Top 10 Minecraft Parkour Masters

You've probably traversed the diverse landscapes of Minecraft, leapt across treacherous gaps, and clambered over towering structures. But have you ever wondered who the real masters of Minecraft parkour are? Who are the players that push the limits of what's possible in this blocky sandbox game, performing intricate jumps and impossible feats with a smoothness and grace that takes your breath away?

In Minecraft, the sport of parkour takes on an entirely new dimension, with possibilities for creativity and innovation that far outstrip its real-world counterpart. The best parkour masters in Minecraft don't just jump from block to block - they make the game's physics engine sing and dance in a performance that's as much art as it is athletics.

Parkour in Minecraft isn't just about raw skill, though - it's about imagination. The greatest parkour players build intricate courses, filled with daunting challenges and hidden secrets, which they then navigate with the grace of a ballet dancer and the precision of a neurosurgeon. They push the boundaries of what's possible in the game, turning Minecraft into their own personal parkour playground.

The Minecraft parkour masters aren't just skilled players; they're also integral parts of the game's community. They share their best runs on YouTube and Twitch, inspire others with their creativity and skill, and help to build the game's vibrant and enthusiastic parkour community.
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1 PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags)

I honestly don't know anyone else who is good at parkour than Prestonplayz! I really love his video though his talking has made his parkour skill a little less but I agree that he is the parkour master! But sometimes I agree that Dream is better than him. Though I think I like Preston's video and parkour more!

He is the best parkour master I've ever seen. I learnt minecraft parkour by watching his videos. No one is better at parkour than Preston

I'm not sure about him anymore but... if he truly tried to get back into parkour... if he truly did then he would be able to be the best if he was actually competitive. I'm not even saying this because he's a youtuber, I don't watch his videos anymore but I've seen what he can do. And he's a god when he tries

2 Kyroh

Kyroh is insane. His parkour skills are beyond me, it's as if he doesn't even try. Many people believe the YouTubers are better because they're really popular but if you were to pay close attention to Kyroh his skills are much more advanced, especially in jumps which require much practice instead of just some petty 4 block jumps there and then. Kyroh is definitely the best out of this list.

Kyroh is a madman. Never met a person with such ridiculous ability and accuracy. He's also super chill and humble, and a great guy to talk to. Will dominate you in SSBM and Chess, too.

It's not that the people on this list are necessarily bad at parkour, it's just that no-one can look good next to Kyroh.

3 EntityWolf

He is crazy. Beat an almost impossible parkour. Absolutely a legend!

He is the best

Did a double triple neo and a triple triple neo (first person to do 3 triple neos nonstop)

4 captainsparklez

These people I vote for because they have the momentum and the speed to do the jumps. The last other reason is that they are very funny and I love their YT channels

He is so funny and is extremely good at parkour. He should be number 1 by a long shot.

5 SteeghoSaurus
6 Skefull
7 ub3rl337z4ur

Unlike every other person he has basically mastered the art of parkour and is better than every person I've seen. I was Shocked!

He's skill is clearly way better than Preston's I don't know why is he so far behind in this list.

He is in the top 10.

8 CrispyMiner

Amazing, pretty good

9 3L1_
10 Alfredoemil
The Contenders
11 Antvenom

For all of you blind followers of AntVenom, 3 wins in a row is like average. He has not gotten ANY speedrun world records in all the minigames of Minecraft parkour vote for someone who is REALLY actually GOOD at parkour.

He completed 3 dragon escapes in a row!

12 Woofless

Kinda a little

He is the best

13 Vikkstar123

He can Parkour in Call of Duty, BO2, MInecraftand pretty much everything. #Vikkisparkourmaster

14 Pink Sheep

Pink sheep is INSANE he has beat loads of people in everything! (Especially parkour! )#power of the moustache

He's known as the king of minecraft parkour for a reason!

15 niedoczekanie111

Should be ranked better

He can more than Kyroh

16 Copey

Voting because when he tries he can be amazing at some advanced jumps

17 perpetualjordan
18 Menozen

Good parkour player?

19 JaT3Kii
20 iBallisticSquid
21 noochm

He is pretty good at parkour way better then captain sparkles

22 Squatman99
23 pessi555

More consistent than most people on this list. Should be top 20.

24 BajanCanadian
25 dat_baca
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