws that actually are important to all of his journeys and life. Even Nico confirms, Percy's the best demigod. And that's not biased because he used to like Percy. Percy Jackson is a mischievous, caring, loyal character. Though some see him as a sarcastic and comic relief sort of person, he can be serious and we've seen that he's scarred from Tartarus. He is strong and loving character and I'm not surprised to see him as #1, as of now. He is personally my favorite. - Jindomonium

He's perfection, and the whole thing about his fatal flaw being loyalty just adds to it. Jason's the 'normal' type of perfection, percy's mine. He's sarcastic and sassy and witty and has a quick temper (at first) and is heroic and brace and modest and doesn't realize that any girl would die to date him.

He is the most loyal, true, and courageous person in the books. He does everything to save his family and friends.

Percy is funny, caring, sweet and humble. I don't usually like the main character from any book series expect Percy Jackson, he's my absolute favorite character.

Percy is the best, I actually kind of have a crush on him yet that is all my crushes... All characters in books... I would say that Annabeth is my second favorite!

Just came from The WORST Percy Jackson characters to here. This is so much more positive and I love it! More people have the same opinion as me than they did in the last one! Percy is a great leader, friend, boyfriend, and son!

How is the main character not number one?!?! Percy rocks and he doesn't deserve being number four with Rachel Dare!

Withou a doubt the best character in the series even if its kind of annoying they make him stay a little in the background in HoO. He is brave, loyal, caring, sarcastic and witty. The first male that won the respect of Artemis, Zoe and the hunt in general. He is not only the embodiment of what a hero is but rather what a hero should aspire to be.

Let me just say, I think Percy is kind of like my friend Ryan in the fact he doesn't always seem to know what he's doing. I mean, Percy is tons of fun to watch, but I think Logan Lerman toned him down a little in the movies.

I absolutely love percy jackson he just ticks of everything on my list he's funny smart good at fighting loyal and cute overall percy jackson is amazing and just the best

He is the perfect combination of everything you would want in a hero but he is still believable because of his flaws

Percy's sword, Reptile, can return to his pocket. Also his sword is a pen and when you uncapped it, it turn to Reptile.

I LOVE PERCY since day 1. His personality hasn't changed very much-always heroic, caring, and hilarious. What's not to like about him? And Percabeth is just too sweet. Just his overall character is completely amazing and you've stuck with him for a long time.