Top 10 Scariest Things in Minecraft

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1 Herobrine

I have seen HEROBRINE in Minecraft Pocket Edition, versions 0.5 and 0.6. I've seen my sheep being dyed gray, instead of white. I built a cow pen after the first version of 0.6 came out. There was a cow in it. I left the game, and logged back on. The pen AND THE COW was gone. Mojang later patched that update, saying that new builds made were not saved. This didn't say anything about animals... I later deleted that world. I never saw him again...

I have the 360 version. Herobrine is real, but he only comes when you make him "mad". Try starting a forest fire, or murdering villagers, or landscaping the land into lava, and the game will get mad. It is then than after a series of times and a time, Herobrine will appear, in the Overworld, either beghind you or high in the sky, suspended in flyin creepy glory!

Herobrine isn't real. He is a creepypasta, he's fictional. Honestly, I don't know why people make up stories that they've seen him, or heard him, or seen signs or buildings placed by him. Those stories aren't true, no matter what anyone says. The story is false.

2 Ambience

You know what?

1. when you hear the cave14 sound, go in your room, lock the door, and wait until daytime (Don't use this when it's daytime)

2. yes, ambience sound are creepy, BUT I noticed that these sounds are MEANING something!

think about the broken disk now, isn't that some sort of story of someone that a monster scared him to death? then you know what am I want to say, like cave sound 14. These sounds are can be analyzed by a sound pitch analyzer, cave14 equals to a creeper face, and the broken disk equals to HEROBRINE's face

think about it, herobrine and creeper means herobrine's story

my brother and I love playing creative mode but sometimes that horrific screeching sound (that's only supposed to play when you are in the dark) just plays even though we are at light level 15.

Alex: *hears creepy noises in cave* You forgot to turn off the ambience again.
Marty: I'm on it. *pushes mute button*
Alex: Much better.

Seriously, ambience is creepy.

3 The Sound Creepers Make Before They Blow Up

That doesn't sound scary, unless it is behind you.

4 Being in the Dark in the Woods with Monsters Everywhere

I was in the forest with my cat and dog and a enderman killed my first dog (I have like 22 more) and my cat got killed by a savage player. I was alone, and I heard a angry enderman and it killed me while a skeleton shot me and a creeper exploded nearby.

In the woods, the wolves are the Lords. Notice that there are pockets of huge packs scattered. I then go exploring, living with them, and they do move across the map it's creepy, as if they in the game were alive. I hate cats.

Savage player? Do they even exist? Or it was a stranger player or your friend who was being mean? what? But if savage players do exist, I am gonna be with my freinds, with high security doors, lava surrounding my base, and lots of blockings and whatever makes them not go in. and we will be wearing wither skulls! And dang if they can scream in the night, like with my freinds would be so scared.

5 Being in a Cave with Many Monsters in It

I was in there at the most disturbing moment. Where did you think those monster spawners were born from, the sky? Also the spiders killed me for watching them make nests and they crawled up and my night vision turned off my weapon was damaged I was I. Cobweb and the spider killed me

I hate it when I'm just calmly exploring a cave then I turn around and BOOM there is somehow a creeper there. It annoys me! It's kind of creepy when you have the sound on and the footsteps in the cave. It's creepy!

I've walked through a cave before where it was empty, then turned a corner and boom they were all there and walking towards me. Even through a game I felt claustrophobic, so I ran and of course there was an enderman behind me. Me being me, I looked straight at it :(

6 Hearing Strange Footsteps in Peaceful Mode (Like Someone Following You)

So like there was this cursed bobblehead turtle lawn ornament. It jumped at us and stuff. One day i played a minecraft game and there was this sea turtle that actully ATTACKED me. Not supposed to happen. The two events have some significance

When I play minecraft scary thing happens in nowhere. like a giant water splashes appear in nowhere, bunnies run away from something, and my builds get distroyed when I look back. Causeing me to not play minecraft for about 4weeks.

It happened under my house. Then track 11 was played. And I heard digging noise just beside me. I feel scared when I'm writing this. Just feeling bad and looking behind me at every once!

