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1 Survive the Night - Mandopony Survive the Night - Mandopony Cover Art

Hey there how you doing nice to meet you. Are you new in town don't think I've seen you before oh it's great to see new faces around and if you like it I can give it to her of tour of our enchanting Wonderland new and improved without the doors.There's No Escape but then who would want to leave it's a fantastic paradise and it's not make believe I'm so glad to have another member of the band so what is next so let me take you by the hand but what is that I spy with my robotic guy I think I see a bit of Flesh inside the new guy maybe he is in everything daddy seems time to investigate what's underneath the seam's.

I always liked to imagine this song from the perspective of Toy Bonnie. It starts off with the friendly, "Hey there! How you doing! Nice to meet ya! " that you would expect from the more child-proof, family-friendly plastic animatronics. But even though they want to be your "friends," ultimately the song deals with the reality that they (along with the withered models) were tampered with and/or are possessed by the restless child spirits. Hence, "But sometimes to do some good YOU'VE GOTTA BE THE BAD GUY! "

In a nutshell, the lyrics, vocals and composition are awesome and this is definitely one of Mandopony's best works!

These are my favorite songs:
1. Survive The Night
2. I Am The Purple Guy
3. Shadow Bonnie Song
4. Nightmare By Design
5. Bringing Us Home
6. We Are Aware
7. The Puppet Song
8. The Puppet Song (Music Box Remix)

These are my favorite Five Nights at Freddy's songs
1.Another five nights
2.Five Nights at Freddy's
3.Afton Family
5.I Got No Time
6.Circus of the Dead
7.You Belong Here
9.Funtime Dance Floor
10.Survive The Night
I just listed my top 10 FNAF songs.

2 Five Nights at Freddy's - The Living Tombstone Five Nights at Freddy's - The Living Tombstone Cover Art

Been waiting every night to finally Roam and invite newcomers who play with us many years we've been sing and play that same song as known since the day an imposter took our lives away now we're stuck here to decay.

Been waiting every night to finally Roam and invite newcomers to play with us for many years we've been all alone. If you don't want us to lock you away stop trying to attack us.

I actually think Never Be Alone is the best in my opinion... well my favorite, anyway. it is a song by Shadrow (yes the "R" is supposed to be there) and is a song about fnaf 4 I think. I just voted this one so I could post my comment, really.

I absolutely love this song! When I was younger and I wasn't interested in FNaF nor was I interested in its lore, I still found and LOVED this song! It's such a smart way to see the perspective of the children who were killed!

3 Just Gold - Mandopony

I Love Fnaf and Fnaf everything."You are the main attraction, your story must be told, you are a chain reaction, that never gets old, some bots are get satisfaction, breaking the mold, some bots distractions, some bots are just gold." I memorize parts of the Fnaf songs too. I love fnaf!

This is, like, my second favorite song, right after DAGames' Not Here All Night. All of these tell stories, and that's why they are amazing. They tell stories, they are sung by wonderful singers.. Shall I go on? Really, they are just amazing pieces of fanwork that I hope that their creators are proud of.

You are the main attraction, you're story must be told. You are a chain reaction, that never gets old. Some bots get satisfaction breaking the mold. Some bots are just distractions, some bots are just GOLD!

I love this song. And form the lyrics "I was just like you", it seems as if the night guard before Mike, Scott/Phone guy, was stuffed into Golden Freddy.

4 Mangled

Wow! Looking over old songs bring back memories when there was only just the 3 FNaF games! I miss 2014 and The Living Tombstone.. This song is so emotional and awesome!<3

I never liked this song. Not because of my hate for Mangle, but it just doesn't sound good. The only part I like is when she says they're trying to fix her everyday.

I had to cover my ears. So bad plus it has my least favorite character is mangle so... they should make one all about chica! Even though chica seems to sing one.

I like to think that this song is in Mangles point of view. I love how they do both male and female vocalists, hence the debate of Mangles gender.

