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1 Survive the Night - Mandopony

It's just catchy, I love this song, there are a lot of reasons I like it, but it's pretty catchy!

This one was so catchy. Jesus, the memories. - LilRose

The first time I listened to this song, I was bopping my head and tapping my feet to the tune. It's so fun to dance to. I won't say it's the best, ( I like a lot of fnaf songs so it's hardto say which one is) but it is a good one.

More catchy than the others.

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2 Five Nights at Freddy's - The Living Tombstone

Better than number 1

I love this song

My new favorite song!

REALLY CATCHY - TheFluffyDragon34

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3 Just Gold - Mandopony


Also extremely catchy. - LilRose

I love this song! - SackofCheese


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4 Mangled

I never liked this song. Not because of my hate for Mangle, but it just doesn't sound good. The only part I like is when she says they're trying to fix her everyday. - LilRose

It's so good the heavy metal is awesome

I like to think that this song is in Mangles point of view. I love how they do both male and female vocalists, hence the debate of Mangles gender. - Honey_the_Hybrid

What?! I love this song! ;D

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5 The Show Must Go On - Mandopony

Never liked this one. Too intense. - LilRose

I really like this song it's always suited a lot more of the characters through out the game and really explains a lot of there stories as well instead of being fixated on one certain charecter

love it

Every toy eventually breaks every batreriy fades and drains even the tiniest little mistakes can lead behin the messsiest stains (don't mind meah speelin( - Mefty

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6 It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones

A few years ago is when my cousin first introduced me to Fnaf. He showed me this song, and I we both agreed it wasn't that good of a song. Years later, I listen to this song and realize how much story and thought was put into it. Still not my favorite song, but it's not bad. - LilRose

Its been so long since I last saw my son lost to this monster - Mefty

To the man behind the slaughter. Since you've been gone - I've been singing this stupid song so I could ponder - by the sanity of your mother - SaphireStorm


This song makes my heart sink to the ground. Its sad that she lost her beloved son! Number one for the fact that its just sad and yeah.

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7 Welcome to Freddy's

Mah favorite! This song deserves to be number 1!

Nah boi - Mefty


I can last fnaf the cool voices and it's catchy this should be number 1

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8 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sayonara Maxwell

My most least favorite song of all time - SaphireStorm

Oh. The song that makes its way into every animation. I like the chorus but everything else just sounds so bad. - LilRose

Never heard it - Mefty

Its puppet oping its mouth

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9 Balloons

"Just like balloons, they soar on their way."
Emotional and nice, but not my type of music preferably. - LilRose

It's so sad and it's so peaceful and feel bad for that cot killed by purple guy

THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER! But, glad it's in the top 10. - SackofCheese

So heart warming wait its bbs song HELL NAH BISH - Mefty

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10 Follow Me - Tryhardninja

I just watch it because of springtrap

It's okay. Catchy, but I never liked the vocals. - LilRose

Great song, very well made!


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11 It's Me

Finally an actually good song. This one is so well made. - LilRose

I even did an anamation it it. Was that good

Ah yes this classic - RyanSmith123014

There's evil that waits inside.

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12 The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy's

This one will always be a classic Fnaf song. It will leave you singing it non stop when you fall asleep lmao - LilRose

Ahh, a classic! I've always liked how it begins with the Toreador March, setting the mood. The vocals appropriately sound robotic too, a nice effect! Great job as always, Living Tombstone!

I love to sing and dance to this song

This song is so catchy in my opinion. - nintendofan126

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13 The Bonnie Song

It's my favorite

I think that it is very interesting

It is such a good song. It is inspiring too. Plus I love Bonnie

Just under Just Gold in my opinion. See what I did there?

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14 Stay Calm - Griffinilla

The only good part is when the animatronics sing

This was the very first Fnaf song I ever listened to. It's catchy. - LilRose


The talking at the end... lol! Why would kids want to talk about if he goes to the bathroom or holds it in all night? Very unsanity for kids.

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15 Noticed

But I just want to be noticed iit shows how lonely foxy is *hugs foxy* - Mefty

Should be in the top 5. - SackofCheese

The lyrics are well done, the music was good, 5/5. Best song yet

Should be number one

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16 Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone

Must be number 1 people

This song is so dark and edgy but I love it. 10/10. - LilRose

This is what the people I hateshould do

Die in a fire represents how I feel about my enemy's and what I would do to them
not one thing in this song is not true for me

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17 Break My Mind

Burn in the flames of your fright

This is by far, The best song ever created, seriously

Best one by far though

Welcome litrle child - Mefty

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18 Freddy Fazbear's Theme - Five Nights at Freddy's

Do mean the actual toreador march or the living tombstone - Mefty

If you run outta power... You better be Ready, for Freddy. - nintendofan126

I love it. (Noticed freddy has a small band.) I love the front part.