7 When You Get Stuck in a Shipwreck
8 Mineshaft

Mineshafts have creepy cave spider spawners, cobwebs and they are very deep. There are cave spiders.
It it is dark that it could spawn enemies. Worst of all mineshafts can be everywhere and they are near strongholds. I cannot even tell where they are.

I've been in here once with my friend Bower, we tried to kill a cave spider but he died, luckily, I survived. we also managed to kill an enderman. wanna hear how? we were looking at it while shielding and attacked it, then we went under the mineshaft and saw a reveen of lava, it was huge, Bower managed to get some diamonds, and I tried to kill a witch with my crossbow.

I love these! I bring my favorite cats and dogs!

9 Endermen

I still remember my first endermen encounter. It was, and still is, terrifying! I was playing survival mode for the first time, somehow I survived the first night. I had one heart left, and the sun was rising, but then I heard a weird sound. Then I heard it again, by that time I was panicking! Then I turned around to run...SHRIEK! I was dead instantly

One time, my cousin was playing Minecraft, and I was watching him. He asked me what the black egg does (the Endermen). I didn't know, so he spawned it, and we both got so scared when we saw it and heard the noises if made, it was awful. I make sure to never see an Endermen ever.

As soon as I see an enderman, I run and get into water. I get so scared that I accidentally look in his eye and he teleports after me and makes creepy sounds. to this day, I have nightmares about endermen.

10 Cave Ambience

If there is anything scarier than losing all your hard-earned valuables in Minecraft, it is logging onto the "Orphanage" seed world, and going into a cave. Literally the creepiest thing. When I heard about the seed and how you heard children's screams in caves, I wanted to find out for myself, but (bring a wimp), I went in creative, since doing it in survival would have been even more creepy. Anyways, I logged onto the world and found a ravine that was right next to the world spawn. I floated down until I was about halfway down it when I heard a scream that sent a chill down my spine, and made goosebumps crawl over my body. It was a bit faint, and I wasn't sure if I was imagining it or not, so I went closer to one of the caves, and, the scream was louder this time, and... yeah. It was bad. I quit, and deleted the world right after that, never to do it again. If you want to check out the seed, do it in creative mode where you don't have to listen to the tortured screams of children while collecting iron for your base. Seriously, it is a "get in, get out" kinda situation, and the less time you spend in it, the better.

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11 Being Attacked Without Knowing Who or What It Is

Once me and my cousin were playing minecraft on survival mode. We were mining and there was lava underneath us. Suddenly, something attacked me. I looked everywhere but nothing was there. My cousin wasn't doing it because she wasn't near enough. It was SO creepy.

When I build scary temples or build something hostile to villagers, eventually the game itself appears mad, with rain and thunder, big lighting bolts suddenly appearing right over me. It's real virtual Life, I tell yah.

This is terrifying! It should be number 1! Once when I was building a house I hadn't realised the sun went down and my hearts started going down. I turned around and 2 zombies were right in my face! SO SCARY!

12 Seeing a Slenderman

I will never think that a slenderman will appear during my Minecraft gaming, so it is the most scariest thing on this list, even more than Herobrine, which some people will expect.

I honestly just found out about Slenderman being in Minecraft. Seeing a Slenderman ANYWHERE would be creepy. This gets my vote for sure.

I have minecraft for Xbox 360 and I have they halloween texture pack. And when I spawned an enderman he was dressed up as...

13 Disc Number 11

If you play it backwards then you can eventually hear "don't do it". So many sleepless nights

The music is super creepy and when viewing this songs sound data, you will see a steve head and C418s signature.

We still wonder why this isn't at the top of the list.

14 Having Half a Heart and No Food with Diamonds in Your Inventory

That's what happened to me when I first tried demo world. I has 1:40 to play and I went to the nether, almost died (half heart) and came back trying to put away my diamonds in my chest only to realize the time was up and I could only close half of the door to my mineshaft

Build a quick chest and your saved also in mods you can make a diamond apple. you can find a tree and throw some diamonds out

I turn to creative go home and then go back to survival.

15 Seeing a Skeleton or a Creeper

A creeper always blows up when you are near it. Once I was riding one of my horses and then out of sight a creeper appears and blows up. I die and my horse does too! A skeleton is slow but has great accuracy with the bow and arrow. They are not that scary.

I built a house out of diamonds, and I didn't have spawns near it or anything. A creeper was outside. I opened the door.


