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1 Briar Beauty

Briar and Apple are reason why I'd never judge of theirs looks (I mean it's doesn't matter if they look pretty or handsome, it's matter the facts is good personality, beside if you saws good-looking person but turnout they are ugly on inside.

Briar is selfish like Apple, she shouldn't be first

Shes nice pretty and kind freindly
She looks like me pretty.joke
I like her cause shes kind.

This party girl is such a BITCH CRAP. She doesn't deserve first. She is my least favorite character and secondary is Apple.

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2 Apple White Apple White

Stop hating Apple! I think Milton Grimm is more selfish than her! To be honest, I love all of the students from Ever After High, don't ignore me, I only hate Milton Grimm! He is more selfish! Think Rose Cinderella! She is more brat and more mary sue than her!

She is my least favorite character because for her selfishness - Disneyworld

Apple white is my first favorite leave her alone

Take this selfish brat down - Sugarcubecorner

3 Blondie Lockes
4 Raven Queen Raven Queen

Why she is below apple white? I mean Raven is gorgeous, pretty and selfless. She should be on the top�"� - Disneyworld

I totally agree with you. Raven is pretty, selfless, smart, loyal, caring and so brave. My top 5 are
5.Cerise(I love her) and Kitty(Prankster forever)
4.Darling Charming(brave) and Ginger Breadhouse(so sweet and caring). I kind of like Ginger 1 percent more than Darling please don't hate me
3.Cedar Wood(nice, artistic and sweet)
2.Raven Queen(she and Maddie are tied)
1.Maddie(funny, smart, caring, loyal)

Top 5 Best:

5. Cerise Hood (She is loyal)
4. Kitty Cheshire (Best prankster)
3. Darling Charming (Strong and brave)
2. Madeline Hatter (She is so funny)
1. Raven Queen (My Favorite character! )

Top 5 Worst:

5. Milton Grimm (Worst headmaster)
4. Sparrow Hood (He is so loud)
3. Ashlynn Ella (She may be kind and caring but sorry, I don't like her she only cares nature and shoes)
2. Briar Beauty (She is similiar to Apple White)
1. Apple White (Her selfishness)

5 Darling Charming
6 Cedar Wood
7 Faybelle Thorn
8 Poppy O'Hair

This is the only list I saw poppy above holly! I don't know why people vote for holly. But still this is the truth. Poppy deserves more than holly!

Poppy is just great. She is brave, caring, and a great addition to the eah girls.

Poppy has done so many great things... she flipped the script to release tention between royals and rebels... she saved Duchess and Ashlynn from the broken ice... she made that troll look better...

9 Holly O'Hair
10 Justine Dancer

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11 Crystal Snow


12 Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella

I hate Ash, because she is so lazy

She is so kind and so sweet. She wouldn't hurt any one.<3 <3 <3

13 Madeline Hatter Madeline Hatter

She is below than Briar? Briar shouldn't be first, Madeline should be! She is so funny!

14 Cerise Hood Cerise Hood
15 Duchess Swan Duchess Swan

Duchess is mean but she is a royal

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