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1 Survive the Night - Mandopony

I always liked to imagine this song from the perspective of Toy Bonnie. It starts off with the friendly, "Hey there! How you doing! Nice to meet ya! " that you would expect from the more child-proof, family-friendly plastic animatronics. But even though they want to be your "friends," ultimately the song deals with the reality that they (along with the withered models) were tampered with and/or are possessed by the restless child spirits. Hence, "But sometimes to do some good YOU'VE GOTTA BE THE BAD GUY! "

In a nutshell, the lyrics, vocals and composition are awesome and this is definitely one of Mandopony's best works!

YES. YES. AND YES. MandoPony is just amazing. This song is catchy and is never irritating... It just gives an amazing atmosphere... So much emotion! Also, you can literally see what is going on.. This song also has a unique tinge with Toy Bonnie being the main!

It's awesome and I love the man's voice because it sounds just like I would imagine Toy Bonnie's voice to sound like.

Survive has to be the number 1 best FNAF song! The song is just absolutely beautiful. From the lines to the tone of voice. Don't forget to mention that awesome beat that gets stuck in your head. The song is just legendary and that makes it the best one.

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2 Five Nights at Freddy's - The Living Tombstone

I like to think this song is from Freddy's point of view, and it kind of states their question as to why Mike is there all week, as though their asking why he's still there, why he's not scared. - Honey_the_Hybrid

The living tombstone makes awesome songs, and this is no exception.

All the time I listen to this song.

Just great. I'd give this to toy freddy, springtrap, nightmare, ennard, and lefty.

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3 Just Gold - Mandopony

I love this song. And form the lyrics "I was just like you", it seems as if the night guard before Mike, Scott/Phone guy, was stuffed into Golden Freddy. - Honey_the_Hybrid

You are the main attraction, you're story must be told. You are a chain reaction, that never gets old. Some bots get satisfaction breaking the mold. Some bots are just distractions, some bots are just GOLD!

This song is glued into my head. And that's a good thing!

Just Gold in my opinion, is my favorite song of all time. - Sans_The_Skeleton

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4 Mangled

I like to think that this song is in Mangles point of view. I love how they do both male and female vocalists, hence the debate of Mangles gender. - Honey_the_Hybrid

What?! I love this song! ;D

I had to cover my ears. So bad plus it has my least favorite character is mangle so... they should make one all about chica! Even though chica seems to sing one.

I love phone guy in the first part with the hello hello well this song is pretty cool and I love it’s called mangled because when I was smol I loved mangle

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5 The Show Must Go On - Mandopony

Never really caught my attention and yes I am commenting on a lot of these songs

This is one of the songs I am adding to my playlist

I love it; it makes me sad for some reason. - LeiaSkywalker

love it

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6 It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones

Before I heard the part "Your sweet little eyes, your little smile is all I remember", That's the part where I start to Cry!

That song made me cry so hard because of how she lost her son

I like the song, but it also makes me sad because the man was killing the children including the mother's son it's just so sad. Awesome song though.

I listen to it on a roblox game and I did not realise I listened for about 45mins but it was worth that amount of time in my life.😺

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7 Welcome to Freddy's

I can last fnaf the cool voices and it's catchy this should be number 1

SOOO cool such good singers and super catchy!



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8 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sayonara Maxwell

This song honestly got a lot of hate, but I don't know why! It's one of the best songs.

Bonnie will tear you apart
Dolls opening their mouths
Foxy baring HIS sharp teeth
Freddy will make it hard to breathe
CHICA's roaring with laughter... - AJIsTheCoolest

His accent gives the song rhythm.

It's the best!

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9 Follow Me - Tryhardninja

Love it have to just get up and dance

Now I'm just confused if it is supposed to come from the perspective of springtrap, shadow Freddy, or shadow bonnie

WHAT?!?!? Why is this song #10 it deserves to be 1!


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10 Balloons

To me, this song is in the kids point of view. They are finally free from their painful past and can move on. - Honey_the_Hybrid

It hit everyone in the feels! Nice song, and one of my favorites!

