Top 10 Quarterback Tandems Going Into the 2020 Season

Quarterbacks are important, they can help win you games. But as we’ve seen before they don’t always stay healthy and thus you rely on the next man up. Some are better than others in an emergency situation. So here’s the best QB tandems of 2020.
The Top Ten
1 Dak Prescott & Andy Dalton (Cowboys)

Dak Prescott is one of the most important cogs in the Cowboys offense I know a lot of people like to bash on him but the numbers suggest he's a decent Quarterback and numbers don't lie. Now they have Amari Cooper CeeDee Lamb and Zeke. Andy Dalton May be forgettable but he's a veteran who at least has some talent to work with if he gets playing time.

2 Phillip Rivers & Jacoby Brissett (Colts)

Rivers is a veteran QB getting up there in age and it shows. Jacoby Brissett while not a savior for Indy is one of the better backups who can lead for a few games at least

3 Drew Brees & Taysom Hill & Jamies Winston (Saints)

Drew Brees is maybe on his last stand. Taysom Hill is like a Frankenstein hybrid player who can play receiver and QB. He's probably next in line as he knows Sean Payton's system at least so he has that going for him. Then they have option C in Jamies 30 for 30 Winston. He has a cannon arm and can throw a lot of yards only problem is it's not always to his teammates. Perhaps learning from Sean Payton and a Hall of Fame QB in Drew Brees could mentor him and he'll reinvent himself. Maybe a bit of a bold take but it's possible

4 Carson Wentz & Jalen Hurts (Eagles)

Wentz is a top 10 Quarterback arguably but in the past he's been injury prone now they may have help. Jalen Hurts as weird as a pick as it was may actually make sense if Wentz inevitably gets hurt again Hurts could come to the rescue

5 Teddy Bridgewater & P.J. Walker (Panthers)
6 Ryan Fitzpatrick & Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins)
7 Matthew Stafford & Chase Daniel (Lions)

Stafford while as stat padding as he is, he's still a top 15 quarterback. Ironically enough, they got the guy who shredded them up on Thanksgiving last year in Chase Daniel now so maybe if Stafford gets hurt they aren't dead in the water.

8 Derek Carr & Marcus Mariota (Raiders)
9 Baker Mayfield & Case Keenum (Browns)

Baker Mayfield I still have some hope after a bad year last year enter Case Keenum who's been a journeyman the past few years he's still serviceable if Baker flat out sucks again Keenum is kinda a Jack of all trades

10 Cam Newton & Jarrett Stidham & Brian Hoyer (Patriots)

Cam is a bit unknown but with Belichick and McDaniels they could create something deadly here. Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer are completely unknown because they have barely played at the NFL Level or haven't played in awhile. This could be interesting

The Contenders
11 Josh Allen & Jake Fromm (Bills)
12 Dwayne Haskins & Kyle Allen & Alex Smith (Football Team)

Haskins better hope he can improve otherwise the "Football Team" has a ton of other options on the table. Kyle Allen Follows Riverboat Ron to Washington he could be serviceable for a few games. Alex Smith who is back in football action who knows what he's like but if he's anything like he was before then there's hope. And that's not even mentioning Colt McCoy which lord knows what happened to him

13 Tyrod Taylor & Justin Herbert (Chargers)

Tyrod Taylor is a mystery box honestly we haven't seen him play since early 2018 so I have no clue what to expect. And the Jury is still out if Herbert is any good. For some reason I don't feel optimistic about Herbert at all. I don't know what it is but something tells me he'll be a flop. Maybe I'm wrong but who's the last successful Oregon Quarterback?

14 Mitchell Trubisky & Nick Foles (Bears)

I'm a Bears Fan and this doesn't inspire confidence. Trubisky yeah we've seen enough of him to know he's hot garbage. So what do we do? Panic and get desperate for a quick fix instead of building for the Future. Nick Foles is good in short doses. He's only known for a Super Bowl underdog story and a meme. Either way we're screwed over

15 Aaron Rodgers & Jordan Love (Packers)
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