5 It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones Cover Art

I don't know what I was thinking,
leaving my child behind.
Now I suffer a curse knowing now I am blind.
With all of this anger, guilt and sadness to haunt me forever,
I can't wait for the cliff at the end of the river.
Is this revenge I am seeking?
Or seeking someone to avenge me?
Stuck in my own paradox.
I wanna set myself free.
Maybe I should chase and find
Before they'll try to stop it.
It won't be long before I'll become a puppet.
It's been so long.
Since I last have seen my son,
lost to this monster.
To the man behind the slaughter.
Since you've been gone.
I've been singing this stupid song
so I could ponder.
The sanity of your mother
I wish I lived in the present,
with the gift of my past mistakes.
But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes. You're sweet little eyes, your little smile is all I remember. Those fuzzy memories mess with my temper. that's all I know :P

I have never heard of the quote on quote Marionette is golden Freddy's mom Theory I have never heard of that can someone tell me where to Google that please?

No matter how wrong the "Marionette is Golden Freddy's mom" theory is, this probably my favorite song of all time. It's one of those songs with a peppy tune, but heartbreaking lyrics.
The song is about a woman (the singer) who lost her son to the Missing Children Incident and killed herself. In the theory, she winds up haunting the Marionette and giving life to her dead son and the other four children; the other kids become Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, and her son becomes Golden Freddy.
They got everything right, except the Marionette is most likely possessed by a little boy, and if "his" laugh in the first game is anything to go by, Golden Freddy was a little girl in life.

Ah yes. One of the most iconic FNaF songs there is... The man behind the slaughter! While the song isn't particularly that good, it's still nice to just listen to it...

6 The Show Must Go On - Mandopony

I feel like this song just brings Toy Bonnies feelings towards humans in a related way that they want humans to join their band to help them entertain children, ( Also so the owners of the pizzaria can get more money )
but they don't want to see the humans in pain. Also it's technically not the animatronics fault for seeing US humans as endoskeletons, it's because the people that made the robots made the way that animatronics see humans as endoskeletons without a suit on. But then if the robots are performing, would they just see a bunch of RANDOM ENDOSKELETONS walking around the pizzaria, or do they only have interest in the nightgaurd? Only Scott Cawthon would know the answer. Because well, he created the fnaf 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. and so on of all of the series. Now I'm not an expert on fnaf or anything but I know a LOT about fnaf.

This song to me seems to be from T.Bonnies point of view. To me it seems that they are lonely and want someone to share their pain or just to have another friend...I also don't think it's fair for T.Bonnie to have more songs than most of the other animatronics. But the song is great!

Never really caught my attention and yes I am commenting on a lot of these songs

In this it says something about removing squishy insides. End me now.

7 Follow Me - Tryhardninja Follow Me - Tryhardninja Cover Art

Follow me,then you'll see...Follow 4X But the truth is hard to swallow...Follow me then you'll see Follow 4X Follow me see a nightmare in action!
I love this song it's one of my favorites.

Follow me see a nightmare in action. I love this song so much because of the story behind it and there are more theory’s of the secret box at the end of fang 4

I love this song! It's not number one worthy, but I love the lyrics. If it were longer, I would have liked it better. Still love it, though! Another nitpick is that it goes unbearably slow, but many fnaf songs do that, so...

I LOVE TRYHARDNINGA follow me then youll see follow follow follow follow but the truth is hard to swallow follow me see a nightmare in action

8 Welcome to Freddy's

Madame Macabre and Mr.Creepypasta's collaboration in this song is nothing short of awesome! Anyone else think that Madame Macabre would make the perfect voice for Chica in the upcoming FNAF movie?

It was the first song that got me introduced to this AMAZING fandom, it help people see it in a diffrent way rather than being just threatened by these animatronics.

I can last fnaf the cool voices and it's catchy this should be number 1

Mah favorite! This song deserves to be number 1!

9 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sayonara Maxwell

Bonnie will tear you apart
Dolls opening their mouths
Foxy baring HIS sharp teeth
Freddy will make it hard to breathe
CHICA's roaring with laughter...

Oh. The song that makes its way into every animation. I like the chorus but everything else just sounds so bad.

This song honestly got a lot of hate, but I don't know why! It's one of the best songs.

It was so ridiculously awesome! The alternative metal cover by Mia and Rissy was great too.

10 Balloons

This is a gorgeous song! Even if you do not like Five Nights At Freddy's it is beautiful to listen to. Such a bittersweet ending...and MandoPony's voice is so fitting too...This definitely deserves to be among the top ten FNAF songs.

This... I played this when I voted on strawpoll on who is the most hated animatronic and the winner was Chica's Magic Rainbow. He-he's freed now...You can rest in peace now...-CircusControlKid

To me, this song is in the kids point of view. They are finally free from their painful past and can move on.