I really like how this song is more calm, and it's all about the kids being free

Freedom is what I like to see... I’m obsessed with dark things that have good endings.

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11 The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy's

Ahh, a classic! I've always liked how it begins with the Toreador March, setting the mood. The vocals appropriately sound robotic too, a nice effect! Great job as always, Living Tombstone!

This song is so catchy in my opinion. - nintendofan126

This song is awesome, just like all of the other songs by the living tombstone.


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12 It's Me

This song is a classic! The first time I heard it was kind of annoyingly catchy, but I still liked it. It's one of my favorites to this day! - LeiaSkywalker

Its good catchy good amazing good. - Danguy10

I really wanna choreograph a dance to this and make a music video. it's the perfect song for that honestly

There's evil that waits inside.

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13 The Bonnie Song

Just under Just Gold in my opinion. See what I did there?

This is definitely in Bonnie's point of view. And one of my favorite songs. - Honey_the_Hybrid

I love bonnie and bonnie song just like mangle and mangle song and foxy and foxy song

I think that it is very interesting

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14 Stay Calm - Griffinilla

Why is this song number 40?!?!?! what is wrong with you people?!

The song is super funny and very well made! Why isn't this way higher?

Okay, why the hell is this song 37?

The talking at the end... lol! Why would kids want to talk about if he goes to the bathroom or holds it in all night? Very unsanity for kids.

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15 Noticed

I love this song, the guy's voice is just amazing (and, to be honest, I can kinda relate to it..)

Why is it voted 15 I Love this song

Noticed should at least be in the top 5 not no.15!

The lyrics are well done, the music was good, 5/5. Best song yet

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16 Freddy Fazbear's Theme - Five Nights at Freddy's

If you run outta power... You better be Ready, for Freddy. - nintendofan126

I love it. (Noticed freddy has a small band.) I love the front part.

That is a famous song and it is a great classic song

I dunno if this really counts as an actual song, but it is pretty catchy. - LeiaSkywalker

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17 Break My Mind

Yeah! In fact, there are way too many great songs here that should be a lot higher.

Why Is This At Least Not In The Top 5?

I listen to this at least two times a day! I wish it was at least in the top 10!

This is by far the best song! This should be top 10

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18 Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone

I love this song but it's kinda sad. I know these are bad guys but I love them.

I love the vocals and the beat. Catchy and awesome. Can I point out it's in Purple Guy's point of view? And the last part is awesome as you can see Springtrap and Purple Guy being chased by the spirits.

I used to really hate this, but now I like it. - LeiaSkywalker


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19 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - We Won't Bite

The raps he makes are the best. By the way it's called "We DON'T bite"

That one's GREAT! Love JT's songs!

They're lying. They will bite!

It amazing

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20 Join Us for a Bite - J.T. Machinima

I love the song my favorite lyric is "I lost it long ago your not alone baby "

Oh my god best SONG EVER

Love it! "Join Us for a Bite! "

We're always watching...

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21 I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone

The song should at least be #10

Allegiance yay

All the songs by the living tombstone are awesome!

I LOVE THIS SONG! And I relate to it :,D

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22 The Puppet

Needs to be higher

I love this song about my favorite FNAF character.

TryHardNinja's was called "The Puppet Song," this one is just "The Puppet," so yes, it's GatoPaint

I like the female version:3

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23 Open Up

Muse of Discord is especially good at telling a story through his music...he is such a talented guy. I love both Freddy and Bonnie's versions of this song!

I didn't really care for the voices he used, but the lyrics were kinda fun - LeiaSkywalker


24 It's Time to Die - Dagames

30 years since all this happened
30 years it took to rise
Blood on the floor and in there eyes
They took the bite and left them to die
30 years and now I'm here
The only one left to scream in fear
Your job means nothing when I got you running
Away with blood in your tears

I love this song so much!

Not that many people like this song. well I am one of the few who favorite it

Do you guys like it? Reply/like if you do!

Underrated as hell. Great song.