That is a famous song and it is a great classic song

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19 I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone

Definitely my favorite

I was obsessed with this song for a whole week the first time I listened to it. It's a really well made song. - LilRose

Just like nightmare BB yup

All the songs by the living tombstone are awesome!

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20 Join Us for a Bite - J.T. Machinima

This needs to be legit in the top 5. No doubt about it. It was the very same song I listened to when the trailer came out for Sister Location. Really well made, catchy, has a good beat, and sums up Sister Location all too well. - LilRose

This is my most favorite song of all time! I knew every lyric! - SaphireStorm

My favourite fnaf song of all time! So catchy and it's definitely a feel good song full of nostalgia.

Can't wait to meet u - Mefty

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21 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - We Won't Bite

Welcome home girls and boiz time to play with brand new toiz nightmares lurk inside your mind now no place is safe to hide
(To hide) - Mefty

You have nowhere to run! So why not join the fun? At night we come to life, come closer we don't bite! - SaphireStorm

It amazing

Its amazing

The raps he makes are the best. By the way it's called "We DON'T bite"

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22 Left Behind - DAGames

It's a great song dagames love you man

Good song. But the vocals feel like the singer is legit screaming throughout the whole song. - LilRose

This song and the mashups made for it are incredible. - RyanSmith123014

Great song, WHY NOT TOP 3

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23 The Puppet

The puppet song or just the puppet! - Mefty

The female one sucks - Mefty

I like the female version:3

Needs to be higher

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24 Open Up

Muse of Discord is especially good at telling a story through his music...he is such a talented guy. I love both Freddy and Bonnie's versions of this song!

I didn't really care for the voices he used, but the lyrics were kinda fun - LeiaSkywalker

25 It's Time to Die - Dagames

Underrated. Love this song! - SackofCheese

I know its such a great song

so cool


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26 I Can't Fix You

The new remix is so good. Best Sister Location song. - LilRose

The mother best song - Mefty

Its seems like THE BEST SONG EVER! It is very catchy and upbeat! It has sad meaning but the beat just made me happy! But it has a dark meaning though and this song lets me understand what is the feeling of being an lonely animatronic..

No matter how fast she says the lyrics I've listened to this so much I know all the words!

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27 Nightmare

This should be top 24

I love this song its great

This song is a good example of Nate's good side, along with The Finale, and don't forget Mangled

Its fine to be on 32 place mike

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28 Five Nights at Freddy's Four - Tryhardninja

Awesome song, awesome video!

YOU ARE KIDDING ME, RIGHT, THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10! Like I said before in Just an attraction, tryhardninja doesn't get the credit he deserves!

Has anyone herd this song? The lyrics are amazing! This song is amazing!

This song should at least be number 6 the lyrics are so deep and catchy

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29 Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Hello hello? I have never heard of this one either.

This isn't a FNAF Song, no wonder no one has heard of it!

This isn't even a FNAF song!

30 Mechanical Instinct

Amazing Song in general. Perfectly nails the feeling of the game it's in.

I love Aviator's music, and this is one of my favorites from them!

"Looks like I'd better run for my life
I'll never be in one piece to see night five
I've got eleven on my tail, with no time to think
Of a way to survive, mechanical instinct! "

It has a catchy melody and is really well done!

It's a little under rated in my eyes and it IS the best fnaf song I have seen to this day, I find it extremely well done and it is pretty catchy.

Hmm still haven't heard dis one yet.

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31 Mangle Song

I'm about to fall apart - Mefty

Like someone else, I also know ALL the lyrics to the song and mangle is my favorite character. And plus my friends call me mangle and whenever we play Fnaf, the always know I'm mangle. Best song EVER!

I accept this song as my vote, because Mangle, the animatronic itself is honestly pretty cool. Most people like it as the fancy nancy "Toy Foxy", but honestly it's former self is awesome too. I also love her voice lines, and for the song, It's literally the song that is on all my Spotify playlists. I love the words, and rhythm.
Once I recorded this video, and every few minutes I'd get out of the game I was playing to put the song back on to "Mangle Song".

