Top 10 Worst Types of People in Your Fantasy Football League

It's that time of year again where we pick up the good old traditions of Fantasy Football. There's a lot of fun to be had, and some chaos as well, but the fun kind of chaos.

Just don't be one of those guys because they make things miserable for you and everyone else. Have fun, but don't be difficult.
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1 The Missing in Action Guy

Seriously, what happened to this guy? He says he's in for the draft, then is never heard from again. This is the guy who realizes how miserable his team actually is two weeks in. He gets blown out each week and, without hesitation, refuses to do anything to try to win for the rest of the year. He waves the white flag with over 10 games left to go. This one is the most infuriating, at least to me personally.

Generally, when you throw a fantasy league together, it's with a group of your friends who are all fairly competitive and want to beat the hell out of each other (in fantasy football, not in real life). When someone just completely neglects the league, it's a slap in the face to those involved. You basically say, "I don't care enough about you all to put in 10 minutes a week at the minimum to set a lineup and look at the waiver wire."

What happens is that team usually ends up sucking 99% of the time and wins little to no games. And when that team does win, it sends the other losing player off a highway bridge. It also screws up the standings when a late-season win against that invisible team could impact the playoff picture. Don't be this guy. If you commit to a league, actually participate.

2 The Lucky Guy

If there's one guy everyone seemingly hates, it's the Lucky Guy. He somehow continues to win games without any explanation whatsoever. What makes him so bad is that every single break goes his way. He is the one who goes an entire season without any injuries in his lineup and manages to hit a home run with every single one of his late-round gambles.

Imagine losing a game because your opponent started Ryan Fitzpatrick the game he goes all out for like four touchdowns.

3 The Auto Draft Guy

I get that life gets in the way sometimes, but if you're just that lazy, get the hell out of here. If you can't even commit to the draft, just no. You either get the statistically best team or a team with half your starters injured. It's just not the same when the computer picks your team and not you.

I feel sorry for the auto-draft people because maybe they had bad service or internet, or they just missed the time.

Being this guy is risky business. You leave your fate to the computer and hope the Fantasy Football Gods are ever in your favor.

4 The Complainer

This guy cannot shut up. He likes Fantasy Football alright. He just doesn't like how it's run. He hates the scoring format. He hates the playoff structure. He really hates the way the payouts are determined. And if you're curious what he thinks about the tie-breaker settings, let me just go ahead and save you some time right now: he thinks they totally suck. Snake draft? Auctions are way more fun. Two QB's? Screw that. We should do PPR instead. However we're doing things now, we should do the exact opposite, and whatever will make things more complicated, that's the way to go. If Karen ever played fantasy football, this would be the fitting stereotype.

5 The Takes Forever to Make a Pick Guy

Ok, we get it. Your guy is off the board. Just pick the next best option or at least know what guy you're going to reach on. Don't pick a sleeper if you don't know him. Just because you have a 30-second time limit doesn't mean you have to take 29 seconds every time.

I take a pretty long time just debating inside, especially if the guy I wanted was taken the pick before.

I'm usually pretty quick with my picks, so this is kind of annoying.

6 The Obsessive Trash Talker

Some trash talking is okay, but there's a certain point where it becomes too much. This guy crosses the line and not only that, but he goes way past it. He is irritating and just won't seem to stop circling around your ear as he runs his mouth. He mocks the entire league with ridiculous comments on the message board, boasting about how good his team is. Even in defeat, he continues his trash talking, completely oblivious to the fact that he lost.

I think we all know who this is going to be.

7 The Ridiculous Trades Guy

Pretty self-explanatory. This is like that annoying salesman that you just can't get off your back. No matter what, this guy is in his own world where the worst you can say is no, which is what you should tell this guy every single time. No, I don't want half your team for Michael Thomas. He fails to realize no means no, regardless of how many counter proposals he sends out.

This was probably me, guys. Let's admit it.

Oh my gosh, I just realized this is me.

8 The "I’m Busy" Guy

This guy is impossible to make a schedule with. Getting everyone on the same page is difficult enough, and he makes it 100 times worse. He'll come up with anything so that he can't attend the draft, even if it's his cousin's brother's friend's dad celebrating his birthday. It's literally impossible to get a date to satisfy this dude.

Ugh, so annoying to deal with. Every excuse in the book.

9 The Unsatisfied Guy

You know that dude who drafts his team, evaluates it as if he were Mel Kiper Jr. or Todd McShay, and then decides, "You know what? I REALLY dislike who I selected." People like this are why there are limits on how many moves you are allowed to make. Just pick someone and stick with them.

I feel like this isn't uncommon, to be honest. The draft can be stressful, so you might have second thoughts about a guy.

10 The Spineless Snake

He'll literally do whatever it takes to win, even if it means persuading you to take a ridiculous trade. He watches everyone else's team before his own, and you know he has an under-the-table deal or two, all just to win fantasy football for a year.

No joke, last year I got Rawisgore to trade me Dalvin Cook for Kerryon Johnson. Everyone else in the league was so mad.

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11 The Way Too Serious Guy

He throws his beer at the TV, curses in church when he checks his fantasy score on his phone, and, yes, even breaks the fantasy football cardinal rule of cheering for his fantasy team over his real one. He treats every outcome like a full-on head coach, and his weekend is solely based on his fantasy team's performance.

Imagine being that invested in your fantasy team.

12 The Football Genius

They always have the best teams and are impossible to beat.

13 The Show Off
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