Best Things About the Nintendo Gamecube

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1 Super Mario Sunshine
2 The Controller

The controllers are the most comfortable controllers I've ever held. Being a cube owner I can honestly say these are my favorite controllers of any system ever

Works very well on sunshine

3 Plays GameBoy Games
4 Better Than the Xbox and PS2
5 Super Smash Bros. Melee
6 Mario Party 4-7
7 Wireless Controllers

Actually, Gamecube Controllers are not wireless. Like the Wii Remote or Wii you Gamepad is Wireless, they are wireless

8 Console Startup
9 Ports of the Sonic Adventure Games

Let's face it, nowadays its not easy to get hold of a Dreamcast, so its nice that the Gamecube offers an alternative.

10 Indestructible
The Contenders
11 Start of the Animal Crossing and Pikmin Franchises
12 It's Lunchbox Like Look
13 The Hardware
14 Memory Card
15 Memorable Franchise Titles
16 Memorable Launch Titles
17 Capable of Displaying in Stereoscopic 3D
18 Online Adapter
19 Super Monkey Ball 2
20 Intro
21 Has Mario Kart Double Dash
22 Has great games
23 Doesn't Break Down Like The 3DS
24 Can Use PS2 Dualshock Controllers

I'm not kidding

25 It Can Survive the Toughest Punishment

I found a GameCube in my Dad's shed that was clearly from the quarry, complete with everything, except a memory card. I want to test to see of it atill works.

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