Would this be that exceptional Mangle song by Groundbreaking, or that other exceptional Mangle song by NateWantsToBattle? - LeiaSkywalker

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32 Five More Nights - J.T. Machinima

Haha its time my friends to rise again - Mefty

THIS IS LEGIT THE BEST FNAF RAP EVER. It sums up Fnaf 2 really well, catchy, and relatable. 11/10. - LilRose


J.T.'s music, is awesome and this song goes well with the game - LolbitLOL26

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33 Can You Survive

This is high in my list of favorite FNaF songs!

best song

Hi kids do you like violence want me to grab a spare bear so l could stuff you inside it

This song is SO GOOD! just listen to it! - coolgamert

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34 Springtrap Finale


This is one of my favorite songs

I think that it's really catchy and awesome, especially in nightcore style.

I'm honestly just thinking that anything with
springtrap is good.

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35 The Puppet Song

This is the best if your never going home in not alone

AND I can't GIVE YOU BACK THE THINGS YOU HAD it makes me wanna...well...cry... - Mefty


Love this song"lalalala

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36 You Can't Hide

We only run

It was stuck in my head for a still is... - Mefty

"I hear a sound.."
"Pro'ly just a mouse."
"I see them in the dark,"
"Only saw a spark."
The interaction between Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon is so cute. - LilRose

This should be at least no.4

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37 Game Over - Dagames

This should definatelybe in the top fives.

Yay it’s 37 but I want it at at least 9

Why is this 41? It should be number 2(refuse to say it’s better than break my mind) It has an awesome beat!
the silence was pure!
But that blood was always yourrrs!

I know it’s so catchy

Also why is this 41 it should be 1

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38 I'm the Purple Guy

Why is this song even 26? It's way too awesome to be this low!

The original was okay, but the REMASTERED version, ah, it's so incredible!

Oh my god... best song

How this song place 31 he should be in the top 10 this song is amazing

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39 Salvaged

I love this song


This song has a beat to it. But do you guys think I "belong here" get it?

I agree that Natewantstobattle should be up higher on the list instead of number 34 and why does everyone listen to the living tombstone. I don't get it.

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40 Nightmare - Natewantstobattle Nightmare - Natewantstobattle

Nate sucks, my opinion no offense

I absolutly dispise Natewantstobattle as a person, but this song is amazing! - RyanSmith123014

My top three in a CONSECUTIVE ORDER!? Anyway, this song is truly emotional. - Cyri

41 I Will Not Be Moved - Dagames

Awesome song, should be much higher on the list

42 No More

HELL YA - Mefty



43 Bonnie's Mixtape

I LOVE this song! it's really kinda trippy to be honest

So Bonnie IS a hipster. Good to know - QuarterGuysApprentice

Thank you Griffinila - QuarterGuysApprentice

I love it!

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44 Purple

The question here is... Original or remaster? - Cyri

I'm guessing that this the "purple" by my favorite YouTuber Mandopony! I love this one cause it tells you how purple guy feels especially the chorus "I SEE SPIRITS ALL AROUND ME AS I TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES ME DO THE THINGS I DO TO EVERYONE AROUND ME AND I BET YOU NEVER KNEW I COULD HAVE REGRETS FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SEE RED... BUT ALL I SEE IS PURPLE INSTEAD! " I just love it! It gives me a different feeling about purple guy and makes me want to hug him and say it's okay! If I were you I would listen to this in a heartbeat!

Definitely his best song. The lyrics really push purple guys murderous streak even further, but he doesn't want that. Survive the night CANNOT beat this one.

This song is amazing and I think it's from Vincent/Purple guys point of view. - Honey_the_Hybrid

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45 Chica - Groundbreaking

I LOVE CHICA AND ALL OF HER SONGS! How can people hate her and how can this song be this low?

I love chica she rocked on every video

if you don't like this song there is something wrong with you. one of the best chica songs

I'm a chicken with a nasty bite! I'm a girl with an appetite! the other ones just some party girl,i've got more fight, just ask the world!

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46 Five Long Nights - JT Machinima

Enjoy these five long nights - TeamRocket747

How is We Don't Bite higher than this?

Together, we can make this the new #1!

This is my most favorite song

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47 Left Behind (Sister Location Song) - Dagames


I love this song I know the whole song

Cool I love sl dude!

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48 Labyrinth - Cg5

Stuck in meah head - Mefty

I know it by heart. It's my favorite song of all time.

It’s a great “goodbye song” for the franchise

49 Halloween at Freddy's

Once again this should be in the top ten and once again tryhardninja doesn't get the credit he deserves

Love this song. It's so well made!



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50 Goodbye

This is my favorite

Why, this is one of my top five favorites. I'm surprised this hasn't come up at all yet! This should be in the top 15

so good

It is so good!

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