Top 10 NFL Draft Moments

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1 Vikings Miss Their Pick

Unless you can count Baltimore, Minnesota was the first team to do one of the the most memorable moments in draft history. If someone brings up draft moments this is always at the top of the list. The vikings had a ton of problems between if they wanted to trade, or just get the pick in which led to Minnesota fans getting frustrated. Not all was lost actually Leftwich was not all that, never was a pro bowler, yet look at the other choice they got out of it Kevin Williams is one of the best defensive tackles around the 2000's. It worked out great, but unforgettable to Minnesota fans.

2 Mel Kiper vs Bill Tobin

For those who have seen this may never see unscripted arguing over a bigger need ever again. Kiper thought the Colts were for sure going to take Trent Dilfer, but instead went with the lesser known Trev Alberts. Which sparked Kiper into pretty much being negative about the pick everybody had witnessed. Which led to Tobin's most memorable ''who the hell is Mel Kiper? '' response to the draft expert who to this day is here, and Tobin and company have bit to dust.

3 Mike Ditka's Jack of All Trades

For how great Mike Dita is as a analysis, and or player. How many people actually remember when he was in charge of the Saints? Ditka had a strong interest in Ricky Williams that he would give everything up just to get Ricky Williams. No other person who dare to even go through with this, yet Ditka said what the hell I'll take the risk, and so he did as they went on another losing season.

4 John Elway Refuses to Play for the Baltimore Colts

After Elway was picked number 1, the reaction was like why? The deal was that he did not like the head coach at the time which was Frank Kush. The next day Denver asked for a trade to take Elway off Baltimore's hand.

5 Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning Trade

Two good QB's, one with two Super bowl, the other one of the greatest without one. Eli was picked first overall, similar to John Elway, only that Eli's reaction was priceless like he absolutely did not want to play in San Diego, luckily GM at the time Ernie Accorsi got Phillip Rivers, which then was allowed to trade the two rookie QB's. It worked our for both players, the notch to Eli.

6 The Fall of Randy Moss

Hey everybody is very eager for Joe Mixon in this years draft, well back in 1998 everyone wanted to take Randy Moss, but for those other 12 teams that decided to go other routs, man did they regret it.

7 Donovan McNabb Gets Jeered by Philadelphia Fans

In 1999 it was pretty clear who was the best Quarterback was in that draft. No not Tim Couch, or Akili Smith. Donovan McNabb was great when he started in Philly, however if there's one bad moment he'd like to never be brought up its his rejection by the Philly fans.

8 Roger Goodell Getting Loud and Passionate Boos

Since he Goodell arrived as the NFL commissioner in the 2006, the fans have very strong feelings for Goodell. No matter where the draft s held, he'll get boo'ed wherever the draft is hosted next time. I expect nothing less from a hot hostile Philadelphia crowd.

9 Dan Marino is Last QB Picked in the 1st Round

How Dan Marino fell hard is beyond me, that is more you envy for any other QB, maybe besides Rodgers I could recall fall way hard down the draft. Literally the second to last pick in the 1st round, Now John Elway great, Jim Kelly, he did not play at first, but when he did great, then you get your more not familiar names Todd Blackledge complete bust, Tony Eason, Ken O' Brien, he may have been okay record wise against Marino, but not in anyway the better pick. His fall was the most painful thing to watch in 1983, yes even more then Rodgers in 2005.

10 Mr. Irrelevant

This is literally a tradition, but what it is the last player gets drafted as the ''Mr. Irrelevant pick.'' Right away you think they are not going to do anything, true, but what if one day somebody actually played great the absolute final pick.

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11 Tom Brady Drafted 199th

Who would've thought that the greatest quarterback in NFL history would be selected at pick #199? But that was where Tom Brady was drafted because there were six quarterbacks taken ahead of him. All this despite Brady having a decent career at the University of Michigan. And suffice to say, Brady has proven to be the best.

12 ESPN Begins Covering the NFL Draft (1980)
13 Aaron Rodgers Drops to 24th

A future MVP and Super Bowl champion, Aaron Rodgers started his career by dropping in the NFL Draft. After the 49ers selected Alex Smith with the first pick overall, Rodgers wasn't selected until the 24th pick to the Green Bay Packers.

14 Jordan Love Falls 26th to the Packers

Man, the hate for this pick I find ridiculous. Granted that entire Packers draft was horrible. This was to me the moment of this draft that could remembered for years forward. While it doesn't help them win right now. It puts major pressure on Aaron Rodgers when he wants to hang it up.

15 Ryan Shazier Walking to Announce the Steelers 2018 1st Round Pick

I cried when I saw this for the 1st time.

16 The Steelers Draft 4 Future Hall of Famers in 1974
17 Phil Simms Gets Jeered by Giants Fans
18 The New York Jets Draft Kyle Brady Instead of Warren Sapp (1995)
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Wrong Player; Trade Early Round Picks for 1983 Draft

In 1982, Tampa was stuck between two names (Booker Reese, Sean Ferrell) for the draft. They ultimately decided they wanted Reese as their pick. But due to a communication error by way of speaker phones, the Bucs ended up drafting Ferrell by accident. Later, they traded their first round and second round picks of 1983 to get Reese. Those picks could've been used to draft a high-profile QB (Elway, Marino, Kelly) in next year's draft pick. Ironically, Ferrell would have a decent career while Reese would end up being a draft bust.

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