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25 Nightmare

This song is a good example of Nate's good side, along with The Finale, and don't forget Mangled

Its fine to be on 32 place mike

Very sad, but very well done. - LeiaSkywalker

This should be top 24

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26 I Can't Fix You

No matter how fast she says the lyrics I've listened to this so much I know all the words!

Its seems like THE BEST SONG EVER! It is very catchy and upbeat! It has sad meaning but the beat just made me happy! But it has a dark meaning though and this song lets me understand what is the feeling of being an lonely animatronic..

My favorite. The beat is awesome!

I love it

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27 Left Behind - DAGames

I love this song! I'm listening to it right now and singing it!

Strange how the lyrics match up so well with the lore. - DCfnaf

Just listen to the song. Words cannot describe it.

The best fnaf sister location song EVER.This song has been stuck in my head for months.I even have it as my ringtone.In my opinion,this should be in the top 3.How is this so underrated?!?!

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28 Five Nights at Freddy's Four - Tryhardninja

YOU ARE KIDDING ME, RIGHT, THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10! Like I said before in Just an attraction, tryhardninja doesn't get the credit he deserves!

Has anyone herd this song? The lyrics are amazing! This song is amazing!

This song should at least be number 6 the lyrics are so deep and catchy

Awesome song, awesome video!

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29 Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Hello hello? I have never heard of this one either.

This isn't a FNAF Song, no wonder no one has heard of it!

This isn't even a FNAF song!

30 Mechanical Instinct

I love Aviator's music, and this is one of my favorites from them!

"Looks like I'd better run for my life
I'll never be in one piece to see night five
I've got eleven on my tail, with no time to think
Of a way to survive, mechanical instinct! "

It has a catchy melody and is really well done!

It's a little under rated in my eyes and it IS the best fnaf song I have seen to this day, I find it extremely well done and it is pretty catchy.

Amazing Song in general. Perfectly nails the feeling of the game it's in.

Hmm still haven't heard dis one yet.

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31 Springtrap Finale

This is one of my favorite songs

I think that it's really catchy and awesome, especially in nightcore style.

I'm honestly just thinking that anything with
springtrap is good.


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32 Can You Survive

Hi kids do you like violence want me to grab a spare bear so l could stuff you inside it

This is high in my list of favorite FNaF songs!

This song is SO GOOD! just listen to it! - coolgamert

best song

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33 Mangle Song

I accept this song as my vote, because Mangle, the animatronic itself is honestly pretty cool. Most people like it as the fancy nancy "Toy Foxy", but honestly it's former self is awesome too. I also love her voice lines, and for the song, It's literally the song that is on all my Spotify playlists. I love the words, and rhythm.
Once I recorded this video, and every few minutes I'd get out of the game I was playing to put the song back on to "Mangle Song".

Would this be that exceptional Mangle song by Groundbreaking, or that other exceptional Mangle song by NateWantsToBattle? - LeiaSkywalker

I love it and I know all the words plus mangle is my favorite character

THIS SONG IS EVEN BEST THAN THE STUPID "MANGLED" SONG BY NATEWANTSTOBATTLE! I don't know why this song is not top 10! every time I hear Mangled song, I skip the song and say BLAH BLAH BLAH! DON'T LIKE THIS SONG!

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34 Five More Nights - J.T. Machinima

This is one of my most favorite songs, and I love to act it out for the fun of it!

J.T.'s music, is awesome and this song goes well with the game - LolbitLOL26


This is the best song to ever exist but I bet as I get older I won’t like it anymore

35 The Puppet Song

Love this song"lalalala

36 Nightmare - Natewantstobattle Nightmare - Natewantstobattle

My top three in a CONSECUTIVE ORDER!? Anyway, this song is truly emotional. - Cyri

Nate sucks, my opinion no offense

37 Salvaged

We all have our own opinions, and The Living Tombstone doesn't suck, thank you

This song has a beat to it. But do you guys think I "belong here" get it?

I agree that Natewantstobattle should be up higher on the list instead of number 34 and why does everyone listen to the living tombstone. I don't get it.