Balloons is probably one of the most saddest song ever... But I still love it, even though I always cry- TnT

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11 The Bonnie Song

3 p.m. and the children all flocking they think my guitar licks are rocking they all think I'm cute as a button. Bug is past his prime I'm the bunny now. It's 12 a.m.all the Bots roam free stretch out my legs to prevent rusting hey hey Mike whatcha think of my new mixtape. Poor guy.

Definitely one of the best FNAF songs of all time. It PERFECTLY matches Bonnie's personality. I mean, the lyrics, "Hello, my friend! Back so soon again? " is so fitting for whenever that crazed robotic rabbit stares straight into the camera with those blank eyes... o.O

And that guitar solo man!

Bonnie's one of the best characters from the series and this song dedicated to him is beyond good! Well done, Groundbreaking!

I love this song! not because my fave animictronic is bonnie but because it just sounds to cool! lol this and left behind are my fave fnaf songs ever! (I'm doing left behind for the talent show at my school with my bff! ) I'm obbsessed with this song! I can't believe this isn't like #1 on the list!

When I was listening to this with my friends I made a paper guitar and bonnie mask and started dancing around the room. They still think I'm crazy, they are probably righ

12 It's Me

This song is a classic! The first time I heard it was kind of annoyingly catchy, but I still liked it. It's one of my favorites to this day!

This song has a deep meaning. I feel like its talking about how FNaF is. Also, I think this is from bonnies point of view.

I really wanna choreograph a dance to this and make a music video. it's the perfect song for that honestly

This song is sort of plain, but it offers good music to listen to

13 Stay Calm - Griffinilla Stay Calm - Griffinilla Cover Art

Hey kids nice to eatcha are you ready for some Fazbear pizza? Who's this working at the night shift? I don't know but I don't think I like him. He's so cute I can feel his heart racing. About time we had a brand new play thing. Another yellow belly bawking like a chicken. HEY. Listen gang I say that we dig in. Yikes this dude is in for a world of pain

Hey kids nice to meetcha are you ready for some Fazbear pizza. Who's this working at the night shift? I don't know but I don't think I like him.He's so cute I can feel his heart racing. About time we had a brand-new play thing. Another yellow-bellied bucking like a chicken. HEY. Listen to gang I say that we dig in.This dude in for a world of pain.

This is, by far, one of the best FNaF songs there is. The singing is great accompanied by the lyrics and melody. I also think it's a great song to represent the FNaF series.

If I've learned one thing it's that, Don't respond to Craigslist Dads. Oh and also, The nightguard pees into a cup. Says Foxy at least.

14 Afton Family

I feel like Funtime foxy is actually Luna,William Aftons other daughter is that a weird Theory I feel like it's a weird Theory.

All stay strong we live eternally all is well in the Afton family lives the fell to pure insanity all is heck in the Afton family

It sounded like Springtrap was singing which was cool bc it adds extra cool stuff to the song.

I guess this is the best song to show how much paint that family took.

15 The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy's

Ahh, a classic! I've always liked how it begins with the Toreador March, setting the mood. The vocals appropriately sound robotic too, a nice effect! Great job as always, Living Tombstone!

This one will always be a classic Fnaf song. It will leave you singing it non stop when you fall asleep lmao

This song is awesome, just like all of the other songs by the living tombstone.

You already had thsis songs at number 2. You think no one would notice?

16 Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone Cover Art

"I really hate you
Stop getting in my way
I've lost my patience
When are you gonna decay? I want to throw you out just like my broken TV If you'll come back once more
It shall be painful you'll see!
I hope you die in a fire!
Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart, hope you'll get shot and expire!
Hope you'll be taken apart
Hope this is what you desire!
It's almost over
Why can't you just let it fly?
Don't be afraid
It's not the first time you'll die
Your mechanical parts click
Sounds like when I broke your bones
Once I get my second chance
I won't leave you alone!
Oh yeah!
I hope you die in a fire!
Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart, hope you'll get shot and expire!
Hope you'll be taken apart
I hope you die in a fire!
Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart, hope you'll get shot and expire!
Hope you'll be taken apart
Hope this is what you desire!
I hope you die in a fire!"

I love the vocals and the beat. Catchy and awesome. Can I point out it's in Purple Guy's point of view? And the last part is awesome as you can see Springtrap and Purple Guy being chased by the spirits.

