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1 Survive the Night - Mandopony Survive the Night - Mandopony Cover Art

"Everything will be fine! Just let us murder you and you'll fit right in!"
- Toy Bonnie, or something

I always liked to imagine this song from the perspective of Toy Bonnie. It starts off with the friendly, "Hey there! How you doing! Nice to meet ya! " that you would expect from the more child-proof, family-friendly plastic animatronics. But even though they want to be your "friends," ultimately the song deals with the reality that they (along with the withered models) were tampered with and/or are possessed by the restless child spirits. Hence, "But sometimes to do some good YOU'VE GOTTA BE THE BAD GUY! "

In a nutshell, the lyrics, vocals and composition are awesome and this is definitely one of Mandopony's best works!

It's just catchy, I love this song, there are a lot of reasons I like it, but it's pretty catchy!

The first time I listened to this song, I was bopping my head and tapping my feet to the tune. It's so fun to dance to. I won't say it's the best, ( I like a lot of fnaf songs so it's hardto say which one is) but it is a good one.

2 Five Nights at Freddy's - The Living Tombstone Five Nights at Freddy's - The Living Tombstone Cover Art

This is my favorite song and I love how it ends the ending of the song is so catchy

Five nights at Freddy’s is this where you wanna be it is the best song

I like to think this song is from Freddy's point of view, and it kind of states their question as to why Mike is there all week, as though their asking why he's still there, why he's not scared.

The living tombstone makes awesome songs, and this is no exception.

3 Just Gold - Mandopony

I like that mandopony does his best to try to make amazing fnaf songs

This song is glued into my head. And that's a good thing!

I love this song. And form the lyrics "I was just like you", it seems as if the night guard before Mike, Scott/Phone guy, was stuffed into Golden Freddy.

You are the main attraction, you're story must be told. You are a chain reaction, that never gets old. Some bots get satisfaction breaking the mold. Some bots are just distractions, some bots are just GOLD!

4 Mangled

Mangled is a really good song, I really like how it was done, the animation was a little intimadating but it turned out pretty good

I like the song because its not from anyone else's view and Mangle finally gets a say in his/her life

Wow! Looking over old songs bring back memories when there was only just the 3 FNaF games! I miss 2014 and The Living Tombstone.. This song is so emotional and awesome!<3

I never liked this song. Not because of my hate for Mangle, but it just doesn't sound good. The only part I like is when she says they're trying to fix her everyday.

5 The Show Must Go On - Mandopony

In this it says something about removing squishy insides. End me now.

I really like this song it's always suited a lot more of the characters through out the game and really explains a lot of there stories as well instead of being fixated on one certain charecter

Never really caught my attention and yes I am commenting on a lot of these songs

Never liked this one. Too intense.

6 It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones Cover Art

A few years ago is when my cousin first introduced me to Fnaf. He showed me this song, and I we both agreed it wasn't that good of a song. Years later, I listen to this song and realize how much story and thought was put into it. Still not my favorite song, but it's not bad.

This song makes my heart sink to the ground. Its sad that she lost her beloved son! Number one for the fact that its just sad and yeah.

Before I heard the part "Your sweet little eyes, your little smile is all I remember", That's the part where I start to Cry!

That song made me cry so hard because of how she lost her son

7 Follow Me - Tryhardninja Follow Me - Tryhardninja Cover Art

Follow me see a nightmare in action. I love this song so much because of the story behind it and there are more theory’s of the secret box at the end of fang 4

Love it have to just get up and dance

WHAT?!?!? Why is this song #10 it deserves to be 1!

Now I'm just confused if it is supposed to come from the perspective of springtrap, shadow Freddy, or shadow bonnie

8 Welcome to Freddy's

I really like this song it is super cool especially the part where it goes like bang bing-XXxxpinkdivaxxXX

Mah favorite! This song deserves to be number 1!

I can last fnaf the cool voices and it's catchy this should be number 1

SOOO cool such good singers and super catchy!

9 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sayonara Maxwell

Oh. The song that makes its way into every animation. I like the chorus but everything else just sounds so bad.

This song honestly got a lot of hate, but I don't know why! It's one of the best songs.

Bonnie will tear you apart
Dolls opening their mouths
Foxy baring HIS sharp teeth
Freddy will make it hard to breathe
CHICA's roaring with laughter...

I think they say her because they are referring to Mangle since he is just Toy Foxy - Discord1

My most least favorite song of all time

10 Balloons

"Just like balloons, they soar on their way."
Emotional and nice, but not my type of music preferably.

It's so sad and it's so peaceful and feel bad for that cot killed by purple guy

To me, this song is in the kids point of view. They are finally free from their painful past and can move on.

It hit everyone in the feels! Nice song, and one of my favorites!

The Contenders

11 It's Me

This song is a classic! The first time I heard it was kind of annoyingly catchy, but I still liked it. It's one of my favorites to this day!

Its good catchy good amazing good.

Finally an actually good song. This one is so well made.

