Top 10 Biggest Moves in NFL Free Agency 2019

So the NFL off season is upon us which brings up free agency. This is where teams can make moves and trade players which can have monumental impacts on a team’s season. Here’s some of the biggest signings of 2019.
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1 Odell Beckham gets traded to Cleveland Odell Beckham Jr. is a NFL wide receiver, playing for the Los Angeles Rams. He is most-known for making an incredible one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Beckham was drafted 12th overall to the New York Giants.

Cleveland is going to have a dangerous offense next year. Odell Beckham is one of the most dynamic offensive weapons. He should have fun working with the young swagger and talent of Baker Mayfield instead of the old and inconsistent Eli Manning.

The Browns are back. Just imagine if they had Saquon Barkley too.

This is the biggest one. This Browns team is going to be very, very scary.

2 Antonio Brown traded to Oakland Antonio Brown is a former NFL wide receiver and for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFC South Division. He was drafted in the 6th round of the 2010 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and has also been on the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots. He is a 7x pro bowler, and regarded as a skilled player... read more

The Raiders were a complete dumpster fire in 2018, and AB had a solid season. However, as it progressed, tensions grew between him and Ben Roethlisberger. AB eventually wanted out of Pittsburgh. Long story short, he finally gets his wish, but it's stunning to see him go to a team that's nowhere near the same level as the Steelers.

Either way, he's a huge gain. He's the type of player who can rejuvenate the Raiders. If Jon Gruden uses his draft picks wisely, then we can talk about playoffs. Now, if only they had Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper.

3 Nick Foles traded to Jacksonville Nicholas Edward Foles is an American football quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League. He was named MVP of Super Bowl LII.

So Big D Nick is no more in Philly? Interesting that they are going with Wentz despite his history of injuries. Anyway, Jacksonville did the right thing by getting rid of Bortles. He was way too inconsistent. I knew they would either be looking for a QB in free agency or the draft, and what better quarterback to acquire than the Eagles' Super Bowl MVP?

True, he may have struggles in the regular season, but he's still an upgrade from Bortles. The real question now is, can he lead them back to the playoffs?

4 Tyrann Mathieu traded to Kansas City Tyrann Devine Mathieu is an American football safety for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

The Chiefs desperately need help on defense, and the Honey Badger had a solid season last year. This was a great move for the Chiefs. Eric Berry and Honey Badger could make a great pair on defense and give KC some desperately needed help.

Ok, since I guess I have finally backed off my rant of the NFL, I should come back to the football world. This is a really good move for the Chiefs. This elevates their defense.

5 Landon Collins gets traded to Washington Landon Collins is an American football safety for the Washington Football Team of the National Football League.

He's a good safety who will help Washington out big time. He can be stellar when playing close to the line of scrimmage. Washington definitely needs help, so it makes sense. The only thing I have to wonder is, are they paying him too much?

6 Kareem Hunt signed by Cleveland

Okay, technically, he was released by the Chiefs for a controversial video of him kicking a woman. Long story short, he became a free agent. Cleveland decided to give him a second chance, which could pay dividends if all ends well with a potential investigation.

If he can indeed play, he will be huge for an already dangerous-looking Cleveland offense.

7 Trey Flowers traded to Detroit

This trade makes a lot of sense in my book. He was one of the top free agents available, in my opinion. The Lions needed help with the pass rush, and Flowers fills the gap nicely. This trade was rumored for a while, and Detroit made it happen.

Another bonus is that Matt Patricia was the defensive coordinator in New England while Flowers was there, so familiarity is an advantage as well.

8 Mitch Morse traded to Buffalo

This is a good move for the Bills' young quarterback Josh Allen. He has potential but needs help around him. Morse is athletic and will be a great centerpiece of their offense, which is essential for a young quarterback like Allen.

Hopefully, Morse can give him a little bit of breathing room.

9 Lamarcus Joyner traded to Oakland

Obviously, the biggest gain for Oakland was AB, but Joyner was a nice addition as well. He gives them some desperately needed help on defense. Now Jon Gruden needs to be smart and add more help for the defense using a few of those draft picks he's acquired.

10 Anthony Barr stays in Minnesota Anthony Barr is an American football outside linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

He was originally rumored to go to the Jets but backed out of a deal to stay with the Vikings. This is big, as he was one of the major components of their defense. The Vikings are throwing a lot of money at him to stay too. It's going to be interesting to see if it's worth it or not.

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11 Earl Thomas traded to Baltimore
12 Le'Veon Bell Signed by New York Jets

So let me get this straight. He went from sitting out an entire year because he was "not getting paid enough" in Pittsburgh to a team giving him even less and is nowhere near the same level as the Steelers were. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but okay.

The Jets got a superstar player for Darnold to work with. Time will tell if it pans out or not, but this could be a big deal if all goes well.

13 Dee Ford traded to San Francisco

As a Chiefs fan, this is not exactly a good thing. Yes, he cost us a chance at getting to the Super Bowl, but he's still a great player. I get we just got Mathieu, but still, we can't be trading away the pieces we have on defense.

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