They are just mobs, so suck it up and go fight them instead of running away like a coward!

16 Starting Minecraft on Survival Mode

I guess I'm spoiled, because I uploaded my first Minecraft world on Survival and two years later and I'm relaxing in a six-storey, well-built house, with three private farms, (including animal farms and veggie gardens) four two-storey guest houses all with private farms, three MASSIVE caves full of diamonds, two nether portals, an end portal, a few dozen treasure rooms hidden in various places. Not to mention that I live on a private, secluded island, surrounded with a High-Tech protection fence.

I'm paranoid so when I open a survival its on peaceful and I give myself tons of stuff and I make myself and obsidian house in creative and crouch there while I play it.

Not scary at all. Talking about the monsters? Experts can make a house with iron door or piston door or wooden zombie door.
Or even kill the monsters until dawn.

17 A Sound When You're Flying and You Look Behind You Nothing is There

Oh yeah this is creepy. It's why I don't play on singleplayer anymore. The thing is you tell people and they don't believe you. So I play survival and creative on multiplayer now. So even if something does happen and it's creepy, you can mentally blame someone else and it takes the creepiness away a bit.

This thing happened to me too! I just flyed in the sky (in creative mode) and I heared a sigh and a scream both in time, I flyed to the direction of the sound, and then every light I placed just disappeared. BUT! not white eyes that I was seen, but also RED eyes! and I was not be able to place any source of light. then he looked at me, and then everything went normal, since this happened, I'we never been played this game. (I deleted it too).

I believe it is the scary random noises in the music. plus one time I was playing muiltiplayer and all the sudden the songs 13 and 11 started playing it was super spine chilling and behind me was herobrine but it was my friend trolling me. (p. S he had the herobrine skin and had a hack that made his nametag invisible

18 Creepers Blowing Up a New House

I had a nice house in survival with a few wolves, and one day a creeper came up to my house, exploded, and killed my dogs.

Once I made a house on pocket edition and this stupid creeper blows it up.

They blow up part of my gold house. I created the creepers.

19 Being Killed by Your Truly Trusted Friend

I hate my then 'Friend' now, not for this reason. So anyway, I was minding my own business when my 'friend' dropped a diamond chest plate. I said she could have it back if she said please but no- she killed me. So I grabbed my diamond sword and killed her... BAM!

I played multiplayer once with some friends, and an intruder (we had the Trust Players) appeared to be in our world hiding, it was creepy.

Its just I freak out when a creeper comes up behind me and it's my best friend... I hate you best friend... I hate you so much.

20 The Sound a Horse Makes When It Dies

I have a world where you can fuse 2 mobs together and when you do it it kills the 2 mobs in the chambers and it's so sad when it's a horse. I wanna cry when a horse dies. so if you have a big heart, DON'T KILL HORSES!

The sound is wretched, scary, and sad at the same time! Poor horses.

It sounds like a rock band dinner screeching...

21 Getting Killed

You used to get banned if you killed someone on a survival world server then a few years later it changed.

You used to get banned if you did that on a survival world server then a few years later it changed.

It's not scary, but I don't like it.

22 Server 666

Ok I made the server on my laptop (creative of course) and I'm gonna try it! By the way the regular neither scares me so I wonder what this one will do? (by the way the over WORLD looks AWESOME)

On the splash it was written don't go on server 666! So I went on it someone was saying I am watching you and I also had a sighting of herobrine so creepy *br*

Just by looking at it I know you go to a much, much worse version of the nether. Fact: 666 is Satan's number or the demon number.

23 Enderbrine

A combination between herobrine and an ender man!

Who put this crossbreed here? It's more unlikely to exist than herobrine

An enderbrine doesn't exist why is this here?

24 Stupid Statues that Look Like Clowns

I hate clowns, but I don't think I've seen a statue that looks like a clown before.

Lelelelel I seen something like that before mae of stone, and yes... it is creepy

Jeff the killer is scary

25 Ender Dragon

I tried to eat cake in the end but the stupid dragon stole my cake. The dragon eats cake, not humans. Mystery solved.

She's beautiful, not scary! And I love the end! My black fur matches the beautifully designed end!

I love Ender Dragons. They are not creepy at all.

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