I really wanna choreograph a dance to this and make a music video. it's the perfect song for that honestly

12 The Bonnie Song

Totally underrated, why would bonnie have to be replaced with toy bonnie (i'm sorry if you like toy bonnie)

Just under Just Gold in my opinion. See what I did there?

This is definitely in Bonnie's point of view. And one of my favorite songs.

I love bonnie and bonnie song just like mangle and mangle song and foxy and foxy song

13 The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy's

Ahh, a classic! I've always liked how it begins with the Toreador March, setting the mood. The vocals appropriately sound robotic too, a nice effect! Great job as always, Living Tombstone!

This song is so catchy in my opinion.

This one will always be a classic Fnaf song. It will leave you singing it non stop when you fall asleep lmao

This song is awesome, just like all of the other songs by the living tombstone.

14 Stay Calm - Griffinilla Stay Calm - Griffinilla Cover Art

If I've learned one thing it's that, Don't respond to Craigslist Dads. Oh and also, The nightguard pees into a cup. Says Foxy at least.

I like how they (Griffinilla) made bonnie,chica,foxy, and freddy talk in the song

Booii best song ever stay calm for better songs haha which will never happen
STAY CALM I know it’s a big thing for u this is the best song EVER

This was the very first Fnaf song I ever listened to. It's catchy.

15 It's Time to Die - Dagames

This is a really good song the beat and everythings really good!

This song is actually about springtrap who is the purple guy who is my favorite character in fnaf so... bruh!

30 years since all this happened
30 years it took to rise
Blood on the floor and in there eyes
They took the bite and left them to die
30 years and now I'm here
The only one left to scream in fear
Your job means nothing when I got you running
Away with blood in your tears

I love this song so much!

Not that many people like this song. well I am one of the few who favorite it

16 Break My Mind

this sing works for almost all the nightmare animatronics and its super catchy and well made like never be alone again

Break break break my mind break it till the tale unwinds
Super catchy there should be mora animations for dis song

Yeah! In fact, there are way too many great songs here that should be a lot higher.

Why Is This At Least Not In The Top 5?

17 Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone Cover Art

Really good song that perfectly expresses hate
I listen to it to release stress

Die in a fire represents how I feel about my enemy's and what I would do to them
not one thing in this song is not true for me

I love this song but it's kinda sad. I know these are bad guys but I love them.

This song is so dark and edgy but I love it. 10/10.

18 Afton Family

I guess this is the best song to show how much paint that family took.

It sounded like Springtrap was singing which was cool bc it adds extra cool stuff to the song.

I really love this song!
feels like you just learn the're backstory! I just LOOVEEA it

I used to like the Afton family but now I LOVE them

19 Noticed

FOXY DESERVES TO BE NOTICED! And to be let in, I love both Foxy songs, one being Let Me Through and the other being Noticed.

But I just want to be noticed iit shows how lonely foxy is *hugs foxy*

I love this song, the guy's voice is just amazing (and, to be honest, I can kinda relate to it..)

The lyrics are well done, the music was good, 5/5. Best song yet

20 Join Us for a Bite - J.T. Machinima Join Us for a Bite - J.T. Machinima Cover Art

I made a friend with this song . I was humming it in class and she aske me if I liked fnaf and I said yes. An we were friends ever since.

This needs to be legit in the top 5. No doubt about it. It was the very same song I listened to when the trailer came out for Sister Location. Really well made, catchy, has a good beat, and sums up Sister Location all too well.

My favourite fnaf song of all time! So catchy and it's definitely a feel good song full of nostalgia.

I love the song my favorite lyric is "I lost it long ago your not alone baby "

21 Five Nights Only

Five Nights Only was one of the best FNAF rap songs that seem awesome to me. I love it!

springtrap: five nights only

6 night: am I a joke to you

Why isn’t this song in the top 3?!

22 Freddy Fazbear's Theme - Five Nights at Freddy's

If you run outta power... You better be Ready, for Freddy.

That is a famous song and it is a great classic song

I love it. (Noticed freddy has a small band.) I love the front part.

Do mean the actual toreador march or the living tombstone

23 I'm the Purple Guy

It really talks about how purple guy got into this mess of his.

Why is this song even 26? It's way too awesome to be this low!

The original was okay, but the REMASTERED version, ah, it's so incredible!

Oh my god... best song

24 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - We Won't Bite

I saw this song and I LOVED IT so catch
WELCOME HOME girls and bois time to play wit brand new tows

Welcome home girls and boiz time to play with brand new toiz nightmares lurk inside your mind now no place is safe to hide
(To hide)

You have nowhere to run! So why not join the fun? At night we come to life, come closer we don't bite! - SaphireStorm

The raps he makes are the best. By the way it's called "We DON'T bite"

That one's GREAT! Love JT's songs!

25 I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone Cover Art

I was obsessed with this song for a whole week the first time I listened to it. It's a really well made song.

The song should at least be #10

All the songs by the living tombstone are awesome!

Allegiance yay

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