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101 Teddy Roosevelt played by John Alexander V 1 Comment
102 Dr. Herman Einstein played by Peter Lorre

He can be scary in certain types of lighting, but really he's very cute and subdued, and that's what makes him so amusing.

103 Percival C. McLeach played by George C. Scott

I hate poachers and I love animals, but this guy I hard not to love and he does make a good villain. Utterly cruel and psychotic, he loves killing and is greedy. In fact, he's so psychotic that he attempts to feed Cody to the crocodiles when he no longer has use for him. But despite his evil an demented nature, he can be funny. For example, he's kinda funny when he gets angry at Joanna, his pet Goanna lizard. He also hates not getting his own way. He is definitely one of my favorite movie characters/villains.

104 Joe "Mental" Mentalino played by Mike Starr

I always laugh when he reads the note Lloyd and Harry leave on the door and thinks that "Gas Man" refers to him, and says: "Gas Man. How the hell did they know that I got gas? " Makes me laugh every time.

105 Johnny played by Tommy Wiseau
106 Inokichi played by Daisuke Kato

He's such an idiot it's actually kinda hard not to like him.

107 Scott Howard played by Michael J. Fox

Has the ability to turn into something that resembles a cross between Chewbacca and Barry Gibb, but it does turn him into the coolest kid in his school!

108 Chico played by Horst Buchholz

His rough-around-the-edges, Kikuchiyo-like awkward buffoonery and his wholesome Katsushiro-like aw-gee-whiz gushing make for one amusing combination.

109 Matashichi played by Katamari Fujiwara

These two bumbling, blubbering cowards allegedly inspired R2-D2 and C-3PO. I'd love to put them separately, but I can't.

V 1 Comment
110 Megamind played by Will Ferrell
111 Captain Dickinson played by Ice Cube
112 Jules Winnfield played by Samuel Jackson
113 Albert Goldman played by Nathan Lane

"I was adorable... young and full of hope. And now look at me. I'm a short... fat... insecure... middle aged THING! "
He's like an actress from Hollywood's Golden Age. - SourNote2014

114 Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks
115 Han Solo played by Harrison Ford
116 Snowball played by Kevin Hart
117 Gidget played by Jenny Slate
118 Buddy the Elf played by Will Ferrell
119 Riddler played by Jim Carrey
120 Dean McCoppin played by Harry Connick Jr.
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