Yep. I'm officially really p! $$ed off. Top 10. EASILY! And why is living tombstone's song #2? It's not that good.

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38 Game Over - Dagames
39 No More



40 I'm the Purple Guy

Why is this song even 26? It's way too awesome to be this low!

The original was okay, but the REMASTERED version, ah, it's so incredible!

Oh my god... best song

I So here we are, my body inside, this nightmare,
don't you stare for too long at my curse,
It happened too fast,
what happened in the past, is something
I would constantly rehearse.


So I trapped myself away from immortal dismay,
Then the blood so profound came to send me down.
All the cable in my brain, making me go insane,
But The soul still lives!

I am, the purple guy, come to see the show tonight,
Turn the spotlight onto me,
My body's ready, now begin!
Now The purple rise, come to conquer all your cries,
The Phantoms are the less your worries, so you better hurry,
Just, crank the noise.
I'm the purple guy, now you'll die!

It's been too long, the blood shed on the
walls inside of me,
What was I to do when they could see?
There's only one ...more

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41 Bonnie's Mixtape

I LOVE this song! it's really kinda trippy to be honest

So Bonnie IS a hipster. Good to know - QuarterGuysApprentice

Thank you Griffinila - QuarterGuysApprentice

I love it!

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42 Purple

I'm guessing that this the "purple" by my favorite YouTuber Mandopony! I love this one cause it tells you how purple guy feels especially the chorus "I SEE SPIRITS ALL AROUND ME AS I TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES ME DO THE THINGS I DO TO EVERYONE AROUND ME AND I BET YOU NEVER KNEW I COULD HAVE REGRETS FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SEE RED... BUT ALL I SEE IS PURPLE INSTEAD! " I just love it! It gives me a different feeling about purple guy and makes me want to hug him and say it's okay! If I were you I would listen to this in a heartbeat!

Definitely his best song. The lyrics really push purple guys murderous streak even further, but he doesn't want that. Survive the night CANNOT beat this one.

This song is amazing and I think it's from Vincent/Purple guys point of view. - Honey_the_Hybrid

The question here is... Original or remaster? - Cyri

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43 I Will Not Be Moved - Dagames

Awesome song, should be much higher on the list

44 Chica - Groundbreaking

I LOVE CHICA AND ALL OF HER SONGS! How can people hate her and how can this song be this low?

I love chica she rocked on every video

if you don't like this song there is something wrong with you. one of the best chica songs

I'm a chicken with a nasty bite! I'm a girl with an appetite! the other ones just some party girl,i've got more fight, just ask the world!

45 Goodbye

Why, this is one of my top five favorites. I'm surprised this hasn't come up at all yet! This should be in the top 15

This is my favorite

so good

TryHardNinja + DAGames = This awesome song! - LeiaSkywalker

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46 You Can't Hide

This is so good I mean it's the best sister location song it is SO GOOD - coolgamert

This should be at least no.4


Sister Location Charcters are awesome themself

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47 Five Nights Funk (Uptown Funk Parody)

WOW THIS SONG IS SO BAD - coolgamert

48 Halloween at Freddy's

Once again this should be in the top ten and once again tryhardninja doesn't get the credit he deserves

Love this song. It's so well made!



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49 You Can't Escape Me

...forget it, I'm not even shocked anymore - QuarterGuysApprentice

Are you kidding me? WHY IS THIS SO LOW? Mandopony is overrated and people only see The Living Tombstone because it's popular. This song has the best bass!

The night's not over yet
You can't escape me
You simply can't forget
You can't escape me
The party's just begun
You can't escape me...

God, I can not get this out of my head. But that's OK! - QuarterGuysApprentice

50 Just Gold

Already on here

I Love Fnaf and Fnaf everything."You are the main attraction, your story must be told, you are a chain reaction, that never gets old, some bots are get satisfaction, breaking the mold, some bots distractions, some bots are just gold." I memorize parts of the Fnaf songs too. I love fnaf!

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