A lot of hatred, but let's be real here. You've thought this at one point or another if you've every played the FNaF franchise...

Really good song that perfectly expresses hate
I listen to it to release stress

17 Break My Mind

This song perfectly sets the mood for FNAF 4 and the vocals flawlessly fit the Nightmare Animatronics' aggressive nature. The melody is catchy, and the mood intensifies as the song progresses before slowing briefly to hear the crying child's solo. For a few sad moments, you can almost feel yourself empathizing with the small child before the music picks up again. "Break My Mind" finally finishes with Nightmare Fredbear's deafening roar. What a phenomenal song!

I memorize part of the Fnaf songs. "Break break break my mind", Break break break my heart", "I'am all alone, surrounded by fears, haunted with shackles now they sent me into tears, I'm not allowed to cry 'cus they I will die, ooh no they getting near. help me! Waahaha."

Possibly my second favorite song, next to I'm the Purple Guy. The sheer Malice and anger in his voice is almost terrifying. Good on you, DAGames!

First I hated this song bur then I watched a cool animation of it and now I'm like WO Why didn't I add this to my playlist erlier? every song can be cool with the right annimation..

18 It's Time to Die - Dagames

This song is so catchy in my opinion! The lyrics go well, the quality, everything. Including at the start when Springtrap is twitching and Bonnie looked at the camera! ( look out window ) O_o ( Bonnie is there ) AHHH! ( Bonnie stuff me into suit ) Well, that concludes this. If anyone makes a song along/lyric chain, star here.
30 years since all this happened.
30 years it took to rise.

30 years since all this happened
30 years it took to rise
Blood on the floor and in there eyes
They took the bite and left them to die
30 years and now I'm here
The only one left to scream in fear
Your job means nothing when I got you running
Away with blood in your tears

I love this song so much!

This song is basically what I would like to call, if you are playing the game, a pure FNAF history lesson.

This song just seems to make me want to listen to it more and more.

19 Join Us for a Bite - J.T. Machinima Join Us for a Bite - J.T. Machinima Cover Art

I made a friend with this song . I was humming it in class and she aske me if I liked fnaf and I said yes. An we were friends ever since.

This needs to be legit in the top 5. No doubt about it. It was the very same song I listened to when the trailer came out for Sister Location. Really well made, catchy, has a good beat, and sums up Sister Location all too well.

I love Baby's character and this song greatly represents her character and place in the series.

My favourite fnaf song of all time! So catchy and it's definitely a feel good song full of nostalgia.

20 I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone Cover Art

I'm glad someone finally did a song from the perspective of the child. The song itself isn't special but it's not bad whatsoever. Still a great listen.

Why is this song so low!?! This is a very underrated song and should be way higher up the list!

This is one of the best I have ever heard and it's 40!? What is WRONG with u people!?

All the songs by the living tombstone are awesome!

21 Five Nights Only

Five Nights Only was one of the best FNAF rap songs that seem awesome to me. I love it!

Why isn’t this song in the top 3?!

springtrap: five nights only

6 night: am I a joke to you

I think it's phone dude
The best fnaf 3 song ever

22 Noticed

This song is most definitely in Foxys point of view. And Mandopony did a great job putting emotion in this song.

I love this song, the guy's voice is just amazing (and, to be honest, I can kinda relate to it..)

This is one of my favorite MandoPony songs! It's funny that Foxy is the most "noticed" character in the fanbase...

But I just want to be noticed iit shows how lonely foxy is *hugs foxy*

23 I'm the Purple Guy

Oh my GOD! I love this song (Both Versions) Plus Purple Guy is my fave FNAF person, SpringTrap is my fave anamatronic. I just love the story (by the way you play as him in Sister Location

For whoever said that you play as William in Sister location you play as Michael in Sister location. Williams son.

How this song place 31 he should be in the top 10 this song is amazing

It really talks about how purple guy got into this mess of his.

24 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - We Won't Bite

Of course you're going to bite if you weren't going to bite there would be no point in a game.

The raps he makes are the best. By the way it's called "We DON'T bite"

I love this song and the meaning

JT Machinima is one of the best rappers I've ever heard

25 Freddy Fazbear's Theme - Five Nights at Freddy's

I love it. (Noticed freddy has a small band.) I love the front part.

Do mean the actual toreador march or the living tombstone

If you run outta power... You better be Ready, for Freddy.

That is a famous song and it is a great classic song

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